Significance Of Your Wedding Ring And What It Says About Your Marriage

Significance Of Your Wedding Ring And What It Says About Your Marriage

A wedding ring is a symbol of love that strengthens the bond between couples and binds them till eternity. It reminds them of their sacred union as a couple, and helps them nurture their relationship. But, an interesting fact about it is that it has the power to reveal what your marriage means to you. Whether your ring is a gold or platinum one, each has a story to tell. 

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And, when it comes to diamonds, 4 things reveal its worth as well as what it has to do with your marriage, them being; colour, cut, clarity and carat weight.

Here are the amazing yet true facts that a diamond wedding ring reveals about a marriage.

#1. Colour of the diamond

The simple fact about this is that the value of the diamond can be determined by its clarity and its being colourless.

In a marriage, colour symbolises purity. Like the colour of the diamond, a marriage should be pure, transparent, blemish-free, and without any pretentions.

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Purity in the institution of marriage is how faithful you are to each other without any expectations. You love each other for what you both really are, and each other’s happiness is what matters to you the most.

#2. Cut of the diamond

This is the most crucial aspect of the value of the diamond as better the cut, more stunning it looks. Wondering how?

Well, the reason behind this is that better angles allow the rays of light to properly reflect through the diamond. In the case of a marriage, the correlation between the two is of striking a balance.

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As for a diamond, it is important to reflect light at specific angles, in the same way; in a marriage it is crucial for both the partners to maintain a balance. Things that drift you apart and bad habits should be cut out from your lives. Along with following your own interest, balance out things by doing what your spouse enjoys to do as well.

Strive to make the right cut for a long-lasting and happy marriage.

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#3. The clarity

The clarity of a diamond determines how flawless it is. These flaws can very rarely be seen without a microscope.

In a marriage, clarity means to accept your partner with not only all the positive points, but with all their flaws as well.

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Another meaning of clarity here is to have a source of clarity in your life, someone or something that helps you clear your mind and guide you in the right direction to strengthen your marriage. This source could be a hobby, religion, a good friend or a vacation.

#4. The carat weight

The value of the diamond is also determined by its carat weight. In a marriage however, it means to set your priorities in order of their weightage.

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Decide what matters to your partner more. Do things that bring happiness to him or her. Caring for your loved ones a little more than yourself is a good thing.

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Good diamonds are rare, exquisite and priceless, and so are marriages. Nurture them and value them. Be faithful, respect each other and set priorities to stick by them, no matter what.

Let your marriage shine as radiantly and gracefully as a beautiful diamond.

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