Sonal Vengurlekar Talks About Her Breakup With Sumit Bhardwaj, Says She Slipped Into Depression


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Sonal Vengurlekar Talks About Her Breakup With Sumit Bhardwaj, Says She Slipped Into Depression

Sonal Vengurlekar of Yeh Vaada Raha and Sumit Bhardwaj of Beyhadh parted ways in 2017. Yes! After dating each other for three years, Saam Daam Dand Bhed actress, Sonal broke up with her Shastri Sisters co-actor, Sumit. The news left their fans heartbroken. Sonal Vengurlekar had confirmed her breakup with Sumit Bhardwaj last year by stating, “It’s been two and half months now that Sumit and I are not together. We were facing compatibility issues.” (Also Read: Almost 2 Yrs After Pratyusha's Death, Rahul Raj Singh Speaks About His Relationship With Her)

It’s obvious that it must not have been easy for her and hence, post-Sonal Vengurlekar’s breakup with Sumit Bhardwaj, she succumbed to depression. Talking to Bombay Times, Sonal revealed, “Over the years, I started feeling that there was no affection or value for the relationship from his side. Though I realised that the relationship wouldn’t last, I tried my best to save it, but in vain. I slipped into depression post break-up and was more heartbroken to learn that he moved on quickly and started dating someone else. When in love, your entire revolves around that one person. So, it was like the world had ended for me. I stopped mingling with my friends and even family. However, I am extremely focussed about work and did not let it get affected. My mother realised that I was in a state of depression and helped me come out of it. It took time, but I am glad that I am out of it now.”

Sonam Vengurlekar’s breakup with Sumit Bhardwaj

Sonal Vengurlekar’s breakup with Sumit Bhardwaj has boosted her personality for better. She says, “I have become more practical. The experience changed my perception towards life and I am happier now,” she says, adding, “I would like to tell everyone that love is beautiful, but it’s not the end of the world. Trust your near and dear ones, they are the ones who can help you when you think your world has come to an end.” (You May Like: Dipika Kakar And Shoaib Ibrahim's Unofficial Wedding Vows Are Giving Major Husband-Wife Goals)

Sonam Vengurlekar’s breakup with Sumit Bhardwaj

There have been rumours lately of Sonal dating her co-actor Varun Toorkey. She refused such rumours, and said, “I have always been open about my relationships. Also, it’s not necessary to date all your co-actors. Varun and I are friends and that’s about it. I’m happily single.”

What does Sonal think of falling in love again? She replies, “Why not, if I find someone who I can connect with? Love is a beautiful feeling. I will fall in love again, but I will have a more practical approach towards it. However, currently, my focus is only on doing good work.”

Sonam Vengurlekar’s breakup with Sumit Bhardwaj

Last year, elaborating Sonal Vengurlekar’s breakup with Sumit Bhardwaj, it was reported that the couple were unable to understand each other. Sonal herself said, “There is no doubt that Sumit is a very nice guy but off late we were not able to understand each other well. I agree every relationship goes through lot of ups and down but there is no point of dragging just for the sake of it.”

She further added, “And also, we both don’t believe in changing each other as that will be a forced relationship. I am still 23 and I have to concentrate on my career and at the same time also think about my future.”

Sonam Vengurlekar’s breakup with Sumit Bhardwaj

Post their breakup, there were reports that Sumit found his love again in an air hostess namely, Aprajita Sharma. In fact, Sumit also posted a mirror selfie with her and captioned it, "Everything changes and nothing stays the same, but as we grow up, one thing does remain: I was with you before and will be until the end. Nothing could ever replace @aprajita.sharmaa." However, later Sumit denied such reports and said, "It's nothing like that as we are good friends."

Sumit Bhardwaj and Aparajita Sharma

Well, undoubtedly, Sonal Vengurlekar’s breakup with Sumit Bhardwaj left everyone shocked and disheartened. But we are all happy to know that she has positively moved on in her life and is a better and stronger person now.

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