Significance Of Your Wedding/Engagement Ring And This Is What It Says About Your Marriage


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Significance Of Your Wedding/Engagement Ring And This Is What It Says About Your Marriage

A wedding ring is a symbol of love that strengthens the bond between couples and binds them till eternity. It reminds them of their sacred union as a couple and helps them nurture their relationship. But, an interesting fact about it is that it has the power to reveal what your marriage means to you. Whether your ring is a gold, diamond or a platinum one, each has a story to tell. But before telling you what your wedding ring reveals about your marriage, first let us tell you why it is worn on the left hand! 

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bollywood actresses Kareena Kapoor engagement ring

Ask any movie buff, he/she would know the answer to the question, ‘Why do we wear the wedding ring on the left hand?’ We are sure you all must have seen Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol’s iconic YRF film, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. Now if you remember, before the engagement ceremony when Kajol and SRK meet at the terrace, she explains him the answer for this. From what it is believed, wedding rings are worn on the left hand because the vein in the ring finger (the fourth finger) on the left-hand runs directly to one's heart. The vein is also called the ‘vein of love’! Wedding rings on the ring finger of the left hand is to solidify the union of two souls with their hearts connected. Now, here are the amazing yet true facts that a wedding ring reveals about a marriage.

#1. Diamond ring

bollywood actresses Shilpa Shetty engagement ring

When it comes to diamonds, 4 things reveal its worth as well as what it has to do with your marriage, them being; colour, cut, clarity and carat weight.

Colour of the diamond

bollywood actresses Genelia DSouza engagement ring

The simple fact about this is that the value of the diamond can be determined by its clarity and it being colourless. In a marriage, colour symbolises purity. Like the colour of the diamond, a marriage should be pure, transparent, blemish-free, and without any pretentions.

Purity in the institution of marriage is how faithful you are to each other without any expectations. You love each other for what you both really are, and each other’s happiness is what matters to you the most.

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Cut of the diamond

Asin Thottumkal engagement ring

This is the most crucial aspect of the value of the diamond as better the cut, more stunning it looks. Wondering how? Well, the reason behind this is that better angles allow the rays of light to properly reflect through the diamond. In the case of a marriage, the correlation between the two is of striking a balance.

As for a diamond, it is important to reflect light at specific angles, in the same way; in a marriage, it is crucial for both the partners to maintain a balance. Things that drive you apart and bad habits should be cut out of your lives. Along with following your own interest, balance out things by doing what your spouse enjoys to do as well. Strive to make the right cut for a long-lasting and happy marriage.

The clarity

The clarity of a diamond determines how flawless it is. These flaws can very rarely be seen without a microscope.

In a marriage, clarity means to accept your partner with not only all the positive points but with all their flaws as well. Another meaning of clarity here is to have a source of clarity in your life, someone or something that helps you clear your mind and guide you in the right direction to strengthen your marriage. This source could be a hobby, religion, a good friend or a vacation.

The carat weight

jab tak hai jaan

The value of the diamond is also determined by its carat weight. In a marriage, however, it means to set your priorities in order of their weight.

Decide what matters to your partner more. Do things that bring happiness to him or her. Caring for your loved ones a little more than yourself is a good thing.

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#2. Gold ring

Image Courtesy: Faizan Patel Photography

Image Courtesy: Faizan Patel Photography

A simple and elegant gold band is a common choice for the couples for their wedding rings. It is mostly liked by one and all for its simplicity and grace. It shows that you’re traditional in your beliefs.

In a marriage, a gold ring signifies that you’re a believer of traditional notions of how a marriage should work and love to give a desi touch to your married life.

#3. A dash of colour

bollywood actresses Vidya Balan engagement ring

Adding a splash of colour to your wedding ring might say a lot about your marriage. The colour of the stone of your wedding ring about your nature and behaviour with your spouse.

  • Red Stone - Symbolizes the unity of passion and serenity
  • Aquamarine Stone - Symbolizes courage and communication
  • Blue Sapphire - Symbolizes honesty and loyalty
  • Champagne Diamond - Symbolizes commitment to always find reasons to celebrate together and be each other's biggest cheerleader
  • Citrine - Symbolizes happiness and prosperity
  • Emerald - Symbolizes a happy and successful marriage
  • Moonstone – Symbolizes an eternity of love
  • Opal - Symbolizes desire and passion, love and loyalty
  • Pink Diamond - Symbolizes love and creativity
  • Rose Quartz - Symbolizes unconditional love, highest and most loving energies
  • Ruby - Symbolizes passionate love
  • White Diamonds - Symbolizes pure love

#4. Family heirloom

Neha Dhupia

There are so many guys who prefer to propose the love of their lives with a ring that has been passed on through generations in their family. The family wedding ring symbolizes the importance of heritage and values.

In a marriage, it signifies that the bride considers her new family as her own and the connection between them will go far deeper than just a marriage certificate.

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#5. Multi-stone

round engagement rings

A wedding ring with multi-stones might indicate one of the two things that a marriage represents. It signifies that a marriage is complex, not in a negative way, but the couple loves to express their love for each other in different ways. 

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#6. The ‘wrong’ ring

Image Courtesy: Mahima Bhatia Photography

Image Courtesy: Mahima Bhatia Photography

The last but not the least is the ‘wrong’ ring. As the name suggests and depending on how you both shopped for your wedding rings, you may fall victim to buying a ‘wrong’ one. For example, if your partner went shopping for the wedding ring alone, there are different factors like the size, design etc. of the ring, which would make you regret the whole life.

If you are a victim of the ‘wrong’ ring too, then the ring on your finger will remind you in your married life to communicate with each other on all the decisions of your life.

Good wedding rings are rare, exquisite and priceless, and so are marriages. Nurture them and value them. Be faithful, respect each other and set priorities to stick by them, no matter what. Let your marriage shine as radiantly and gracefully as a beautiful diamond!

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