Orry Reveals Doing 'Weird Jobs', Says He Was A Shoe Salesman At A Mall Before Becoming Famous

Orry has finally revealed what he once did for a living. He recalled being a shoe salesman at a mall and talked about manifesting 'Mohini Roy' from the film 'Bramarama'.


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Orry Reveals Doing 'Weird Jobs', Says He Was A Shoe Salesman At A Mall Before Becoming Famous

Orhan Awatramani, aka Orry, is undoubtedly one of the popular names on social media. The influencer, socialite, and BFF of most Bollywood star kids, often grabs the limelight for his unique one-liners and OTT fashion sense. Moreover, he has become an integral part of Bollywood and is often seen at film screenings, big parties, and whatnot. Recently, Orry was picked by Arhaan Khan and his friends, who had a 10-minute-long talk with him for their show, Dumb Biryani.

Orry shares the reason behind having five phones

As the internet sensation stepped into the car wearing a blue tee, the hosts noticed that Orry was carrying five phones with him and asked him what was the purpose of the same. The social media star remarked that he is an important person and revealed that one of his phones is just for avoiding people. In his words:

“I am an important person. I have five managers. Each phone has a different purpose. One phone is just for avoiding people. I have one phone that I’ll give people the number when I’m out. When they call, I’ll say, ‘Yeah, see it rings’. But I’ll never answer it. That phone’s meant for ignoring dude.”

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Orry talks about the ‘weird jobs’ he used to do once

Ever since Orry became a popular name in the media, the one question that everyone had in their minds was about the social media sensation’s profession. He rose to popularity after he constantly appeared on celebrities’ Instagram posts and he even claimed during his appearance on Bigg Boss 17 that he charges lakhs to pose with the rich and famous in the industry. Now, while talking to Arhaan, Arush and Dev, Orry talked about weird jobs that he did in his life. He revealed being a graphic designer and working in the accounts department. Sharing more about his ‘weird job’, Orry added:

“I’ve been a graphic designer, I’ve done accounts before. I worked at the Steve Madden store at the Palladium. There are probably pictures of me showing people shoes and measuring their feet.” 

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Orry asks people to take a leap and be uncomfortable

Moreover, the youngsters also talked about how comfort is hell. Orry then chipped in and said that being comfortable is the worst thing one can be. He explained his statement by saying that comfort makes people lazy, and they will never push themselves. He asked people to take the leap and be uncomfortable. Orry also mentioned that he started working at a very young age and has been trained in multiple disciplines like piano and karate.

Orry shares he manifested ‘Mohini Roy’ from the film, Bramarama in his life

During the conversation, Orry disclosed that he manifested Mohini Roy in his life after he watched her in the movie, Bramarama. Well, just to be clear, he was talking about Bollywood actress, Mouni Roy’s performance in the Ranbir Kapoor-Alia Bhatt-starred film, Brahmastra. Orry further mentioned that he is not too well-versed in Bollywood movies as he does not speak Hindi much. Recalling how he finally met with Mouni, Orry said:

“I manifested Mohini Roy once, and it worked. I’m not too well-versed in Bollywood movies, because I don’t speak Hindi well, so I usually watch if it’s a really good movie or if my friends are in it. But when I watched Bramarama, and I saw Mohini Roy’s character, I was impressed. I’ve gone to see the movie four times just to watch her scenes. Eventually, one day, my friend Guru Randhawa called me on FaceTime because he was with her, and she FaceTimed me, and eventually she added me on Instagram. I basically manifested Mohini, and now we’re really good friends.”

Check the video here.

What are your thoughts on Orry’s revelations about his profession?

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