How To Find Girlfriend's Ring Size Secretly Without Asking Her [Engagement Ring Guide]


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How To Find Girlfriend's Ring Size Secretly Without Asking Her [Engagement Ring Guide]

While proposing to your loved one is the most precious moment of your life, it can become quite challenging at times. While slipping a ring on her finger may complete her world, it can give you panic attacks if you plan to bring her a ring secretly. Why you ask? Because, you would surely not know her ring size!

A ‘proposal ring’ is the most prized possession for any girl, therefore it becomes all the more important for the man to keep it perfect in terms of design, style and most importantly, size. However, for those who wish to propose their dream girl as a surprise, it becomes a challenge for them to find out her finger size. So, here we have some handy tips that can help you when you are in a soup!

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#1. Ask her family

There are high chances that someone from her family would know the exact size or can help you to find it out. Target her mom or sister for they would possibly have the maximum knowledge. This would ensure that you select the ring of her choice as her family would probably know her taste better than you.

#2. Ask her friends


While asking your girlfriend would disclose the entire surprise, let her best friend do the detectivegiri. Her best friend asking for her ring size would not make it an absurd question. Also, it will not be difficult for her friend to do that as girls usually talk about such stuff. Tell her to be natural and ask it randomly while chatting.

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#3. Try and elicit it from her yourself

Strike a conversation on the topic of sizes of outfits and jewellery. You can discuss how much weight she has lost or gained (that is dangerous territory though!). Be careful enough not to not let the cat out of the bag! A good time to ask is while watching TV, especially when some jewellery commercial comes up. Do not make it obvious for her to guess it by asking a few days before the engagement. Do it much before that.

#4. Match your finger with her


You hold her hand, don’t you? (Start doing so if you do not already) The next time you do it, be very observant while holding her hands so that you can get an idea about her ring size.

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#5. Give her another ring

While you are on a casual date, try gifting her a ring. Take her to a jewellery store or an accessory shop and ask her to try rings. This exercise will help you in getting an idea of both her ring size and her taste in jewellery.

#6. Sleeping beauty

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Tie a thick thread around her finger while your beauty is sleeping. Be careful to not to wake her up. Keep that thread very carefully, the knot should not get displaced so you do not waste your efforts. Remember to do this with her left hand only, as sizes of both the hands differ. The size our fingers change in different weathers, so do not take her size if it is too humid or too chilly out there.

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#7. Steal her ring


This is the best way to get the perfect size. Nothing can beat her own ring as a reference. Borrow a ring from her jewellery box, without her knowing about it. Be quick to use it as your reference for the engagement ring. Once done, keep it back there at the earliest lest she gets to know something is fishy!

#8. Do not steal, draw it

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If you cannot steal it, trace one of her rings on a sheet of paper. Draw a circle using the ring as a stencil. Repeat it 3-4 times to make sure your drawing is correct. It may take some time to get it right, so do it when you are sure that she is not around.

#9. Go on a random accessory shopping spree

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Take her out for shopping! You will have to spend some more money there, but never mind! Hit the jewellery showroom and tell her to try rings, just for fun. Do note down the size of the ring that fits her best. To make it look more real, slip the ring on her finger yourself, saying that you are probably practising for the real day.  This way you would secretly know her choice of ring too! Smart, isn’t it? Imagine her smile when you give her the same ring on the D-day.

#10. Make something up to get her suggestion


Tell her you want to buy a ring for someone else in your family, ask her to be the model for it. Make her try different rings and note the perfect size. Act as natural as you can.

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All the above ideas are quite promising. In case you are still not sure of the ring size you are buying for her, it is advisable that you buy a bigger size as it is easier to reduce the size of a ring. It would be great if you know her choice, but no worries even if you do not! Any gift from you would be a delight for her. Happy impressing!

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