Mamta Mohandas: Diagnosed With Skin Disorder, Vitiligo, 7-Year-Long Battle With Cancer And Divorce

A look at South Indian actress, Mamta Mohandas' fight with vitiligo, her past encounter with cancer and her heartbreaking divorce from Bahrain-based businessman, Prajith Padmanabhan. Find out!


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Mamta Mohandas: Diagnosed With Skin Disorder, Vitiligo, 7-Year-Long Battle With Cancer And Divorce

The popular Indian actress, playback singer, and producer, Mamta Mohandas is one of the biggest names in the Malayalam film industry. So far in her career, Mamta has worked in both the Tamil and Telugu film industries. With more than 55 films in her filmography along with a series of hit and soothing songs in her discography, Mamta is exceptional in both acting and singing.

Mamta Mohandas was diagnosed with skin disease, Vitiligo

Mamta Mohandas

The actress has won so many prestigious awards for her work in the film and music industries. Not only this, but Mamta also has a film production company under the banner, Mamta Mohandas Productions. On January 15, 2023, the South Indian actress, Mamta Mohandas took to her Instagram handle and shared two pictures in which she looked gorgeous in a no-makeup look. In the picture, Mamta could be spotted twinning with her black coffee as she donned an all-black athleisure wear.

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Mamta Mohandas on her battle against skin disorder, Vitiligo

Mamta Mohandas

However, what caught everyone’s attention was a long note in the caption in which Mamta revealed that she had been diagnosed with the skin disease, Vitiligo. The actress admitted that she had started losing her original skin colour on some parts of her body. In the picture, around Mamta Mohandas’ neck, we can see some initial effects of vitiligo. However, despite being diagnosed with this autoimmune skin disorder, Mamta was so much positive and didn’t let the skin disorder tarnish her mental health.

Mamta Mohandas

The actress had also admitted in her note that the early sunlight is her best friend now as she prepares herself for her battle against vitiligo. As soon as Mamta Mohandas’ post went live on Instagram, she received a lot of praise and wishes for a speedy recovery in the comment section. Her note in the caption could be read as:

"Dear sun, I embrace you now like I have never before. So Spotted, I’m losing color. I rise even before you every morning, to see you glimmer your first ray through the haze. Give me all you’ve got.. for I will be indebted, here on out and forever by your grace. #color #autoimmunedisease #autoimmune #vitiligo."

Mamta Mohandas

Skin disease, Vitiligo's causes and treatment

After Mamta Mohandas confirmed that she had been diagnosed with vitiligo, the skin disease is once again in the limelight, and people are searching for its causes and treatments. For the unversed, vitiligo is a skin disease that causes a person’s skin to lose pigmentation of the original skin colour. As a result, patches appear on different parts of your body and generally occur on arms, hands, feet and face. Talking about the causes of vitiligo, the lack of Melanin in a person’s body is the main factor behind it. However, the reason why the lack of pigment triggers vitiligo is still unknown.

If we talk about the treatment of vitiligo, there are multiple ways such as medications, depigmentation therapy, counselling, surgery, and light therapy. However, each one of them varies accordingly to the type of vitiligo.

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Mamta Mohandas' 7-year-long battle against cancer

Apart from being an exceptional actress and talented singer, Mamta Mohandas is also a cancer survivor. Yes! You read it right. The actress has already beaten cancer in a battle that went on for seven long years. For he unversed, it was back in 2009 when Mamta was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, and it is a type of cancer that severely affects a person’s lymphatic system and immune system.

At that time, Mamta Mohandas was new to the film industry, and at such a crucial point in her life, when she had cancer, it had really shaken her confidence. It was a terrible phase for a young girl, but Mamta had battled against it quite fiercely and defeated cancer. After that, everything was going well in her life, as she was picking up films with big directors. However, once again, cancer knocked at her doorstep, and she had a relapse in 2013.

However, this time, the actress was heartbroken and extremely scared about her life. It was scary, as she also had a failed bone marrow transplant. As a result, she moved to the US and underwent treatment in 2016. She was also the first classical Hodgkin lymphoma patient, who was part of the nivolumab drug’s clinical trial. Well, it turned out to be a success and once again, Mamta came out victorious in her battle against cancer.

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Mamta Mohandas’ marriage and divorce from ex-husband, Prajith Padmanabhan

There’s a reason why Mamta Mohandas is often labelled by her fans as one of the most inspired actresses in the entertainment industry. Courtesy of her battle against cancer and the major heartbreak she had suffered in her personal life. Despite all of that, she is still a big name in the film industry, which speaks volumes about her spirit.

For the unversed, Mamta got married to her childhood friend, Prajith Padmanabhan, who is a Bahrain-based businessman, back on December 28, 2011. However, after some years into their married life, Mamta Mohandas and Prajith Padmanabhan started facing a lot of issues between them. Soon the cracks started getting bigger and bigger.

Finally, it was in January 2013 that they filed for divorce. It was shocking news for her fans, who were drooling over their chemistry. After living separately for some time, the couple parted ways and are reportedly not in contact with each other.

We hope the best for Mamta Mohandas, and we hope she continues to inspire us with her life.

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