8 Unique Ways To Put Your Husband's Wedding Ring To Good Use If He Doesn't Wear It


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8 Unique Ways To Put Your Husband's Wedding Ring To Good Use If He Doesn't Wear It

Wedding rings are just so special. They aren't made of gold or platinum, they are made of love and commitment. While women love to wear their wedding rings every day, same cannot be said for men. It's hard to make a man wear his wedding ring daily.

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While you cannot force him to do so, you can definitely put his wedding ring to a better use. Here is how you can reuse your husband's wedding ring that he never wears:

#1. Necklace

Reuse Of Husband Wedding Ring

If you want to put your husband's wedding ring to a good use, go to a jeweller right now and get a necklace built around it. You can use the ring as the centrepiece or get it embedded deep in the design. Keep the ring with you forever in the form of a beautiful necklace.

#2. Pendant

Reuse Of Husband Wedding Ring

One of the most beautiful ways of keeping your husband's love close to your heart is by wearing his ring as a pendant. You can get his ring remade as a pendant or you can take hints from Carrie Bradshaw and just put the ring as it is, in a chain and wear it every day.

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#3. Keyring

Reuse Of Husband Wedding Ring

Husbands can be so fussy about wearing jewellery. If you really want him to keep the wedding ring closer to him, you can use the ring to make a keyring. This is a very stylish way and he would want to take his ring with himself daily in the form of a keyring.

#4. Haath phool

Reuse Of Husband Wedding Ring

Indian women love to wear haath phools. Whether it is a single string or an elaborate one, we can wear haath phool with almost every traditional attire. Replace the ring of yours with haath phool made of your husband's wedding ring and wear it on every happy occasion.

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#5. Hairpin

Reuse Of Husband Wedding Ring

Convert your husband's wedding band into a classic hairpin that you can flaunt at all the important occasions. Don't let that beautiful ring stay inside the case. It deserves more. The ring would be happy to become your crown.

#6. Heirloom

Reuse Of Husband Wedding Ring

Start a tradition and build a beautiful heirloom using your husband's wedding ring. You can use it to make a brooch, a pendant or anything else. You can be as creative as you want to be and get something special and meaningful for your future generation.

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#7. Stacked rings

Reuse Of Husband Wedding Ring

Stacked rings are gorgeous but they do cost a lot. If you want to put your husband's ring to a special use, use it as the main ring in your stacked rings. Not only you will be able to save a lot of money but you will also have a stylish piece of jewellery.

#8. Earrings

Reuse Of Husband Wedding Ring

If your husband's wedding ring is a simple band, you can get it converted into an earring. Simple wedding bands can be replicated easily. Thus, you can have a pair of earrings without spending oodles.

Men can be fussy about wearing jewellery but we know that even if he isn't wearing his wedding band, he is just as committed to you. Take his wedding ring and put it to a better use. That ring deserves to have an audience.

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