Hearthrob And A 'Sanyasi', Turbulent Story Of Vinod Khanna's Two Marriages


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Hearthrob And A 'Sanyasi', Turbulent Story Of Vinod Khanna's Two Marriages

Vinod Khanna has always been that superstar who could charm his way into anyone’s heart. With his gorgeous personality and sultry looks, Khanna became a fantasy for his female fan following. His persona attracted people of all ages and he went on to reign the film industry for almost four decades.

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We have seen him as a villain, a hero, a common man, a police inspector and more but do you know how he was in his personal life? If you want to know about the love life of this superstar, keep on reading.

Tryst with stardom and love

Vinod Khanna

Vinod Khanna belonged to a business class family which moved from Peshawar to Mumbai after partition. Khanna had a keen interest in science but his father insisted that he pursues commerce. He joined his college’s theatre group where he met his future wife, Geetanjali Taleyarkhan. The young lady wanted to become a model. Vinod was charmed by her personality and the soon began to date each other. It was at the same time was Khanna was spotted by Sunil Dutt who offered him a film, Man Ka Meet. Vinod made his big debut in 1968 with this movie and became the next big thing of Bollywood. Just after his debut, he had 15 more film contracts lined up for him.

Vinod Khanna with first wife

Once Khanna felt settled in his career, he decided to focus on his love life. He had been avoiding the topic of marriage for a long time before finally making up his mind. Two years into the film industry and Khanna realised that it’s about time to settle down. In 1971, Geetanjali and Vinod got hitched and their wedding was attended by all the famous people of the film industry.

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The family man

Vinod Khanna with son Akshaye Khanna

Vinod Khanna was seen as the perfect man who had no problem in managing a demanding career and a family. Geetanjali and Vinod were blessed with a son, Rahul Khanna, in 1972 and another one, Akshay Khanna, in 1975. The father had a policy of not working on Sundays as he wanted to spend time with his wife and kids. Despite having a huge female fan following, he remained loyal to his wife and kids.

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The Spiritual change

Vinod Khanna's spiritual change

Khanna family’s life changed for the worst when Vinod turned to Osho’s ashram in the search of solace. This spiritual change cost the family everything. In 2002, Vinod shared how despite having wealth and fame, he always felt uneasy. He was searching for something unworldly which led him to the ashram of Osho. Soon, the star got so spiritually involved with the cult that he gave up on his career and moved to the USA to look after the ashram’s work. He would connect with his family over the phone but that wasn’t enough.

Vinod Khanna's spiritual change

The boys wanted their dad. Geetanjali tried to make Khanna understand that it is difficult for the boys to face the world that always questioned them about the whereabouts of their father. Khanna chose the ashram over home which forced Geetanjali to file for divorce.

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A new beginning

Vinod Khanna and wife Kavita

When Khanna returned from the US, he had nothing. That’s when he turned to his friends from the industry who welcomed him with open arms. In 1987, he had a brief fling with Amrita Singh which ended up because Amrita’s mother was not in favour of the match. On his 43rd birthday, Vinod Khanna met a beautiful lady, Kavita Daftary and fell for her. Kavita was a shy and timid person who thought that Vinod was just as pompous and proud as other actors. It took Vinod a lot of wooing before he could pursue her to go on a long drive with him. This long drive changed Kavita’s perception about the actor. That’s how a new love story began. In May 1990, the couple tied the knot. The couple was soon blessed with a son, Sakshi and a daughter, Shraddha.

Vinod Khanna and family

On April 27, 2017, Vinod Khanna passed away following a prolonged sickness. The reason for the death was bladder cancer. The actor died with his family around. His second wife and kids were there during his testing times. We are glad that Khanna found love again. May his soul rest in peace.

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