Chhavi Mittal Didn't Know She Had A Fractured Foot During Last Days Of Pregnancy, Shares After-Story

Chhavi Mittal missed out on one major health issue that she didn't take seriously then due to tumults of work on her plate and the repercussions that followed thereafter.


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Chhavi Mittal Didn't Know She Had A Fractured Foot During Last Days Of Pregnancy, Shares After-Story

With most of the newbie mommies being extremely career-oriented these days, they have little or no bandwidth left to take care of themselves after they deliver their munchkin. Many women can’t wait to resume work soon after they come out of labour and one of the very few celeb mommies who comes to our mind when we say this is Chhavi Mittal! The entrepreneur-actor had encountered a tough delivery, but soon after, she went back to work or rather, had started working right from her hospital bed itself! (Do Read: Geeta Phogat And Pawan Kumar Saroha Are Expecting First Child, 'KKK 8' Contestants Congratulate Them)

In a five-post pregnancy journey shared by Chhavi Mittal, she had bared it all out about the horrific pregnancy experience she had. Post which, she got busy with her work, child, fitness and the most important thing, giving mommy goals to everyone! Already a mother of 1 when she had conceived Arham Hussein, her preggy diaries made all the expecting mothers out there believe that pregnancy isn’t an uphill task either. But taking care of oneself during this nascent phase is extremely important and what looks like it, Chhavi missed out on one major health issue that she didn’t take seriously then due to tumults of work on her plate and the repercussions that followed thereafter.

Chhavi Mittal working from hospital bed

Chhavi Mittal took to Instagram and shared a picture of herself with her plastered foot and wrote a note, giving out all the details abut the mishap. Her ‘twice fracture’ story began with, “Fractured foot of a girl vs fractured foot of a mother.. a working mother... A working mother of 2! I fractured my foot in the last few days of my pregnancy. Why I didn't tell anyone then? Well, I didn't know myself! The last few weeks of the pregnancy, as you might recall were super hectic for me. I had to schedule the SIT posts in advance so I could take a couple of weeks off when I delivered, my interior decorators were making it extremely difficult for me to take out time for anything else, I needed to move houses 'before' Arham came so as to protect him from the dust... And there was little @areezahussein who is growing up to be more demanding than ever!”

Chhavi Mittal fractured foot

Chhavi Mittal’s fracture story continued, “I kept limping, thinking it's a sprain. It pained like a b*tch but I decided to be strong through it. The pregnancy swelling made it impossible for me to suspect anything out of the ordinary. Plus X-rays were not allowed. I delivered, and the fracture slowly healed itself.. not correctly though. I continued to have a nagging pain which sprang up upon being pressed or in certain positions. Until last week, when we started shooting for the first upcoming Web Series for the second weekly upload on SIT, 'Yours Cupidly'. I fractured my foot in the same spot again (4th metatarsal bone) and again I continued to walk all day on sets, and went to office everyday, and took care of my responsibilities at home, during the day as well as night." (Must Read: 'Mahadev' Actress Neha Kaul Chooses Hebrew Name For Newborn, Shares Baby's First Complete Picture)

Chhavi Mittal Writes An Encouraging Open-Letter To All Pregnant Moms

Chhavi Mittal’s fracture story concluded with, “The pain increased, and I finally decided to go to the doctor (thank God). My royal ignore got me a royal scolding, and he put me in a cast for a whole month! (I almost felt like he's punishing me and saying, "ab chal ke dikha!"). And the stubborn me, went on sets the very next morning and shot for the upcoming episode of THE BETTER HALF streaming day after! So ya, it's not like I don't want to rest, it's just that I don't have a choice! I have 2 kids, and my work is super demanding too. Am I complaining? Hell no! This is the life I would choose a 100 times over! My latest achievement is a fracture, what's yours, fellow mother?#resilience #mother #motherslife #chhavimittal #fracture #persistence #hardwork #achievement #powerfull #power #strength.”

Chhavi Mittal birth story

It was on May 13, 2019, when Arham Hussein was born to Chhavi Mittal and her hubby, Mohit Hussein. Hardly a fortnight later (June 08, 2019), Chhavi had resumed work with Arham sleeping by her side in a cot. Sharing a glimpse of the same, the newbie mommy had written, “Little Arham and I resumed office this Thursday. It's a place that he's spent most of his time while he was in my tummy... no wonder he was so calm in the midst of discussions, story narrations, meetings. Little entrepreneur in the making completely at home in the office! Oh btw, mommies, don't rush to get back to work after the baby, I'm taking it real slow, with just a few hours at the moment at the time of mine and Arham's convenience. Besides I have created my office extremely comfortable for us. Incidentally, I also feel the most at home in the office! #workmode.” (Also Read: Sushmita Sen Gave The Most Special Gift To Alisah On Her Birthday For Which She Waited For 5 Years)

Chhavi at work

Chhavi, get well soon! Here's sending truckloads of love and strength your way!

Images Courtesy: Chhavi Mittal
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