Arjun Kapoor Talks About Life After Mom, Mona Kapoor's Demise, For Six Years No One Touched Her Room

Bollywood actor, Arjun Kapoor revealed life after his mother, Mona Kapoor's demise in his latest interview. Take a look!


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Arjun Kapoor Talks About Life After Mom, Mona Kapoor's Demise, For Six Years No One Touched Her Room

Losing someone is always a traumatic thing if you’re deeply attached to that person. Losing someone from your family that is simply hard to explain but if you think this is it, then imagine the pain of losing that mother, who gave birth to you. No wonder, words fall short here to explain the pain a child who lost his/her mother forever. The misery of not having your mother by your side is the greatest pain one can feel in life because she’s the one, who used to get crazy on your little victories and was your most loyal supporter. One such actor, who is still dealing with this pain is Bollywood actor, Arjun Kapoor, who still misses his mother, Mona Kapoor, who died on March 25, 2012, after losing her battle to multiple organ cancer. (Recommended Read: Deeya Chopra Mehta Shares First Picture Of Her Baby Girl, Sofia As She Turns One-Month-Old)

Recently, in an interview the actor has talked at length about that tough phase for him and his family, the way they’re still coping with it, and why he finds his success incomplete without her and much more in an emotional conversation.

Recently, in an interview with Zoom, Arjun Kapoor was asked to reflect on his life’s biggest loss that is his mother, Mona Kapoor’s demise. On which, the actor has stated that he’s still unable to deal with it and every day is a new struggle. He said, “How does one deal with a parent’s loss? I don't know. It's been eight years (since Mona Kapoor had passed away) but I am still not an expert on dealing with it. It's not like I can give you any kind of take on it because every day is a new struggle. It's like your backbone is broken and they tell you to walk.” The actor also talked about the people, who have their mothers with them right now and admitted that he envies them. He explained, “I envy those people who have that stability to go back home to their mothers because that makes a difference.” (Don’t Miss: Smriti Khanna Reveals How She Had Dealt With A Troll Who Said 'Tere Bacche Ko Corona Ho Jaye')

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Going forward in the interview, Arjun Kapoor revealed that since his mother’s demise, his sister, Anshula Kapoor has supported the whole family and bought that stability back. He revealed, “My stability now comes with having Anushla around but in the beginning years, Anshula was working in Delhi and I was alone. So I used to be just outworking because I didn't want to be alone at home and that's how I tried to deal with it. I dealt with it by just running away from it. And then eventually I had to accept it and be home and realise that this is my life that I don't have her around.” When asked about the way they used to live in the initial months of that traumatic phase, Arjun Kapoor revealed, “Something that I can share now....we had not touched her room for six years. But then the point is, it's not a normal thing to have one room completely locked up forever when you don't have a place in the house right? But it's just that for me and Anshula, this house is her.”

Arjun Kapoor and Anshula Kapoor

However, the actor revealed that now he has learnt living with this pain and everything that he does and achieves seems incomplete without his mother, Mona Kapoor. An emotional but strong Arjun said, “So every day I go out to make people happy, make myself happy, work, act in a movie, celebrate being a star and there are love and selfies, mazza aa raha hai, shooting kar rahe ho, your living the dream job. And then when you come back home, and I can't tell her what I did. So it just feels like incomplete. Whatever I do, that void will remain. So you can't deal with it beyond dealing with it as it happens. You have to be spontaneous and understand it, accept it, smile about it, bittersweet, positively think about her and then move ahead.” (Also Read: Angad Bedi Praises Wife, Neha Dhupia For Raising Their Daughter, Mehr In The Most Passionate Way)

Mona Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor and Anshula Kapoor

We hope Arjun Kapoor keeps on making his family and mother proud with his work!

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