Arshad Warsi Had Mixed Beer In Wife, Maria Goretti's Cold Drink To Make Her Confess Her Love For Him

Arshad Warsi had a weird way of proposing love to his wife, Maria Goretti. In an interview, the actor confessed how he had expressed his love to his wife, Maria Goretti.


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Arshad Warsi Had Mixed Beer In Wife, Maria Goretti's Cold Drink To Make Her Confess Her Love For Him

Bollywood actor, Arshad Warsi rose to fame with the portrayal of his role as 'Circuit' in Munnabhai MBBS. His performance is still considered one of the most iconic ones in the Hindi film industry. While everyone knows about Arshad's career accolades, not many know about his love story. The actor is married to MTV VJ, Maria Goretti. The couple had fallen in love in a unique way, but it was Arshad's hilarious way of proposing to Maria that will leave many jaws dropped. 

Arshad Warsi's hilarious proposal to Maria Goretti

It is said that when you are in love nothing else matters, and this stands true in Arshad and Maria's love story. However, when Arshad met Maria in the '90s, the duo started off as friends. However, Arshad felt a strong inclination towards Maria from the start of their friendship. However, when Arshad confessed his love, Maria straight away refused it as she wasn't ready to accept it.

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Interestingly, Arshad knew about Maria's feelings for him. In a media interaction, Arshad confessed that he had taken a weird route to make Maria express her feeling. He shared that they were together on a Dubai tour where he mixed beer in her cold drink. Maria got intoxicated and bared her feelings for Arashad. She confessed her love. 

Arshad and Maria's love for dance brought them together

Arshad Warsi started off his career as a cosmetic salesman, but he loved to dance. On the other hand, his wife, Maria also loved dancing, and this is what united them. In 1991, Arshad was invited to St. Xavier's college to judge a talent show, Malhar, wherein he saw Maria performing on stage. Arshad felt an inclination towards her and even offered her to join him in his dancing troupe. However, Maria declined the offer. 

Arshad Warsi Love Story

It is said that if you are destined to be together, nature conspires for you to be together. Maria and Arshad met again three months later through a common friend. That's when she joined his troupe. Soon her friendship with Arshad turned into love. 

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When Maria interviewed Arshad on national TV and acted as if she was meeting him for the first time

A still from Maria's interview with Arshad for MTV!

Like every '90s couple, who tried their best to keep their love hush-hush, Arshad and Maria was no different. Maria, who had worked as MTV VJ had interviewed Arshad for her show. Years later, Maria had shared how difficult it was to act as if she met Arshad for the first time. Maria had shared a glimpse from her interview with Arshad which had aired on national TV.

Arshad and Maria tied the knot in two ceremonies

Arshad and maria

On February 14, 1999, Arshad and Maria got married after dating for eight years. The couple tied the knot in two ceremonies, a Church wedding and a nikah. It was reported that Maria's family never wanted her husband to be part of the film fraternity, but Arshad's way of living life, changed their thoughts. 

During Arshad's low phase, Maria supported him financially for three years

Arshad Warsi Love Story

Arshad, who had made his acting debut with the film, Tere Mere Sapne, had faced a lot of struggles. While his performance in his first film was admired, the movie flopped at the box office. Arshad had a lot of difficulty in searching for work. And there came the point in his life when he was at home for three years. In this low phase, his wife, Maria supported him and took care of all the household expenses for three years.

Arshad and Maria's love story proves that if you are with the right partner, you can weather the storm. Arshad and Maria are parents to two kids, a boy, Zeke Warsi and a girl, Zene Zoe Warsi. 

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