10 Simple Tips To Keep In Mind Before Buying Your Engagement Ring


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10 Simple Tips To Keep In Mind Before Buying Your Engagement Ring

There’s nothing better than letting your sweetheart know that you are ready to take your relationship to the next level with a perfect engagement ring. But, picking that perfect ring is not so easy. You might get overwhelmed by the myriad options.

To make things easier, we have listed down 10 tips you should keep in mind while hunting for the engagement ring that will outlast your love.

#1. The 4C’s of the diamonds

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Shopping for an engagement ring with absolutely no knowledge about it is suicide. Familiarise yourself with the 4C’s (cut, carat, clarity, and colour) of the diamond, so you don’t end up buying a cheap flashy stone for the price of a diamond. If you are not someone who would read much, then take help from someone who already knows about it and someone you can trust, say a member of your family or your family jeweller. 

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#2. More than money, invest your time

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It’s said that a man should spend at least three months of his salary on buying an engagement ring. Is that really necessary? Of course not. Spend as much as your budget allows you to but, more than that it’s important that you invest your time in searching for a ring that your partner would love. Check out different jewellery stores, browse online or discuss about shopping for a ring with someone who has recently got engaged. You can also do the shopping together provided you have no plans of surprising her.

#3. Engagement ring is not about you

Imagine how disappointed you would feel to find out that the engagement ring you bought with so much of love never left the comfort of the pretty velvet box. This has got nothing to do with the money you spent or the time you invested in looking for the perfect ring. It’s about her. She is the one who would be wearing it, not you. Spy on her preferences in jewelleries or take advice from her BFF/sister. 

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#4. Don’t just buy it, make it yours

An engagement ring is not just another piece of jewellery, it’s much more than that. Let it speak the story of your love and commitment for each other. Think of different ways to give it a personal touch, say for example, a milestone that holds a lot of importance in your relationship or an object that’s symbolic of your love story. The personal touch doesn’t have to stop there, you can get something engraved at a later stage too. Create a ring that’s as beautiful and unique as the relationship it celebrates.

#5. Save more online

Most experts agree that buying an engagement ring online can save you 30-50% of the cost. Why? This is because, unlike the brick and mortar jewellery stores, online-only retailers don’t have to bear the burden of overhead costs associated with running a shop. You can browse through hundreds of designs at your leisure and grab a good deal without compromising on the quality. But, remember to shop online only from a reputed diamond jeweller.

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#6. Make wise purchase decisions

Buying an engagement ring online doesn’t mean you have to settle for whatever’s listed on the website. In fact, you can just buy a loose diamond of your choice and then get it set at a local jeweller. This way you can not only save some money but also add a personal touch to your ring. 

#7. Keep your memories stacked on your finger

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Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Stackable jewelleries are a favourite with most women and since it’s already a trend, why not give your girl a stackable engagement ring. You can add as many rings as you want to create a personal style and change it often to suit an outfit, occasion or your mood. A stackable engagement ring that you can also combine with your wedding band is something that she would definitely appreciate you for.

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#8. Don’t fall for the magical round numbers

Just shaving off a few numbers from the carat, can save you a lot while buying a diamond. The difference between the size of a 0.97 carat and a 1 carat diamond is invisible to the naked eye. So, the difference in size here doesn’t matter, but the price does. The price of a diamond changes by the whole number, so buy a diamond few decimal smaller and you can save yourself a significant amount of money. 

#9. Spend more on stone

Jewellery trends keep changing all the time. It’s wise to spend more on the diamond itself than the setting. After a few years, even if you get bored of the ring you can always give it a new look with different mounting. And out of all the 4C’s, focus on getting the perfect cut, as without an excellent cut the diamond can appear dull. 

#10. Get yourself conflict free diamonds

Diamonds available in the market come from various sources, some are legitimate and reliable while some are not. Conflict diamonds, also known as blood diamonds, contribute towards military action, worker exploitation and human rights abuse. An engagement ring that has caused misery to others can not be a source of happiness for your love. So, while purchasing your diamond, make sure that it comes with Kimberley Process certification showing that the diamonds have been sourced ethically.

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We hope these jewellery buying tips will help you get the perfect bling for your sweetheart that she deserves.