This Is What Happens When Your BFF And Partner Don't Like Each Other


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This Is What Happens When Your BFF And Partner Don't Like Each Other

It’s sad but true that life is not always fair. Sometimes two people who hold a special place in your heart just don’t get along, no matter how badly you want them to. You can either accept or be okay with the fact that they are never going to like each other or make a choice between your partner and BFF.

And while you are at it, here’s a glimpse into the annoying world that would be yours if your BFF and partner don’t like each other.

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#1. Both want to be #1 in your life

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No matter how hard you convince them, your partner and BFF just cannot make peace with the fact that both of them are equally important to you. Welcome to the world of diplomacy. Now you know what it must have been like for your mom when you asked her to choose between you and your siblings.

#2. If you ditch any one of them, they get mad

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When you plan a girls night out, and your boyfriend wants you to go on a movie date with him, and you ditch your friends, your friend gets mad. And if you don’t go your boyfriend gets mad.

#3. Hanging out together is impossible

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Three of you hanging out together is a complete disaster. It’s just impossible for your bestie and boyfriend to stay civilised and not fight over everything.

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#4. When you have to pick one over the other

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Your boyfriend has made reservations at a restaurant where you two have always wanted to go. And quite unsurprisingly, your BFF also chooses the same day and time to book tickets for a movie that you both wanted to watch. Oh! The dilemma of picking one over the other.

#5. When your BFF competes for your attention

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Till the time you and your best friend were alone, she had your whole attention. But, now that you have a boyfriend, she has to share your time, attention and love with your boyfriend, which creates a visible tension in certain friendships. The easiest way to solve this is to make your bestie understand that whether the relationship with your partner lasts or not she will always remain your best friend.

#6. Your BFF doesn’t trust your boyfriend and vice-versa

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They keep checking on you when you are with the other. They would get worried and even come running to find you if you missed their call. It’s just impossible to make them understand that they can at least trust you if not each other.

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#7. They often treat you as a third wheel

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When your partner and bestie don’t get along, it’s ultimately you who suffers the most. But, two of the most important people in your life often ignore this fact and continue making you feel like a third wheel stuck between their cold war.

#8. You have no one to share your stuff with

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Want to tell your BFF about your date night or share the fun details of your girl’s day out with your boyfriend? Bad luck! If you let them see how much you enjoyed with the other, they will get jealous and make you feel bad.

#9. You have to keep your rants to yourself

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Both of them anyway don’t get along well, so what’s the point in ranting about the other in front of them. They will quickly come up with sentences like, ‘I told you so’ or ‘You never listen to me’. They would be delighted to make you see how right they were even if it’s just a silly thing you are ranting about.

#10. When peace is an alien

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Image Courtesy: Student Of The Year

If you have ever tried to make peace between your best friend and partner after an ugly fight, you already know how badly that ends. Peace Out! It’s just an alien word to them.

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Have you ever been in such a relationship before? Let us know in comments below what struggles you had to go through.

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