5 Relationship Lessons We Can Steal From Baghban


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5 Relationship Lessons We Can Steal From Baghban

What’s common between Amitabh Bachchan starrer, Nishabd and Baghban (of course other than Big B)? It’s the uncanny and unconventional love tale both these movies dared to project.

While we can still imagine an older man falling for a young lady, but can you imagine a couple that has always been in love, never left each other’s side, no matter what?

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Relationship Lessons

A little too hard to imagine, right? But this movie starring Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini portrays it beautifully. So much so, that if we look at it closely, we can learn a thing or two from these young lovebirds who on the contrary, are in their sixties.

Here are 5 amazing relationship goals we discovered from Baghban’s oh-so-young couple. Take a look.

#1. Love never ages and never dies

Relationship Lessons

They say that age is no bar when it comes to matters of the heart and Baghban has just proved it right. Usually, elderly couples have been together for so long that they find it uncomfortable in expressing their feelings and disqualify themselves from being affectionate and romantic. However, Pooja and Raj Malhotra’s love for each other never faded with time.

Relationship Lessons

They are seen looking for ways and opportunities to date even after sixty. They are so much open to the idea of love letters and even mushy romance which is quite rare otherwise. So, we see that just because your hair has started greying doesn’t mean your romance isn’t alive.

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#2. Long distance love is beautiful too

Relationship Lessons

The phone conversation between Raj and Pooja in the movie is still etched in our minds. The always-in-love couple ensured daily communication to each other. Even after staying apart due to a cruel trick played by their kids, they held the same excitement and fluttering hearts.

Relationship Lessons

The way they were committed and devoted to each other even in a faraway land is truly an inspiration for couples to spice up their long distance relationship. So, if you are away from your sweetheart and missing her/him, communication is your key to keep things going.

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#3. Hold on to mushiness and romance always

Relationship Lessons

Despite their age, Raj and Pooja were always up for surprises, romance and fun. There was nothing more enchanting to them than being in love with each other. Hugs, love letters, V-day and gifts, name it and they never let go of it.

Relationship Lessons

These are the elements that we usually relate to a young couple, but with these two ordinary people extraordinarily in love, it just became more relatable. Cutting long story short, forget your age and just have a fresh take on the notion of love.

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#4. Say it like you mean it

Relationship Lessons

We know you need not convince your partner that you love him/her. But simple words and actions can do wonders to your relationship; the way it did for Raj and Pooja in the movie. They even outdid the younger generation in wooing their special someone. Throughout the movie, we have seen them impressing each other and expressing that they are nothing without each other's love.

Relationship Lessons

By dressing up for each other, sharing love notes and saying 'I love you', they prove a point that showing your love is necessary. The iconic dialogue of Baghban says it all, “Tum ho to hum hain, hum hain to sab kuch hai, varna kuch nahi, kuch bhi nahi.

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#5. Sacrifice becomes beautiful

Relationship Lessons

Love isn’t love if you’re not willing to sacrifice something for it. When you are in love, sacrifice and adjustment should not be a matter of concern. When your partner and your love for him/her is above everything else, you can't help but give up your happiness. When Raj and Pooja were forced to stay apart, Raj was not willing but just because his wife insisted, he gave in.

Loving someone is not always enough. To believe in love, saying it and living it the way Raj and Pooja did actually makes it a priceless experience. If you are one of those who are busy, laidback or just forgot to express your love; just resort to the couple’s unique ways and stay in love.

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