Erica Jennifer Fernandes Forcefully Baby Feeds Rumoured BF, Parth Samthaan With Her Own Hands

With reports of Erica Jennifer Fernandes and Parth Samthaan's breakup brimming everywhere, a latest gesture of the former has made us believe that everything is well in their paradise.


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Erica Jennifer Fernandes Forcefully Baby Feeds Rumoured BF, Parth Samthaan With Her Own Hands

Chahat Ke Safar Mein, Dilon Ke Hosle Dekho, Yeh Aksar Toot Jaate Hain, Kabhi Aansu Bahate Hain, Kabhi Chalte Hain Sehra Mein, Phir Bhi Mushkurate Hain, Imtehaan Har Ghadi Ki, Kasautii Zindagi Ki, Kasautii Zindagi Ki- isn’t this Ekta Kapoor daily soap, a sheer bliss among the masses? More than the plot of the show, it is the ‘off-screen’ camaraderie between the stars which appeals to us the most. And speaking of the same reminds us of the beautiful 'just friends' bond shared between Erica Jennifer Fernandes and her co-star, Parth Samthaan. (Do Read: Aamna Sharif Is Making A Comeback On TV As New 'Komolika', After Five Years Of Delivering Her Son)

While we will get into the details later, first things first! It is all about ‘this day that year’ for the Kasautii Zindagi Kay 2 team! Just a year back, Ekta Kapoor had revamped her one of the most successful shows with great valour. The team completed a great year of its airing and was into a full celebration mode. Apart from a great boost in every star’s career, it was Erica and Parth’s dating and breakup rumours which ebbed and flow like the waves of the ocean, every now and then.

Erica and Parth

When the first quarter of the year was all about outpouring love between Erica Jennifer Fernandes and Parth Samthaan, the middle quarter was all about the duo’s breakup and a possible conflict between them. With reports of their breakup brimming everywhere on the internet, the latest gesture of Erica and Parth has made us believe that everything is well in their paradise. A series of videos shared by Shubhaavi Choksey, later re-shared by varied fan pages, had Erica forcefully feeding her rumoured beau, Parth with her own hands, which he refuses to eat like a kid! After multiple trials of chasing and trying to force-feed Parth, Erica finally manages to feed him with a partial spoonful of food! Here’s the video:



Well, that is a wonderful way of putting an end to all breakup rumours and reinstalling faith once again in Erica Jennifer Fernandes and Parth Samthaan’s fans’ hearts! A latest series of pictures from Parth’s Instagram profile had raised a lot of eyebrows and had ‘kind of’ confirmed that all is not well between him and his co-star-cum-rumoured ladylove, Erica. Parth had recently hosted a ‘crazy’ house-warming party for his friends from Kasautii Zindagi Kay 2 and what looked like it, it was a filled with pomp and show! While almost the entire star cast was present at Parth’s do, Erica was nowhere in sight. Although we are extremely happy for Parth’s new house, our eyes had kept the search on for Erica. (Must Read: Lucky Ali's Ex-Wife, Kate Elizabeth Hallam Spills The Beans On Her Divorce With Him)



Another update had also directed towards Erica Jennifer Fernandes and Parth Samthaan’s possible split. On September 10, 2019, at the screening of AltBalaji’s Mission Over Mars, the duo had encountered an ‘ugh’ moment. As per reports, the duo, who often arrives at parties and events together, had reached the screening 45 minutes apart from one another. And not just that, when Parth was addressing the media, Erica had walked past him with Vikas Gupta (whom she was later linked with), without even greeting him!

Parth and Vikas

Parth Samthaan and Erica Jennifer Fernandes look superb together, on and off-screen, which is exactly when grapevine was abuzz that their bittersweet on-screen camaraderie has drifted off in their personal lives too! A SpotboyE report had quoted a source saying, “It seems that Erica and Parth are now more than just good friends, say the sources we have parked on the sets of Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2. There are hushed whispers on the sets of this Ekta Kapoor show that Erica and Parth have probably developed romantic feelings for each other.”

Parth Samthaan and Erica Jennifer Fernandes

Erica Jennifer Fernandes, who never gives in to rumours, had then blurted out the truth about her and Parth Samthaan’s relationship with the Hindustan Times. She had shared, “It is news to me that such rumours are out there. But, I guess, rumours are a part and parcel of the entertainment industry. I have known Parth since we started working together on our TV show and we shoot every day. We are good friends and have a great working relationship. Whenever we chill together, we have a whole bunch of people with us. When we go for events, we are often leaving from our set, so yes, we do leave together. That doesn’t mean we go home together. In fact, we live in different parts of the city.” (Also Read: Hrithik Roshan Reveals He Broke 30000 Hearts After Marrying His Ex-Wife, Sussanne Khan)

Parth Samthaan and Erica Jennifer Fernandes

Guys, we did have a ‘phew’ moment after watching this video, right? Let us know!

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