Urvashi Dholakia Finally Reveals Her Remarriage Plans, Says Everybody Keeps On Asking Her [Details]

Ever since Urvashi Dholakia has announced her 'Nach Baliye 9' entry with her ex, Anuj Sachdeva, we all have been increasingly interested in this beauty. Read what she shares about remarriage.


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Urvashi Dholakia Finally Reveals Her Remarriage Plans, Says Everybody Keeps On Asking Her [Details]

You may fall in love with someone and get married to him/her, only to realise later that he/she isn’t the right one for you. This might happen to anyone and in some cases, have already happened to many. But does life end there? No, right? In the very own life-games that are played on us, bitterness from relationships are the most difficult ones, for physical pain can be healed through medicines, but mental agony can be healed only through self-counselling and introspection. And how beautifully, has this yummy telly mommy, Urvashi Dholakia led her life on her own terms since the early age of 18. (Do Read: Urvashi Dholakia's Ex, Anuj Sachdeva Reveals He Took Some Time Before Saying Yes For 'Nach Baliye 9')

Urvashi Dholakia had gotten married at the age of 16, only to be blessed by motherhood when she was 17. Hardly two years after her marriage, Urvashi went on to become a single mother to twins (Kshitij and Sagar) after parting ways with her husband, whose name and details aren’t mentioned anywhere. One of the most gorgeous actresses of the telly town did come close to love many a time after her divorce, but with no luck. However, it is her latest stint with her ex-beau, Anuj Sachdeva in Nach Baliye 9 that we look forward to the most.

Urvashi Dholakia and Anuj Sachdeva

Ever since Urvashi Dholakia has announced her Nach Baliye 9 entry with her ex-beau, Anuj Sachdeva, we all have been increasingly interested in this beauty. And hence, in an interview with BollywoodLife, happily single Urvashi Dholakia spoke about remarriage. Talking about the same, she exclaimed, “Of course why not!" Telly town’s Komolika also added, “Just because there's one bad apple in the basket doesn't mean other apples are bad. If you think you are compatible with someone why not."

Does this mean that Urvashi Dholakia is seriously considering marriage in the near future? She added, "I have never thought about it.” Urvashi also shared if she is at par with the idea of remarriage and shared, “Everyone keeps asking me, but I don't have time out of work. I'm too pre-occupied with my life. I live in a bubble, and I'm so happy in that bubble of mine. One can never know, if it happens, it happens. What's the point of saying a yes or a no now?"

Urvashi Dholakia

In an interview with the IANS, Urvashi Dholakia had talked about any possibilities that might bring her and ex, Anuj Sachdeva together, given that they are spending a lot of time on the sets of Nach Baliye. She had shared, "If a chapter is over, it is not necessary to reopen those pages. Why not start a new chapter and build a new relation? I believe two people who were in a relationship can remain good friends. There is nothing wrong with that.” (Must Read: Akshay Kumar Reveals How Wife, Twinkle Has Been A Big Help In His Career, Couldn't Stop Praising Her)

Urvashi Dholakia had further added, “I am not in my twenties, so I do think a little differently now. I believe in mature living and don't like to hold grudges. Sometimes you have to move on to find happiness in life. That's what I did. I am participating in the show with my ex but it does not mean that I am giving a second chance to the relationship. One has to understand that I come from a different school of thought.”

Urvashi and her ex-Anuj

Immediately after Urvashi Dholakia was seen dancing with her masked partner in the teaser of Nach Baliye 9, many speculations about her partner had started to arise. And a few days before her grand entry into the show, Urvashi had finally confirmed that her ‘masked partner’ is none other than her once ex-beau, Anuj Sachdeva! In an interview with SpotboyE, Urvashi had revealed that her family is extremely happy and supportive about the fact that she is appearing on the reality show with her ex. She had stated, “They were extremely happy about it. My kids and my mother have been very supportive because they know whatever decision I make, as far as career goes, it has never really backfired.”

Urvashi Dholakia had also revealed in the same interview as to why she and her then-boyfriend, Anuj Sachdeva had never accepted their relationship in public. She had said, “I never accepted because once you do, a lot of speculations about your relationship start. People talk what they want to and by the time it's the couple's turn to speak on it, they are probably not in the mood to or they never get a chance to. Also, I have been very private about my personal life and thankfully the media has respected it. But now, when I finally have an opportunity to vent my heart, I am coming to you guys to do the khulaasa and tell the world, "Yeh lo ji, yeh hain humare Ex." (Also Read: Sushmita Sen Shares A Mushy Picture Of Rohman Shawl Kissing Her, Says He Is Her Reason To Smile)

Urvashi Dholakia and Anuj Sachdeva

Urvashi Dholakia had also revealed her first reaction when the makers of Nach Baliye 9 had approached her to participate in the show with her ex-lover, Anuj Sachdeva. The 40-year-old stunner had revealed, “My reaction was very normal. In fact, you will be surprised to know that I immediately said ‘yes’. I believe that when we can work with strangers, why it should be difficult to work with someone you have known for so long.”

Guys, what are your thoughts on Urvashi Dholakia’s views about remarriage? Keep us posted!

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