Imran Khan Took A Dig At Ranbir's 'Animal'? Says Glamourisation Of Violence Is Uncomfortable For Him

Imran Khan stated that his spy thriller got shelved. However, he seemingly ended up taking a dig at Ranbir Kapoor's 'Animal' by bashing the glorification of violence in cinemas.


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Imran Khan Took A Dig At Ranbir's 'Animal'? Says Glamourisation Of Violence Is Uncomfortable For Him

Sandeep Reddy Vanga's Animal was one of the highest-grossing films of the last year. The Ranbir Kapoor-starrer reportedly earned Rs. 737.5 crore worldwide. Moreover, the high-octane violence in the movie generated a lot of negative limelight, but it didn't affect the movie's success as it instantly received love from the action movie fanatics. Time and again, several Bollywood actors and actresses had taken a jibe at the movie. And now, it seems Imran Khan had indirectly taken a jibe at his contemporary, Ranbir's movie, Animal.

Imran Khan states that the glorification of violence in films makes him uncomfortable

Imran Khan, who has been away from the glamour world for quite a few years now, recently sat for an interview with Film Companion. While conversing, the actor stated that in the present daytime, most cinemas are all about the glamorisation of violence, which makes him feel uncomfortable. Talking more about the same, Imran added that although, violence and action are languages of cinema, there is a certain way to portray the same. Citing an example, the actor said that what happened in the movie, Joker is the actual way to depict violence. Imran can be quoted as saying:

"I have a sense about where cinema is these days. There is a glamourisation and a fetishisation and sexualisation of violence that makes me uncomfortable. There is a way to portray violence. This is not a morality thing. Violence and action are… it is a language in cinema but when we communicate it, when we portray it in films, there is a way to do it where you feel the weight of it.”

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Netizens think Imran Khan has taken a dig at Ranbir Kapoor starrer, Animal 

Going further in the interview, Imran Khan revealed that nowadays, heroes just move forward and shoot people around them, which the makers try to make cool and sexy with the use of appropriate music. Imran mentioned that he is extremely uncomfortable with it and will never play a character who will solve problems with a gun. Although, Imran didn't take the name of Vanga's film, Animal, netizens started linking it to the much-talked-about film, as it already garbbed all the headlines with the violence in it. In Imran's words:

"We’ve started making films where heroes will just go in and boom, boom, boom, shoot seven people in the head and their heads explode to music and they make it ‘cool’ and ‘sexy’. That makes me uncomfortable. There’s enough of that. I don’t want to play a character who solves problems with a gun.”

Ranbir Kapoor once revealed if he is jealous of Imran Khan

Despite being one of the most versatile actors in Bollywood, Ranbir Kapoor was tagged as insecure by his contemporaries in the past. However, in an old interview, Ranbir Kapoor calmly dismissed all such claims and mentioned that it wouldn't even affect him if he would sit at home for months because he never thought about it in that way.

Talking more about it, Ranbir added that actors like Shahid Kapoor and Imran Khan have been delivering good films, and it makes him happy from the core as they are all taking Bollywood forward. The Animal actor also added that there's no negativity among them and that they always support one another if any of their films get released. For those who don't know, it has often been stated by several individuals that Ranbir remains unbothered whether his film works well or fails at the box office.

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Ranbir Kapoor predicted that Imran Khan would leave his career at the peak

It's been years since Imran Khan had made a movie. While there had been talks that the actor would return with a spy thriller, Imran recently mentioned that the project got shelved. However, during their joint appearance on Koffee With Karan, Ranbir predicted that Imran is one of them who would leave his career at the peak due to his disinterest.


Do you think Imran took a jibe at Ranbir's movie, Animal? Let us know!

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