22 Things You Need To Ask Yourself Before You Decide To Get Married


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22 Things You Need To Ask Yourself Before You Decide To Get Married

Marriage is a true and soulful bond. One should enter this institution only if both the partners are more than sure that they will stick to it and nurture it until death does them apart. Taking it lightly and regretting your decision later could cost you everything- from your peace of mind and your reputation, to your health and more.

So, before you take the plunge, be absolutely sure that you are making the correct decision by asking yourself these 22 questions and getting a valid response to them too.

#1. Are you ready for that kind of a commitment?

Being with one person for the rest of your life means there is no straying elsewhere. Are you the one man/woman kind of a person?

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#2. Are you ready to have kids?

Traditionally, you would be expected to have kids after you get married. You may want them as soon as possible or sometime later. But, first ask yourself if you even like kids? Are you ready to be a responsible parent?

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#3. Do you have your reasons sorted before tying the knot?

Are you being pressurised into getting married? Is it because your sister is in line, or your other friends are already married? Or, is this something that you really truly want from your heart?

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#4. Do you know your partner well enough?

Even for arranged marriage. how long have the two of you actually known each other? Are you hurrying into things? Or, have the two of you been together for so long that getting married is the logical next step?

#5. Are you ready to move into a joint family?

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Are you ready to adjust into a joint family? Are you willing to share your home with many other relatives and say goodbye to your personal privacy? Or, would you prefer staying in a nuclear family?

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#6. Do you fight more than you make out?

Fights in every relationship are natural. It is weird if you never fight. But, are you always fighting about every little thing?

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#7. Do you love your partner more than your independence?

Getting married, in a way, is saying goodbye to a major part of your independence and personal space. Do you love your significant other so much that you are willing to give that up?

 #8. Do you share any common interests at all?

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We know opposites attract; but what if, you do not have any interests or hobbies in common? If you have varied interests, then there are high chances that you would get bored with each other soon enough.

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#9. Does your partner bring out the best in you?

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Do you feel like you can conquer the world when you are with your partner? Does he or she give you the encouragement and the support you need? Do they make you feel beautiful inside out?

#10. Does your partner accept you for who you really are?

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Do you always have to pretend to be someone you are not, just so that they like or approve of you?

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#11. Do you feel physically attracted towards your partner?

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Love, trust, commitment are all okay, but physical attraction is one of the key components of marriage. Do you feel annoyed when your partner tries to touch you and show intimacy?

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#12. Are you ready to put ‘me’ behind for ‘us’?

Some ‘me’ time is good and healthy for any relationship. But, are you selfless enough to put your partner and his/her needs before yours when the time comes?

#13. Do they respect your family the way you respect theirs?

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Are you convinced that this will not turn into a point of bitter resentment between the two of you in the future?

#14. Does your partner’s family make you feel comfortable and at home?

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In India, you do not marry just one person, you marry their entire family. If they make you feel out of place even before your marriage, do you think it is worth spending your whole life being ill-treated?

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#15. Is your partner ready, mentally and emotionally?

This is not just about you, right? Do you feel that your partner is giving you hints about not being ready themself by either fighting too much, not showing interest in the wedding planning, and just being excessively moody and difficult to please all the time?

#16. Are your hygiene habits alike?

You surely would not want to be with a person who has terrible body odour, or keeps the house messy. How is their sense of personal hygiene and bathroom etiquette?

#17. Do you ever regret saying yes? Then think again!

Does this question come to your mind often? If marrying this person is what you want, you can never ever even in your wildest dreams regret it!

#18. Are you proud of your partner and their profession?

Do you like the way he looks and dresses? Or, do you constantly avoid introducing him to your friends? Do you like his job? Well, if you are not proud of him, you certainly do not love him for what he actually is.

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#19. Do you agree to be faithful forever?

How does forever and ever and ever sound to you? Being unfaithful to your spouse is the biggest form of betrayal that you can commit.

#20. Are you both into the relationship and ready to make it work, come what may?

Do you have an escapist attitude and feel it is best to avoid confrontations? Or, does getting out of the relationship, thinking of a divorce and getting out of the relationship seem easier?

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#21. Are you ready to compromise for your partner’s happiness?

Are you ready to compromise for their dreams and aspirations? After all, marriage is all about little mutual compromises.

#22. Do you think you deserve better than this?

Are you uncertain of your choice and will always wonder whether you could have met someone better? Or, are you sure he/she is the one for you?

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So, if these thoughts are clouding your mind then, you need to take some time off to think straight. Take the right decision before spoiling a lot more lives than just yours! And, if you are sure about the love of your life, then go ahead and tie the knot without any doubts.

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