What Her In-laws Did When Her Own Family Refused To Attend Her Wedding Will Really Surprise You


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What Her In-laws Did When Her Own Family Refused To Attend Her Wedding Will Really Surprise You

The feeling of love is the best feeling in the world. The ones who are lucky enough, find their soulmates easily. However, some find their Bollywood-style fairytale endings after some struggle. Yes, there some brave-hearted ones who are ready to fight all odds for the sake of their love. And, Prajakta and Dinesh’s real life love story is just like that. When they shared their love story with us, we just knew we had to bring it to you. Their story will inspire you to fight all odds for the sake of true love.

Pehla nasha

When she saw him the first time in 2005, at FYJC classroom, she actually went crazy for him. However, he did not reciprocate her feelings. Dinesh was extremely soft-spoken but brutally honest, and Prajakta was hopelessly independent and stubborn. She eventually proposed to him after six months of their so-called “friendship”. But, he still did not reciprocate. He liked her but, she loved him, and that was the difference. But, despite all this they remained friends.

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Par pyaar to hona hi tha

Two years later, her dad came to know about his daughter’s "friendship" and went into a typical DDLJ’s Amrish Puri mode. He was the kind of father who did not allow his daughter to make friends with boys, or come back home after seven in the evening. To add to that Dinesh belonged to a completely different North Indian community, while Prajakta grew up in a Maharashtrian family. This difference was a good enough reason for her dad to get the two of them separated. Prajakta loved Dinesh very much but, she did not want to hurt her father. So, she decided to move on in life without Dinesh.

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Doorie... sahi jaaye naa

Although six years passed in between, Prajakta kept in touch with Dinesh. Dinesh, on the other hand did not like this separation as he had developed feelings for her by then. But, she did not know this. He once sent her a message saying “Prajakta, tu mujse dur rehti he mujhe pasand nahi, tune mujhe paraya bana diya” (“Prajakta, I hate being apart from you, it’s like we have become strangers”). Yet, Prajakta kept quiet.

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Tum bin jaun kahan

Prajakta was a complete workaholic and Dinesh knew that. One fine day in 2013, he just called her and said that he was in need of a job. She always had a soft corner for him and so, she did not hesitate to help him. She offered him a job at her workplace within the same department.

Even though, they went to the same office, she kept him at a distance. However, Dinesh always treated her like his girlfriend. He clearly not ready to let her go. The number of calls, texts and meetings soon increased, and Dinesh finally confessed his feelings to Prajakta. She was afraid of her father’s reaction, but Dinesh made her love him back in no time.

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Teri deewani..

She fell crazily and madly in love. She became a different person. And this time Prajakta was determined to convince her father about their love. She was not that close to her father, but she did not want to hurt him either. Prajakta’s mother was supportive though. When Prajakta confessed to her father, he took the news the same way that he had when she was still a teenager. He gave her an ultimatum of six months to either marry a guy chosen by him or marry Dinesh and leave the family.

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At such a point of emotional turmoil, Dinesh tried his best to keep her happy. She prayed hard for their union. She questioned herself whether she could live without Dinesh and the answer was always a resounding 'NO'. This kept her going in spite of her parents’ disagreement. She knew she had to choose between Dinesh and her parents.

Even Dinesh's family had some reservations about this match at first, since she was from a different cultural background and her family also was not supportive of the relationship. But at last they gave in and agreed to meet her. Prajakta’s mom was supportive as she knew Dinesh since 2005. Her mom knew that he was the right guy for her. She accompanied her while they met Dinesh’s family. And, his family accepted her immediately irrespective of her family’s support.

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Main toh chhod chali babul ka desh..

Prajakta’s father was determined and so was Prajakta. She had to leave her house for him. But, she also knew it was best for her. Even though Prajakta's family had no interest in the wedding, Dinesh’s family took it upon themselves to make all the wedding arrangements.

Two days before the wedding, at the mehendi rasam she invited her friends, cousins and relatives too. Predictably, only friends showed up. She had to stay at her best friend, Renuka’s house for a month and a half.

Her mehendi was a special event hosted by only her friends. The next day her childhood best friend, Tabinda, flew in from Delhi. Tabinda knew there was no one for Prajakta then. She stood by her like family in all this. She also became the official photographer for functions.

The groom’s family gave the material and customary instructions for the haldi ceremony. All her friends showed up and had a gala time at the haldi function. There was music, masti and lots of fun. Her friends brought every necessary Maharashtrian item to make the haldi function a success. Even the garland necklace, anklet, crown and arm cuff.

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They also made her look adorable, which made her feel very special. She said, “I was not at all willing to either dress up or apply make-up since haldi was going to spoil it anyway. I did not feel it was special enough either. But, all my friends forced me to do so by saying that it was once in a lifetime special moment which I agree with now!”

On the wedding day, when she was about to leave home, her school friends, Rupali and Snehal arrived way before the time and made all the arrangements. She was astonished yet speechless by the way all her friends showed up to support her in so many ways. Dinesh’s friend came to pick them up and they all proceeded towards the hall.

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Ab tum hi ho.. meri aashiqui, ab tum hi ho..

They got married on December 18, 2014. None of her family members attended the wedding, not even her parents, even though everybody was personally invited. Her father took her mother far from the city, so that she would not get to attend their daughter’s wedding. The wedding was amazing. It was full of enthusiasm and love. Her friends were her family. She could never thank them enough. She did feel a void inside but, the happiness overshadowed it.

Prajakta could not stop smiling throughout the wedding. It was an achievement for them. They believed in each other, they believed in their share of love, and they were happy with whatever they got. Those who truly love you will wait for you no matter what happens, just like Dinesh did for Prajakta.

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Even though circumstances tried to keep this young couple apart, they were destined to be together. They took things in their own hands and with the help of all their friends they made their wedding happen. Prajakta has been blessed with an amazing life partner in Dinesh and equally amazing in-laws who always stood by her. We hope her family comes around soon. We at BollywoodShaadis, wish these two a very happy married life ahead.



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