Astha And Sidharth’s Wedding Video Will Show You That Best Friends Make The Best Couple


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Astha And Sidharth’s Wedding Video Will Show You That Best Friends Make The Best Couple

What is happiness? ‘Happiness is marrying your best friend'; and seeing your families come together to celebrate your lifelong license to craziness! Nobody else can justify this better than the childhood sweethearts, Astha and Sidharth, and this video is a blaring proof of that. These two full-of-life and energetic people started dating each other when they were in 12th standard. And what started as an innocent puppy love, grew into a lifelong bond of craziness and joy.

So, watch the video and see for yourself how fun their wedding was!

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Not only did the two know each other from school, together they have even opened a business venture- Ans, a clothing brand. And in this journey, little did they realise that they were actually destined to be together forever.

Once they knew it was meant to be, it was wedding bells all over for this cute couple. And, both their families came together to celebrate love, togetherness and the union of their lovely children; the damsel, Astha, and the oh-so-cute, Sidharth!

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Their wedding video is a visual treat for the eyes. There were magnetic retro dance performances on foot-tapping numbers, beautiful day and night functions, quirky dress codes for the guests, and a lot more. The bride, like rarely seen before, was seen dancing away happily throughout the wedding, and the groom, who was mesmerised by her charisma, could not hide his toothy smiles for even a second. In short, it was, loads of unlimited fun! The highlight, of course, was their pre-wedding song sequence shoot, which could compete with a fun, retro Bollywood song sequence any day!

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Even the couple’s close friends and family members could not help but wonder, how two people could be so perfect for each other. They complete each other in every way; and they enjoy being crazy together, is what they all had to say!

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So, here is wishing Astha and Sidharth a rocking life together full of love, craziness and new surprises to unfold each day!

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