Aayush Sharma Recalls A Mean Comment He Got, That Asked Salman Khan To Have 'Launched A Dog Instead'

After his successive underperformance in films plated by Salman Khan, Aayush Sharma recalls the meanest comment he got, which impacted him severely.


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Aayush Sharma Recalls A Mean Comment He Got, That Asked Salman Khan To Have 'Launched A Dog Instead'

Aayush Sharma is one such actor who has often faced prejudice to have been launched and operated by Bollywood’s superstar, Salman Khan. While the latter had surely arranged for the former’s debut under his wing. Nevertheless, Aayush Sharma has struggled to make a name for himself in the competitive film industry. For the unversed, both his debut in 2018 with Loveyatri and his second film, Antim: The Final Truth had immense contributions made by his brother-in-law, Salman Khan. However, when both of them failed to work at the box-office.

Aayush Sharma recalls the meanest comment he got, when someone compared him to a dog

After Aayush failed to impress everyone with two successive films, inspite of the well-plated opportunities given to him, audiences and critics left no stone unturned to slam the young actor. In fact, the bashing went on to the extent that he was even compared to be lesser valued than a dog, which Salman Khan might’ve launched and reaped successes. Recently, in an interview with Siddharth Kannan, Aayush remembered this harsh comment in his life and revealed how he doesn’t want his children to grow up and read ugly things about him. In his words:

“That day is what made me. I was facing a lot of things till then but when I was compared to a dog, that day I had a thought. That when my son grows up and goes on the Internet and reads about his father, (he will read) some person wrote that ‘his father is a dog’ that for me was… When my son and daughter grow up they should read good things about their father. They should be proud of me.”

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Aayush reveals how the comment impacted him in a positive way

Moving forth in the conversation, Aayush stated that while he was certainly taken aback by the amount of hatred such a comment carried, nevertheless, impacted him quite positively, since he immediately took upon to work on himself and build a better version of his self. He expressed:

“And a big portal wrote about me that I am a dog, ‘Aayush Sharma is a dog. Today, I want to thank them, you kicked me to become this person.”


Aayush Sharma revealed why he stepped out from films helmed by Salman Khan

After working in two films helmed by Salman Khan’s production, Aayush Sharma’s upcoming movie, Ruslaan is the first step that the actor took outside of his comfort zone, as it was filmed by a new director. While such a news has definitely been misunderstood by many as some kind of fallout between him and his brother-in-law, Salman Khan, the reality is entirely different. In one of his interactions with Bollywood Hungama, Aayush stated that he took such a step only to explore new opportunities out of his comfort zone.

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Aayush Sharma admitted Salman Khan’s immense contributions to his career

In the same interview, he greatly admitted the immense support that he has received from his superstar brother-in-law, Salman Khan and remarked how deeply he values the same, since it isn’t something which any lame person could get. Adding how he feels that the rest of his journey has to be his own, the actor concluded:

“You don’t get to play such an important role in your second film, in a movie which has Salman. It was not a guest appearance of 5-7 minutes, he was an important character in the film. Somewhere down the line, the story revolves around my character. This opportunity you don’t get (often), but I got it. I have to be grateful, understand that this is the biggest support I can ever get. Now the journey has to be mine.”


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