Salman Khan's 'Suryavanshi' Co-Star, Sheeba's Simple Yet Inspiring Love Story With Akashdeep Sabir

Bollywood actress, Sheeba found love in her director, Akashdeep Sabir, who directed her in the 1994 film, 'Pyar Ka Rog'. Here's a sneak peek into Sheeba and Akashdeep's love story.


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Salman Khan's 'Suryavanshi' Co-Star, Sheeba's Simple Yet Inspiring Love Story With Akashdeep Sabir

More than a decade ago, Anushka Sharma as Shruti Seth had made us believe in the cons of mixing love and work as she claimed, ‘Jiske Saath Vyapaar Karo, Usse Kabhi Na Pyaar Karo… Pyaar Vyapaar Ki Jodi Kabhi Nahi Baithti’ until she herself fell in love with her business partner, Bittoo Sharma in the film, Band Baaja Baaraat. Just like the movie, we have witnessed a lot of celebrities, falling in love with their co-star, while working together on a project. Not just the ones, who romance their co-actor, but some celebrities fall in love with their directors or producers as well. And today, we will be giving you a sneak peek into one such love story of Sheeba and Akashdeep Sabir.

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Sheeba has primarily worked in Hindi films after making her debut in 1991 with the movie, Yeh Aag Kab Bujhegi. In 2003, Sheeba made her television debut with the serial, Karishma - The Miracles of Destiny and was last seen in SET India show, Haasil. A few years into the film industry, Sheeba found love in her director, Akashdeep Sabir, who directed her in the 1994 film, Pyar Ka Rog. After dating for some time, Sheeba and Akashdeep had tied the knot on November 27, 1996. The couple is proud parents to two kids, Hriday Sabir and Bhavishya Sabir.

Sheeba, Akashdeep Sabir, Hriday Sabir and Bhavishya Sabir

It was for the shoot of Pyar Ka Rog when actress, Sheeba had met director, Akashdeep Sabir for the first time and the couple became good friends. During their next collaboration, Miss 420, when Cupid had struck them with its sharpest love arrow. Initially, when everyone on the sets used to gossip about them, it would upset Sheeba but soon she had realised that as long as her relationship is not affecting her work, she shouldn't let such talks affect her personal life. Sheeba and Akashdeep were both Punjabis and their respective parents' trusted their decision, so, there was no opposition from families. After dating for seven months, Sheeba and Akashdeep got married.

Sheeba and Akashdeep Sabir's Love Story

Sheeba and Akashdeep Sabir

Speaking about their love story and the secret of their happy married life in a throwback interview with the ShaadiTimes, Sheeba and Akashdeep Sabir had spilt beans on their relationship. Revealing what attracted her towards Akashdeep, Sheeba had said:

"We became good friends, but it was only later when we went to Goa for shooting the film, Miss 420 that the flame of love was ignited. I was attracted by his sense of humour and easy-going nature. I was apprehensive in the beginning. It upset me when people on the sets talked about us. However, I realised that as long as it did not affect my work, it was nobody's business to interfere with my life."

Sheeba and Akashdeep Sabir

Elaborating on his love for Sheeba's resolute character and traditional values, Akashdeep Sabir had continued:

"I enjoyed working with her. Moreover, professionally we got along well and had lot of fun on the sets. In the process, I fell in love with her. Behind the modern fashionable woman was an innocent child, who mesmerised me."

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Sheeba and Akashdeep Sabir's Marriage

Sheeba and Akashdeep Sabir

Describing their memorable wedding, which was a week-long affair, at a five-star hotel in Mumbai, and revealing their honeymoon location, Sheeba had elaborated:

"My parents did not oppose our relationship, as they believed in me. They trusted that I would never get into a relationship with my eyes closed. The fact that both were Punjabis made things easier. After seven months of courtship, we got married on November 27, 1996. We booked three floors of Hotel Horizon in Mumbai for an entire week. Both our families stayed in the hotel, itself. Besides the wedding we had all the other ceremonies like the sangeet, the haldi and the cocktail party at the hotel. Both the families bonded so well that it was difficult to recognise who belonged to the bride's family and who belonged to the groom's. We went to the Gold coast in Australia as backpackers for our honeymoon."

Sheeba and Akashdeep Sabir on Importance of Family

Sheeba, Akashdeep Sabir, Hriday Sabir and Bhavishya Sabir

Post-wedding, Sheeba and Akashdeep Sabir have worked together on the show, Karishma - The Miracles of Destiny and revealing that they had very intellectual interactions, he had said:

"Professionally, we have a very intelligent interaction when we discuss about our serial, Karishma. On the sets, she is an actress and I am her director. So, I have all the authority to reprimand her but once home, she is the boss."

Sheeba and Akashdeep Sabir

Sheeba and Akashdeep Sabir had lived as a nuclear unit post-wedding for five years and were later moved into a joint family setup. Discussing the advantages of living in a joint family, Sheeba had stated:

"But I am glad, that we can have a healthy personal and professional conversation. I wonder why today's generation goes ga-ga over a nuclear family. For five years after marriage, we were a nuclear unit, but the kind of happiness I got in the last two years, staying with my in-laws, has been overwhelming. I can go to work leaving my children behind, assured that they will be well looked after."

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Sheeba and Akashdeep Sabir – Opposite Attract

Sheeba and Akashdeep Sabir

There has always been a debate over the cliched phrase 'opposites attract'. For some, it becomes a challenge to make their relationship work. But Sheeba and Akashdeep Sabir believe that the beauty of their relationship is their diverse temperaments. If Sheeba is short-tempered, Akash complements her by staying cool. Sheeba had explained:

"One lesson I have learnt from Akash, is to be patient and tolerant. He has the ability to take in his stride any difficult situation by remaining calm and composed. When we fight, we ignore each other for sometime and then one of us patches up by saying, 'sorry'. We do not believe that marriage is about giving and taking; it is about equality, about losing some and gaining some."

Sheeba and Akashdeep Sabir

Expressing his views on how in a relationship, the outward qualities can differ but deep down, the soul should connect to make it work, Akashdeep Sabir had added:

"The outward qualities may be different but deep down you need to connect. You need to have similar values and similar mindset to fulfil the marital bond. The relationship can survive only when the foundation does not shake even in adversity."

Sheeba and Akashdeep Sabir's Post-Marriage Life

Sheeba and Akashdeep Sabir

It is often expected from women to manage their family life and home with their professional work. Fortunately, in Sheeba and Akashdeep Sabir's case, he isn't a male chauvinist and understands the pressure of her demanding work. Praising Akashdeep for managing home and children when she is working a double shift, Sheeba had remarked:

"Akash isn't a male chauvinist who would expect me to do all household chores or get angry if I came home late from work. We understand the pressures of work as we both belong to the same profession. In the glamour industry, you have to make an extra effort to understand the demands of work and the erratic timings. You have to be mature and tolerant. Akash is quite mature. Not only does he understand the pressures of my job, but he also takes care of the home and children when I am working in a double shift."

Sheeba and Akashdeep Sabir

Acknowledging their happily married life, without a comprise on any issue and how it had only grown stronger, Akashdeep Sabir had said:

"Till today, we have never compromised on any issues. We have been dear friends, and after becoming proud parents of our two sons Hriday and Bhavishya, our friendship has only grown stronger. We have never nagged each other for space or for making adjustments."

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Sheeba and Akashdeep Sabir's Secret to Happy Married Life

Sheeba, Akashdeep Sabir, Hriday Sabir and Bhavishya Sabir

No relationship or marriage is perfect, and over the years, couples figure out their ways to make it work and lead a happy life together. Everyone dreams of an ideal life partner and perfect relationship but maintaining a happy marriage is easier said than done. Akashdeep Sabir had revealed what made his marriage with Sheeba work:

"Trust, compatibility, understanding and bonding are essential to make a marriage work. And these are just not words; one has to incorporate these qualities. Sheeba has never accused me of coming home late or has doubted my loyalty to her. I admire her strong individuality, but I admire her thoughtfulness as the lady of the house and a mother, even more."

Sheeba and Akashdeep Sabir

On the other hand, for Sheeba, acceptance is a prerequisite for marriage. She had said:

"When you truly love someone, you have to love him as a whole package - his physical being, his emotional self and his dreams. You should choose to support his dreams and respect him. You cannot judge or reject him because of some personality traits you don't approve of. That is the beauty of being a couple. Both the partners are entitled to their own decisions, hobbies and goals."

Sheeba and Akashdeep Sabir's love story is beautiful, simple and yet profound. In an era, where relationships break because of ego and trivial matters, Sheeba and Akashdeep prove love is just about the small moments of togetherness. Love and relationship evolve in the simplest of moments shared with your partner and Sheeba and Akashdeep's journey of togetherness proves it!

Images Courtesy: Sheeba, Akashdeep Sabir

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