Sushmita Sen Posts The Most Beautiful Birthday Wish For The First One Who Called Her 'Maa', Renee

Sushmita Sen’s elder daughter, Renee Sen, was the first one to call her ‘Maa’. She turns 20 today and her elated mommy posted a heartfelt wish for her ‘not so little anymore’ princess.


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Sushmita Sen Posts The Most Beautiful Birthday Wish For The First One Who Called Her 'Maa', Renee

‘Maa’- almost every woman craves to hear this word at least once in their lifetime. Becoming a mum to a little dewdrop of happiness is a wonderful feeling. But who says that you have to conceive to become a mommy? Our stars have time and again given us examples about how you can become a mother without actually having to marry or come under any societal pressure, given that you want/don’t want to. And how beautifully, Sushmita Sen braved through all hurdles and went through bouts of emotional labour to hear the very word ‘Maa’. (Do Read: Janhvi Kapoor Leaves For Singapore To Unveil Mom, Sridevi Kapoor's Wax Statue At Madame Tussauds)

At the tender of age of 24, when we are struggling with our hair and careers, Sushmita Sen set herself (yet again) as an exemplar and adopted her first daughter, Renee, challenging societal norms. Almost a decade later, she adopted her second baby girl, Alisah. And ever since, she has been trying to be the best mother she can for her two daughters. From giving her daughters the best possible life she can, taking them on dreamy holidays, ensuring that her priorities (her daughters), like her beau, Rohman Shawl to teaching them life lessons, one word at Sushmita and you will feel that she is born to be a perfect mom!

Sushmita Sen, Renee and Alisah

And thus, Sushmita Sen’s elder daughter, Renee Sen, also the first one to call her ‘Maa’, turns 20 today and her elated mommy posted a heartfelt wish for her ‘not so little anymore’ princess. Sharing an array of pictures, the wonder woman wrote, “The first one to ever call me Maa... a long & tough labour before she was born from my heart!!! Happppyyyyyy Birthday Renee Shona, WE ARE 20!!!! what a journey its been...and HOW MANY MORE exciting adventures await!!! embrace them all & always remember Alisah & Maa love you like crazzzyyyyyy!! #youaremydestiny enjoyyyyy my first love... all our kisses & blessings, #duggadugga I love you, Maa & Alisah.”



Just 7 days back, on August 28, 2019, Sushmita Sen’s second daughter, Alisah Sen had turned 10. For the same, the doting mommy had posted a heartfelt birthday wish for her baby girl. She had written, “We enter double digits!!!! Happppyyyyy 10th Birthday to the love of my life!!! May God bless this gift called ‘Alisah’ with the best of health, happiness & the courage to be more of herself!!! I love you my Shona Maa!!! We are 10!!!! yessssssss!!! #duggadugga I love you guys!!!!” (Must Read: Trishala Dutt's Comment On Maanayata Dutt's Picture Reveals All Is Good In The Dutt Family)


Sushmita Sen, after a long time, had appeared in an interview with Rajeev Masand. Therein, the actress had bared it all out about meeting Rohman Shawl and adopting her two daughters, Renee and Alisah. During the course of the interview, Rajeev had asked Sushmita about an envelope wherein all the information about Renee’s biological parents have been secretly kept. Revealing more details about the same, Sushmita had shared, “You actually told her that when you turn 18 you can go to court and open that envelope that explains the names of your biological parents and go seek them out if you choose to and I will help you.”

Sushmita Sen, Renee and Alisah

Sushmita had further added, “I told her that we don't know if they have a biological parents name in there right but there is information in that envelope which is only rightfully yours after you turn 18, right, so I didn't want to give her the wrong information because I don't want her to go there and get her heartbroken because they don't have that information about a lot of kids. But I told her 'I'll take you whenever you're ready we must go' and we get it so she said ‘but why do you want me to go find out’, so I said, ‘I am saying you have a right, now that you are an adult to go if you want to go, I'll take you.' So, she gave it a bit like a moment's pause and said, 'Honestly, no I don't want to find out.' I told her, ‘If you do let me know.’”

Sushmita Sen's daughter, Renee turned 18

Sushmita Sen had revealed when she first told Renee about the envelope containing details of her biological parents. She had shared, “I didn't tell her that at 18 actually, I told her that on her 16th birthday huh that now in two years this will come up right, so you can get excited if you want to know and all of that.; By the time she was 18, she was looking at me like 'what's your problem, why do you want to do all these things, I don't want to know’.” Sushmita Sen also added that she wants her daughters to not feel rejected, which is why she has given them an option to know about her biological parents. She shared, “So no touchwood but yeah, I still have this, I don't know, I just I think, I would feel a lot happier knowing that my daughter is secure enough to want to see it, yeah she should see it right you know because there could be information in it that might help her you know for any subconscious thoughts that might have lived with her.” (Also Read: Chhavi Mittal Didn't Know She Had A Fractured Foot During Last Days Of Pregnancy, Shares After-Story)

Renee and Alisah

Sushmita Sen had expressed in an event that she is proud of her 24-year-old self for making ‘the wisest decision’ to adopt. She had remarked, “The wisest decision I made at the age of 24 was to become a mother. It stabilised my life. People think it was a great act of charity and wonderful action but it was self-preservation. It was me protecting myself.” She had added, “Doing something that encompasses your heart, your calling always makes sure that you stay true to your DNA and who you are. Yes, the tough part was to do that at the age of 24-year-old when I was at the top of my game in my career. Being an actress is a challenging job. It is a very self-centred job. You have to be all about yourself. Your vanity has to be at its highest for you to be successful. But I am proud of the 24-year-old because I could have delayed the process, ignore the calling but I didn’t do that.”

Sushmita and her daughters

Having said that, here’s wishing Renee, a very happy birthday!

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