7 Typical Things Men Do And Women Just Hate It


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7 Typical Things Men Do And Women Just Hate It

Men and women are two different creatures no doubt! And, when it comes to their habits, they are nothing less than poles apart. Men often turn luxurious and lazy expecting their wives to do everything for them. These are the habits that often become a bone of contention between many husbands and wives.

For all you hubbies out there, let us give you a closer look at a few such common traits. We hope you can take a few lessons from this and make an effort towards a better married life.

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#1. Untidy toilet habits

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Men often leave the bathroom dirty and messy with muddy footprints and water splashed everywhere. They never seem to realise that someone else has to use the bathroom after them. Guys, apart from this, you may also leave a stack of newspapers and cigarette butts in the washroom that would often irritate your woman. Well, are you also the one who thinks that bathrooms self-clean themselves?

#2. Messy room

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To a wife's disgust, their husbands often leave their wet towel on the bed or on the couch after a bath. Dear hubbies, make a note that wet towels are supposed to be put on the string outside to dry. It is even more irritating for your woman to watch you treat the bedroom as your laundry basket with your clothes scattered everywhere.

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#3. Losing temper

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Most men lose control on their temper at the drop of a hat. They lose control on their actions and often on their tongues. Guys, cuss words and foul temper are anything but attractive and inviting, especially for your wife and kids. So, it is time you learn to tame your temper and tongue!

#4. Inadequate grooming habits

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Remember how savvy a man looks when he is out to impress his lady love and wooing her for marriage? Well, after marriage as comfort sets in the relationship men start to believe that their wives will love them along with their very visible nose and ear hair. If you don't believe us then take a look in the mirror and see for yourself. Apart from the nasal hair, we suggest you also trim your rugged beard, clean your teeth before going to bed, and slather on some nice shaving lotion.

#5. Leaving dirty dishes

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It is quite normal for a husband to think that his wife is expected to pick up and clean up the plates, bowls, vessels and the dining table after he is done eating. Even if your wife forgives your clumsy food habits, if nothing else guys, you still need to get up and lift up your dishes and put them in the sink at least.

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#6. Not picking up or returning calls

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Your girl knows that you are busy in office or meeting, but you should understand that she might be calling you up for something important. If you tell her that you will call her back then please do so. There is nothing more irritating than leaving endless messages on someone's phone or waiting for him to call back. Other than this, many husbands do not find it necessary to discuss their overtime in the office with their wives beforehand. Do you realise that your wife stays up all the time, worried and bothered for you?

#7. Checking out other girls 

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Guys, you do have a wandering eye, and your woman knows about it. But, do you think she likes it? No woman likes to catch her hubby checking out another girl. It is not only an unrefined behaviour but degrading for your wife as well.

Husbands, if you are nodding your head to the above habits then it's time that you start working on yourself. Try to rectify these mistakes for the sake of your loving wives at least!

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