7 Things Every Husband Can Do To Take Care Of His Pregnant Wife And Keep Her Happy


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7 Things Every Husband Can Do To Take Care Of His Pregnant Wife And Keep Her Happy

Congratulations!! You are soon-to-be parents. You both must be on cloud nine, and we are sure that as a loving husband, you must be doing your best to pamper her.

Apart from helping your wife in various chores, there is one most important thing which you must do for your wife; and that is to keep her happy. Yes, keeping your wife away from stress is very important for a healthy pregnancy.

And, if you are wondering what all things you can do to keep your pregnant wife happy, just keep on reading.

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#1. Take care of her eating habits


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First and foremost, know her pregnancy eating habits, and always try to keep your kitchen full of things she likes to binge on. This way, neither she nor you will have to rush to the market at the last moment.

#2. Handle her mood swings calmly


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Don’t let her mood swings bring out your bad version. Thanks to changing hormones, she might end up crying, yelling or screaming at almost anything and everything, but you shouldn’t lose your temper. We know it can be difficult sometimes, but keep reminding yourself to be calm and composed. Just listen to her and once she is done, make her sit, talk to her patiently, hug her and kiss her. This will calm her down, and will make her happy from within.

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#3. Show your interest in the baby preparations


Be it doctor’s appointment, buying things for the baby, preparing the baby bag, reading pregnancy books, etc., participate in every activity. Leaving everything to your wife at such a time will make her feel alone, neglected, and maybe stressed. And you definitely do not want that! So, be with her in every step to welcome your little bundle of joy.

#4. Cook her favourite dish


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Surprise her by making her favourite dish. And, if you are one bad cook then order the food from the market. This will definitely make her day.

#5. Plan for a babymoon


Yes, go on a vacation with your wife few months before the due date so that you both can enjoy some ‘us’ moments. A vacation will rejuvenate her, and will give you both a good break from daily chores. However, do take counselling from your doctor before you plan.

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#6. Bond with the bump


Place your hand and talk with the bump. Talk about what all you and your wife have thought about your baby. This will help you to connect with the baby, and she will definitely feel blessed to have you as her partner.

#7. Keep pampering her all the time


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Pamper her every day. Yes, women love to be pampered, especially when they are expecting. So, surprise her with a gift, give her a massage, give her some flowers, say something nice to her every day, tell her she is glowing day by day, express your feelings to her, take her out for romantic dinners, tell her that she is going to be the best mom or any other thing that makes her feel good. These thoughtful gestures of yours might win her heart.

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Women go through a lot during pregnancy, which is why it is really important for their better halves to take good care of them. So, wait no more, and follow these ideas today to see that radiant smile on your wife’s face.

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