16 Things That Perfectly Define Father-Daughter Relationship, Every Daddy's Li'l Girl Will Agree


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16 Things That Perfectly Define Father-Daughter Relationship, Every Daddy's Li'l Girl Will Agree

Fathers share the most special relationship with their little princesses and vice versa. A father is his daughter’s first friend, protector, superhero and a chilled out brat when mommies get a little strict. While daughters do those sweet things right from their childhood to make their daddies feel loved and special.

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For example, polishing his shoes, wearing his oversized coats, and when they grow old, cook him his favourite meal, take care of his medicines, doctor’s visits etc. We have a special list of things that celebrate this most beautiful relationship on earth.

#1. He is overprotective when it comes to your male friends

Image / Bewakoofiyan

Image Courtesy: Bewakoofiyaan

Whether you are a teenager or in your mid 20s, as long as you are unmarried, he will always be particular about who you hangout with. It maybe annoying at times but always remember, he does all this to make sure that you do not get hurt by some random guy.

#2. And at times, you totally love him for being so

Image Courtesy: Bewakoofiyaan

Well, you might not always like his interference or let's say involvement all the times, but you also know that he wants you to find your knight in shining armour without burning your heart! So, you give it to him anyways. 

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#3. He is the first person you can think of whenever you need an advice

Image Courtesy: Piku

Because this one special man in your life has answers to all your questions, and he will always suggest the best for you no matter what.

#4. His opinion matters the most to you

Image Courtesy: Daawat-e-Ishq

You are never too afraid to be criticised by him because you know that he is your biggest fan too, and wants you to excel in whatever you choose to do!

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#5. You get really emotional thinking about what your father has done for you 

Gif via Tumblr

There will be times when you feel so lucky to have a father like him, who understands you, cares for your, tolerates your unrealistic tantrums and smiles at every idiocity, that you feel all emotional. You think about every sacrifice he has made for you that you feel blessed.

#6. As a child, you always imagined yourself to be like him one day

Image Courtesy: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

And, you feel proud today to have attained all his qualities.

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#7. You always have his shoulder to cry on

Image Courtesy: Fashion

No matter how old you grow, this friend of yours will never ditch you, he will always be even your 3 AM friend. 

#8. You tease him for cracking bad jokes, but you flaunt his great sense of humour in front of your friends

Gif via Giphy

Whenever he cracks a joke, you tell him how terrible his sense of humour was, but the moment you are out with your friends, you flaunt his humour style like anything. 

#9. He can even skip a very important meeting just to be by your side

Image Courtesy: Main Tera Hero

Nothing in the world can stop him from being by your side on your best and worst moments. And, why not? Your happiness is all that matters to him!

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#10. You love to be his boss when he takes you shopping for his clothes

Image Courtesy: Daawat-e-Ishq

And, you love it even more when he picks up only the things that are approved by you!

#11. You love all those funny nicknames that your dad has given to you

Image Courtesy: Piku

But, no one else except him can call you by those names.

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#12. You think he is the only one who can give you the best driving lessons in this world

Image Courtesy: Daawat-e-Ishq

Because he does not think that girls cannot be good drivers.

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#13. You love being his teacher when it comes to latest technologies

Image Courtesy: Bewakoofiyaan

No matter how long it takes for him to understand it, you totally love to help him out.

#14. You want your life partner to have all the qualities that your dad has

Image Courtesy: Mohabbatein

As you have an example of a perfect family man in your life, you cannot think of settling down for anything less. And so, you end up finding all your father's qualities in the man you are planning to settle down with. 

#15. You know that you will find your prince charming one day, but your daddy will always remain your king!

Gif via Giphy

All because he is your first love, no?

#16. Crying at some other girl's vidaai moment with your dad

Gif via Tumblr

Finally, seeing some other girl’s vidaai and just imagining yourself with your dad brings never-ending tears to your eyes!

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Well girls, we know you feel like giving your dad a tight hug right now. So, just go and do it! And, if he is not in front of you right now, just call him that he is the best dad in the world. Also, we agree we might have missed a few points while talking about this beautiful relationship. And, we would love to get those missing points straight from the hearts of all the gorgeous daughters. Drop in a line in the comments section below!

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