Adorable Father-Daughter Moments Of Karanvir Bohra With His Twins Bella And Vienna


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Adorable Father-Daughter Moments Of Karanvir Bohra With His Twins Bella And Vienna

There is nothing more pleasing than the treasured moments of the unconditional love captured between a father and his daughter. From making her hair to letting her sit on his lap and jump, from playing tea-party or a princess game, there is perhaps no father in this world who would deny anything to his little girl. There is no doubt about the fact that daughters are daddy’s li’l girls.

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Baba main teri mallika, tukda hu tere dil ka…” – these lines truly define the perfect relationship that a father and his daughter share. One celebrity, who got twice lucky when he became a father for the first time, is none other than the Shararat heart-throb, Karanvir Bohra. India's Best Judwaah host, Karanvir Bohra tied the knot with Teejay Sidhu in a hush-hush ceremony in 2006, and after 10 years of marital bliss, they became proud parents to twin baby girls, Vienna and Raya Bella on October 21, 2016.

Karanvir Bohra and Teejay Sidhu with Bella And Vienna

Bella and Vienna are winning the hearts of many and have garnered a huge fan following with their cute videos and adorable pictures. Karanvir’s twins have their own verified Instagram handle, Twin Baby Diaries, which is managed by their mom, Teejay Sidhu. Bella and Vienna are reigning on the internet, and their parents make sure to share their cuteness doses with the fans time and again. Let us take you to some beautifully captured moments of Karanvir Bohra with his princesses, Miko and Nonu a.k.a. Bella and Vienna, with interesting heart-warming captions.

When Bella and Vienna were born

Karanvir Bohra with Bella And Vienna

Karanvir gave his fans a glimpse of his little newborn rabbits, and captioned it:

“"I got the whole world in my hands" @bombaysunshine and me are still in a state of shock and disbelief that we have created 2 beautiful lives... I'm so thankful to God for sending these beautiful angels to us. I don't know why but I believe that they have been sent to us for higher purpose... what it is? I don't know, but the force is literally very strong with these 2. They look at us with love and helplessness, when they cry, we know is either for milk or they just want to be held, and once we pick them up, it's so difficult to put them down. You just want to hold them and look at them and talk to them. When I put them on my chest to make them sleep they hold me with such embrace that I want to leave everything in the world abs just cater to their needs. I don't even know how I turned from a boy to a father...but this journey has just begun and I'm so looking forward to these sleepless nights and daddy duty time. So, my 2 princesses, you’re twin Angels sent from up above, When you were born he set free a dove, Your endless love, a love so pure, It's all I want, I want no more. Hold my hand and I'll never let go, just hold my hand coz I love you so.”

Happy 6 months!

Karanvir Bohra with Bella And Vienna

Karanvir wishing ‘Bohra sisters’ – Happy 6 months! This is what he wrote:

“These 2 have turned #6months and I am still not over the fact that I'm a dad... They are a handful, I get up with them in the morning and the baby smell is so intoxicating that I just want to cuddle and nestle in their baby fat. Wishing the #BohraBohra sisters happy 6months. #omnamahshivaya”

Like father, like daughter!

Karanvir Bohra with Vienna

Teejay shared a picture of Karanvir, who was supposed to put Vienna down for a nap, but instead, the little one put him to sleep. This is what she captioned the above picture:

“#Sundays are (literally) a day of rest. ;) We made plans to watch 'something good' on Netflix today, after the babies slept. He says, 'You put one #baby down for a #nap, I'll get the other one.' Great! So I put one baby to bed, I get the coffee ready. I go to check on them and this is what I see! She put HIM to #sleep! Haha! Should I wake him? Nah. Let them have their #sweet #dreams. :) #Dads should also get to experience this feeling - #snuggle time with their #children. #Sunday #blessings #daddysgirl #Vienna #love #myworld #babygirl #dontforgetdads”

Karanvir Bohra with Bella

Woah! What an uncanny resemblance between Karanvir and Bella, more than her twin sister Vienna. Teejay captioned the collage as:

“t's amazing how much #babies keep changing! When my first-born #daughter, #Bella, came into the world, she looked just like my brother @min_sidhu. Now she's becoming a #copy of her #father! :) In fact she's #twinning more with her #Dad than her #twin #sister! Whether it's changes in their appearance or in their behaviour, these #tiny #gifts from God keep amazing me every single day. @karanvirbohra Her eyes are even bigger than yours!! #daddyslittlegirl #mylove #babygirl #myworld”

Karanvir Bohra with Vienna

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Morning news updates with Vienna:

“Nonu, can you simplify this #GST to me, coz the more I read about the #CGST #SGST #IGST the less I understand it. I think the government should just take what we earn and let us keep the tax, maybe that would be a better idea. @twinbabydiaries”

Karanvir Bohra with Vienna

Karanvir captioned it as:

“This cute little copy-cat (and Teddy) are waiting for something to happen. Not sure what. ;) The TV will remain off. (She's not allowed to watch.) But still she's sitting here quietly. Must say, I admire her patience. @twinbabydiaries #babydiaries”

Karanvir Bohra with Bella

Karanvir captioned the father-daughter swag moment as:

“Sun is shining, the weather is sweet and so are you my #bellybaby coz you’re a rainbow too”

Morning cuddles!

Karanvir Bohra with Bella and Vienna

As a Father’s Day 2018 special post, Teejay shared a snap of Karanvir cuddling his princesses and captioned it:

“My sister once asked me, 'How do you know if you've found the right guy?' I said, 'If you want your children to be just like him, then he's the one.' :) @karanvirbohra I always knew you'd be an amazing Dad one day. :) And whenever I see these #two, I see you - the kindest, sweetest, more #beautiful #soul energy. :) I know my #children are in good hands because the hands are yours. And I am so #grateful I have a #life with you, and a #family with you. Thank you for giving me something so #priceless - this beautiful little world in the middle of the big crazy world. #HappyFathersDay sweety. I love and appreciate all that you do, every single day. :) #dontforgetdads”.

Karanvir Bohra with Bella

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This is what naughty Bella has to say about her Dad:

“BELLA - This is my Dad. :) He makes me laugh everyday! We have so much fun before he goes to work in the morning. He says, 'This baby laughs at anything!' But that's not really true. I just find lots of things funny. :) And I love how people start smiling when they see me smiling. :) I think grown-ups forget how to laugh as they get older. They worry too much. They think too much. They forget that they were once babies who used to laugh a lot, too. I hope I don't forget how to laugh when I am older. My Dad says it is one of the best things about me - and I shouldn't never change that about myself. :) @karanvirbohra”.

Karanvir Bohra with Bella

Every day will be good if it starts with you. Karanvir captioned the pic Bella cuddled in his arms, as:

“It's gonna gonna be, a L.O.V.E.L.Y day, when it begins like this. Om namo shivaya @twinbabydiaries and me”

Karanvir Bohra with Bella

Teejay captioned the above picture as:

“There's no doubt a baby brings everyone so much joy, but we sometimes forget how much joy WE bring a baby, too. :) This is all a child needs from a parent - a little bit of their time every day. More than toys or anything else, they want us to laugh with them, play with them, let them know how loved they are. And when we spend time with kids, they FEEL that love. :) And you're so good at all this @karanvirbohra @twinbabydiaries”

Candid clicks!

Karanvir Bohra with Vienna

Teejay shared a lovely candid click of Karanvir and Vienna and wrote:

“Is it possible to love a #man more, because he #loves another #girl so much? :) Yes. In fact seeing them together makes you fall even harder for him! ;) And you pray they have this #beautiful, #loving relationship for the rest of their lives, and may they share #secrets and #midnight #smiles forever! (@karanvirbohra Now YOU try putting her to sleep!) #dontforgetdads #daddysgirl #Vienna #superdad @twinbabydiaries #sunshine #girl #baby #love”

Karanvir Bohra with Bella

Father duties! Karanvir shared a picture of feeding Bella as a reminiscing picture. He captioned it:

“Where does the time go? I remember bringing my #sweet #babygirl home from the hospital and now she has started walking. Even single moment with her has been so #precious! #omnamahshivaya #bella #babylove #daddysgirl @twinbabydiaries #dontforgetdads #love”.

Karanvir Bohra with Bella

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Karanvir captioned this adorable picture with Bella as:

“I’m like a bird, I only fly away. My little #girlsrising star, dream as much as you want, fly as high as you can, No one will stop you, I'm your #gatekeeper”.

Fatherly experiences!

Karanvir Bohra with Bella and Vienna

Teejay shared this beautiful picture of Karanvir with Bella and Vienna on Father’s Day 2017, and captioned it:

“Fathering a child is easy - it takes a special person to be a 'Dad.' He is his child's first hero, and that title has to be earned. How do you know you've earned it? You see it in the eyes of your children - it's in the joy on their faces, how they light up when they see you. :) @karanvirbohra You've been so terrific since day one, so hands-on, and the babies know how much you love them. :) You are that special kind of Dad, the kind baby girls adore. :) These two could not have got a better one than you. And for the record, you're doing great so far! Happy, happy first Father's day to you, sweety!! I am loving this journey with you. :) (Had to borrow this photo from you @slick_604 - thank u!) :)”

Karanvir Bohra and Teejay Sidhu with Bella and Vienna

Sharing how he didn’t get a good nap because of the father duties, and how he is loving it, newbie father Karanvir wrote:

“Thank you all for your love and wishes, @bombaysunshine and the #BohraBohra sisters have landed safely. #Miko & #Nonu (official nicknames) The one in my hand is Miko, Elder by a minute, A fierce Lioness by nature. Tj says she looks Japanese, thus the name Miko-Tashi. And of course, the Tee is holding its the petite and dainty #Nonu, the name says it all, she is like a little doll princess. My excitement has no bounds, I can't even express the feeling I have when I look at these 2. I haven't slept more than 4 hours in the last 2days, and I've been doubling up with my regular shoot timings, now the daddy duty has hit me like a #thunderbolt But, you know what? I'm loving it, staying up late, now has a purpose - good bye sleep, see you in a year or 2”

Karanvir Bohra with Bella and Vienna

Karanvir opened up about how it is being a dad, and wrote:

“Earlier when someone asked me how is it being a dad? I would say "I feel responsible for these angels." But now, it's changing, responsibility is for life, but love is blossoming. They way they look at me, is like they know im their dad, they jump into my embrace when I stretch my arms, they react to the sound of my voice. My life is changing and im loving it & accepting it with all the love and grace he is showering me with. #omnamahshivaya These 2 @twinbabydiaries were my quest....I need to look no further. Thank you the biggest teacher I pay my respect to you on teachers day and to all the teachers / gurus / family / friends / acquaintances who have taught me everything I know.”

Karanvir Bohra with Bella and Vienna

Throwback memories with his Alpha pup and Omega baby, Karanvir shared:

“Back to the time when these two would sit wherever you wanted them to sit... now that they have started to take baby steps, they are unstoppable. I'm already starting to miss this age. #dontforgetdads My #alphapup & #omegababy @twinbabydiaries”.

Karanvir Bohra with Vienna

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Sharing a picture from his flight diaries with Vienna, Karanvir the snap:

“Can't explain the joy of having your daughter wrapped up in your arms and sigh of tomorrow in her eyes. #karienna”

Karanvir Bohra with Bella and Vienna

Sharing another picture with his girls when they turned 19 months, Karanvir wrote:

“I've realised a couple of things in the past few months… One is, that raising a child is not only a full time mother's job, but a father has an equal part to play, too. I'm seeing my children grow everyday, sometimes, even overnight... I've consciously made it a point, that as much as I'm giving time to my work, I will also spend a lot of time with my babies, coz this is the time you build that bond with them, this is the time they need their Mom & DAD. My eyes well up when they call out "dad" "dad," when they only want to be fed by me, when they are crying and only want to be with their father. It's a feeling I'm never going to get back. I feel a sense of joy, happiness and fulfilment. And as they keep growing, I reminisce about every moment I've already spent with them... And second thing I've realized is... there will come a time when these little angels will have a world of their own, and again, it will only be #MEANDMYGIRL @bombaysunshine #neverforgetdads and #FORSURE #NEVERFORGETWIFE #happy19months @twinbabydiaries”



Another one is the video of the Father’s Day 2017 celebrations with Bella and Vienna. Karanvir captioned it:

“The greatest joy in my life is spending time with my twins. And as a dad, my biggest responsibility is to keep them safe and protected. But they don’t make it easy by putting things into their mouth, picking up germs, taking their shoes and socks off and walking on the ground bare feet.... So, part of my job is to make sure they get all their recommended vaccines, helping them eat healthy, and of course showering them with lots of hugs and kisses.”

Major missing happening!

Karanvir Bohra with Bella and Vienna

Shared on Twin Baby Diaries, Bella expresses her excitement when her dad is back home from work. The click is captioned as:

“BELLA - Yippee! My Dad is home! He went on a trip today. But only for the daytime. He came back by night. He went to Lucknow to talk about his new TV show - #IndiasBestJudwaah. I asked him, what is a judwaa? He said he will explain tomorrow because it is very late and babies need to sleep. I told him we already slept! A lot. So we were wide awake now! Also nobody is allowed to stay out this late. My dad would have got in big trouble from my Mom. So I stayed awake to save him. But it was okay. My Mom said if someone is working, they are not in trouble. Now we have to sleep. We are fine but our Dad is very tired. He worked a lot today. #babydiaries @zeetv”.



On Valentine’s week, when Karanvir came back to meet his darling daughters, this is how they reacted. He captioned the video as:

“You know valentine's week will be full of love, #cuddles and #kisses when your #babies miss you so much that they start #crying... Such selfless deep #love. Babies can be such great teachers. This #Valentine's, do something for your #loved one, do something for a stranger, but do it without expecting anything in return. :)@twinbabydiaries @boraboratwins #daddysgirls”.

Karanvir Bohra with Bella and Vienna

Being an actor is a tough job. With hectic schedules and outdoor shoots, one doesn’t get enough time to spend with their families. When he was out for some professional commitments, Karanvir shared a picture with Bella and Vienna and captioned it:

“Major missing happening @twinbabydiaries”.

Karanvir Bohra with Bella and Vienna

This is what Bella and Vienna do when they miss their daddy! Karanvir captioned it:

“When they miss me, they watch my recorded episodes of #naagin2 I'm so looking forward to seeing them, miss my dollies @twinbabydiaries @colorstv”.

Selfie time!

Karanvir Bohra with Vienna

Karanvir captioned the above picture as:

“My #babygirl always has my back! #Vienna @twinbabydiaries #peekaboo #babylove #dontforgetdads #daddysgirl”.

Father-Daughters time!



This is what they do when mommy is not at home and daddy is on their duty. Karanvir captioned it:

“This is what the girls and me do when no one is home. Vienna so eager to dance to her fav song badrinath ki dulhaniya that Bella also joined in. Thanks to @Asira_Tarannum playing this song a 100 times on repeat. (Next time I going to put a bhajan on a 2hr repeat).”

Karanvir Bohra with Bella and Vienna

The moment beautifully described by Karanvir, when children wake you up calling you ‘dad’:

“When your babies wake you up in the morning with their soft, gentle voices saying 'Dad?' And then jump on you because you have been missing for so many days! I'm so happy to see these ducklings @twinbabydiaries”

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Karanvir Bohra with Bella

Karanvir Bohra with Vienna

Sharing glimpses of the lazy weekend with Bella and Vienna, Karanvir wrote:

“Happy lazy weekends. I'm wondering, when I'll get busy during shoots, I'll have to pack these 2 rabbits with me and take them on set, travel with them to locations, watch my Tv shows/ movies with them #omnamoshivaya @twinbabydiaries”

Karanvir Bohra with Bella and Vienna

A perfect picture to describe the father-daughter relationship is captioned by Karanvir as:

“A normal day with my #daughters.. Me - "Vienna let's play itsy bitsy spider?" Vienna-"ummmmm.... no dad, I want to check something on your #phone." :) Me - "Ok, #Bellla, are you hungry? Du-Du? Bella - #Later #Dad, I'm just about to scratch #Vienna." #myrabbits @twinbabydiaries #baby #love @boraboratwins #omnamoshivaya #daddysgirls”

Karanvir Bohra with Bella and Vienna

Another adorable picture of Karanvir with Bella and Vienna, with super-adorable caption:

“If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart”.

When Valentine’s Day gets a new meaning

Karanvir Bohra and Teejay Sidhu with Bella and Vienna

Valentine’s day is all about spending it with the people you love. After 10 years of togetherness, Teejay and Karanvir welcomed their little ones in their lives and their whole life started revolving around them. So, they decided to spend the day of love with their adorable daughters. Karanvir captioned the pic as:

“Now Valentines has a whole new different meaning... And I’m sure all father's with DAUGHTERS and mothers with sons could relate to it....AM I RIGHT?”

Twice the smiles, twice the love! Twice the happiness, twice the blessings! Are you too in love with Bella and Vienna? Do let us know in the comments section below.

P.S: And don’t forget to scroll on ‘Twin Baby Diaries’ Instagram page to shed away your blues and shower your love on the little ones!

Images and videos courtesy: Instagram

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