What This Family Did After Their Daughter's Wedding Was Called Off Is Indeed Commendable


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What This Family Did After Their Daughter's Wedding Was Called Off Is Indeed Commendable

A marriage is the occasion to celebrate the union of two souls. That is why, everyone puts in a lot of efforts in every department like food, décor, dress, and what not, to celebrate the wedding in the best way possible. But, what if just days before the nuptial, the bride calls off the wedding due to some reasons? What will the family members be thinking of in such a situation?

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Obviously, everyone will be heart-broken, but the thought, "Everything will not be wasted", will definitely not cross their mind. But, this thought did cross the mind of this family whose daughter cancelled off her wedding just a week before walking down the aisle since her groom started having second doubts regarding their relationship.

In fact, the family did something which is commendable. We will no longer keep you in suspense. Just read on to know the whole story.

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Quinn Duane and Landon Borup had met in July 2011 and began dating soon after. In April 2014, Borup proposed to her for marriage during a family meal to celebrate Easter. Borup had asked each member of her family to read out a message to her before he proposed to her.

Duane wrote on her Facebook page:

'My mom started by reading off of a slip of paper and saying 'Quinn, I love how generous you are. This was followed by my sister saying another reason I am loved and so on... Landon had written down the reasons he loved me and passed them out to my family to read as they went around the table. My grandad read the last slip saying 'Quinn, I love planning our future together. And Landon got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Truly! An amazing moment.'

All preparations were done and everyone was waiting anxiously for the wedding on Saturday, October 17, 2015. Sacramento's luxurious Citizen Hotel in California was all ready to welcome the new bride, groom and about 120 guests with their mouth-watering dishes. But, destiny had some other plans.

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Just a week before, on Monday, Californian bride, Quinn Duane, called off her wedding with Landon Borup. The news did shock everyone and left them heart-broken. But, instead of panicking and cancelling the $35,000 ceremony, the would-be bride’s mother, Kari Duane, immediately went “into action mode” and decided to make the best out of this heart-breaking situation. She used this chance “to give back” to the society.

This mother of six, Kari decided to “serve” homeless people. Yes, she did not cancel the venue or the catering service. Rather, she reached out to some homeless shelters and invited them for the grand feast at the hotel.

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About 90 adults and children came to enjoy the gourmet spread. Kari was sure that she would “take away something good from this” and so it happened. Everyone who came for the feast was happy with their generosity and thoughtfulness. They were feeling blessed.

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Even the flowers were donated to a nursing home. The honeymoon tickets to Belize, which were non-refundable, were also not wasted as Kari and Quinn went on the trip together. Amazing, isn’t it?

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This family has set up the perfect example and shown that no matter how heart-breaking the situation is, if you want, you can always try to make the best out of the worst situation. What is your take on this? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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