53 Questions You Can Ask Your Partner During Courtship, Instead Of 'Khaane Mein Kya Khaaya'


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53 Questions You Can Ask Your Partner During Courtship, Instead Of 'Khaane Mein Kya Khaaya'

The courtship period is one of the most romantic, memorable and cherished moments in any couple’s life before getting hitched. Especially so in an arranged marriage set-up where the couple is new to each other, this is the time to get to know each other thoroughly without any strings holding them back.

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But easier said than done, it is sometimes quite difficult to start up a conversation with someone new or even think of new topics to talk about. So, we make the job easier for you by getting you some interesting, meaningful yet fun conversation starter questions for your courtship conversations!

Courtship Period

Questions for the initial days

#1. What things do you enjoy doing the most during your free time?

#2. Do you like to travel?

#3. Which places have you travelled to so far?

#4. Tell me something about your friends!

Couples In Courtship Period

#5. What are all your funny, cute and weird nicknames?

#6. Do you have a huge extended family?

#7. Tell me more about extended family!

#8. Are you into reading? What kind of books are you into?

#9. Do you workout?

Couples In Courtship Period

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#10. Do you cook? What all?

#11. Do you have pets?

#12. Do you love watching movies?

#13. Do you have a favourite song?

#14. Would you like to shake a leg on the wedding day?

#15. Do you have a tattoo?

Couples In Courtship Period

#16. Are you a cleanliness freak?

#17. What is the one thing you always did as a kid?

#18. What’s your fondest childhood memory?

#19. What are your views on shopping?

Couples In Courtship Period

#20. What is one thing that you absolutely dread to happen?

#21. Do you believe in grand celebrations or quite and intimate ones?

#22. How was your upbringing and childhood like?

#23. Do you have a bucket list and what all have you ticked off from it till now?

Couples In Courtship Period

Questions for when the ice has melted

#1. What is your equation with your parents?

#2. What do you love about your parents?

#3. How many relationships have you had in the past?

#4. Were any of them serious ones? What happened then?

#5. Do you believe in planning for the future or just living in the moment and taking each day as it comes?

Couples In Courtship Period

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#6. Do you believe in savings?

#7. Do you have any scars on your body and if you do, how did you get them?

#8. Do you like your job?

#9. Have you ever thought of doing or starting something of your own?

#10. What for you is your dream job?

Couples In Courtship Period

#11. Tell me more about your siblings and the rapport you share with them.

#12. Who are your ‘forever people’?

#13. Do you feel insecure? Of what?

#14. What is a perfect relationship for you?

#15. What’s your office environment like?

#16. Where would you want to go for the honeymoon?

Couples In Courtship Period

#17. Have you ever thought of relocating?

#18. What is the one thing you have always wanted to do and why haven’t you done it till now?

#19. Do you believe in God?

#20. What is the one thing you hate about me?

#21. Would you ever want me to change?

#22. Do you want to spend your life in this same city forever?

Couples In Courtship Period

#23. Let us tell each other what we like about the other!

#24. Do you like children?

#25. How many children of your own would you want?

#26. Have you thought of a perfect time to start a family?

Couples In Courtship Period

#27. What is the perfect family to you?

#28. Would you want me to continue my work after marriage too?

#29. Do you like my friends?

#30. What’s the one thing you would never want to change about me?

Couples In Courtship Period

Well, we are sure that these questions will keep you covered for your entire courtship period, and help you to get to know your fiancé better in the best possible way. So, let the conversations begin!!!

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