This Is How 'Nanads' And 'Devars' Can Plan The First Diwali For Their 'Bhaiya' And 'Bhabhi'


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This Is How 'Nanads' And 'Devars' Can Plan The First Diwali For Their 'Bhaiya' And 'Bhabhi'

With gifts, diyas, decorations, sweets and lots of lights, Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals of India. From kids to elders, everyone awaits this beautiful festival throughout the year. When you have a new bride in the house, the excitement of Diwali celebration knows no bounds.

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If this is the first Diwali celebration of your bhabhi then, as the best nanad or devar in the world, you can make it special by taking hints from the following ideas:

#1. Gift her something special to wear

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We all wear something special for the Diwali puja. Parents often buy new clothes for their kids. Since it is your bhabhi's first Diwali away from her home, she will definitely miss the pampering that she used to get from her family. Now as her new brother and sister, it's your duty to make her feel like a queen. Gift her a special dress that she can wear on her first Diwali as a married woman.

#2. Personalised gifts

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Exchanging gifts with our near and dear ones on Diwali is one of the best things about this festival. Your bhabhi's first Diwali celebration has to be unique. So, don't just get her anything but a one-of-a-kind personalised gift. Personalised mugs, cushions and photo frames will be amazing as Diwali gifts. You can make her feel special with personalised chocolates as well.

#3. Decorations for bhai and bhabhi

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With beautiful lights, flowers, diyas and rangolis every house is decorated for the festival of Diwali. To make your bhabhi's first Diwali special, you can include the names of the couple in your decorations like in rangolis. You can even use collages of the couple's picture or their wedding card in a creative way to decorate the house.

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#4. Invite their friends and family

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Diwali is celebrated with friends and family and though your bhabhi is going to excited about celebrating her first Diwali after marriage with her new family, she is definitely going to miss her parents and friends. So, invite them over and give your bhabhi the best Diwali gift.

#5. Let the new couple do the puja

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Pooja is an imperative part of Diwali celebration. Since it is the first Diwali of your brother and bhabhi as a married couple, let them commence the puja and other celebrations. This will make your bBhabhi feel welcomed.

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#6. Know each other better with games

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Invent fun Diwali games and get to know the new member of your family better. For example, spin the bottle and whomever the bottle points have to reveal a secret about himself. You can even play poker and your cash will be trading a secret for every deal. This way, you will not only entertain your bhabhi but everyone will get to know about each other.

#7. How about a special meal?

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On this Diwali, prepare a special meal for your bhabhi. Cook everything that she loves and give her the best Diwali dinner of her life. If you are not that good of a cook, you can order in and make a few things yourself. Your bhabhi is going to love seeing her favourite spread of dishes on the dinner table.

#8. Let there be dance!

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Since there will be no firecrackers on this Diwali, you can still have a blast. Invite everyone and have a Diwali dance party. Don't let the first Diwali of your bhabhi be a dull affair. Play her favourite songs and have an amazing time with your near and dear ones.

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Make your bhabhi feel special on this Diwali and show her how happy you are celebrating this festival with her. With a few small gestures, she would feel like she has found the best family in the world. This Diwali, wish her with the gift of love!

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