The Dazzling 'FollowMeTo' Couple Murad Osmann And Nataly Zakharova Visits India Again


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The Dazzling 'FollowMeTo' Couple Murad Osmann And Nataly Zakharova Visits India Again

Remember the wedding story of Russia’s most famous Instagram couple, Murad Osmann and Nataly Zakharova? Their pictures depict Murad following his ladylove, Nataly across the globe. They have awed the entire world when they shared their special and one of a kind proposal story in pictures on Instagram. He proposed to her in the same way, and even his wedding photos had the couple in the same pose. The world cannot get enough of this couple and their romantic journey around the world. They came to India once and stole our hearts. They were seen in Delhi, Agra, Varanasi, Jaipur and Udaipur last time.

 Here, feast your eyes on their #followmeto photos from that last visit:

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Well the couple came back in India again, and this time too they stunned us with their incredible clicks in Jaipur and Varanasi. Being a foreigner, the way she has carried off the traditional Indian outfits, and stunning back and hair accessories, can easily give any Indian bride a run for her money!

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In the first look, the huge motif on the net back complements her messy bun look with that beautiful hair accessory really well. The color of the outfit is also subtle and elegant! The next look makes us every bit of jealous as Nataly shows off her perfectly toned back, deep V-neckline and exquisitely done intricate embroidery on her Indian gown. And, how can we forget the gorgeous hair accessory in her bun, and the enormous and pretty finger rings?

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And yes, she saved the best for the last, which also happens to be Murad’s favorite so far! The gorgeously vibrant colors of our country- the green, the orange, the pink and the golden makes this photograph our favourite too. And, along with the marigold flowers in her hair, the ‘not worth a miss’ back mala attached to her deep blouse, Nataly is looking truly breathtaking!

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Murad and Nataly have managed to incorporate the beauty, tradition and diversity that the Indian couture and jewellery offers while Murad captures the serenity and beauty of the stunning and surreal Indian backgrounds!

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