Famous Bollywood Actress Poonam Dhillon And Her Tragic Love Life


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Famous Bollywood Actress Poonam Dhillon And Her Tragic Love Life

Poonam Dhillon's life changed in 1978 when she won the Miss Young India crown. She shot to fame overnight. From her debut hit, Trishul, directed by Yash Chopra to her recent flick, Double The Trouble, Poonam Dhillon has acted in more than 80 movies.

What started as a dream became her destiny but Poonam's journey in the entertainment industry has been more than just the work. Today, we will throw some light on her Bollywood love life which saw many ups and downs.

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Noor in 'Noorie'

Poonam Dhillon Love Life

After the success of Trishul, many directors wanted to work with Poonam, but it was Ramesh Talwar who got the opportunity to do so. He had always envisioned Poonam as the protagonist of his film, Noorie. He proposed the idea to Yash Chopra and the movie started building up. During the course of the movie, Ramesh and Poonam became good friends. Soon, Ramesh lost his heart to Poonam and bought a bungalow for her when she decided to stay in Mumbai.

Poonam Dhillon Love Life

It is said that it was Ramesh who was head over heels in love with Poonam while she always considered him as her good friend. She was even linked with Yash Chopra. Poonam rubbished off the gossip of her link-up with Yash Chopra and said that it was disgraceful to link her with him. She realised that Ramesh had feelings for her. She thought that it would be better to keep her distance from the filmmaker and cut-off ties with him.

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The other man

Poonam Dhillon Love Life

It was in the 1980s when Poonam Dhillon saw the peak of her success. It was also the time when she became friends with Raj Sippy. Raj and Poonam met while shooting for a movie. Poonam fell for the director who was already married to someone else. Her relationship with Raj became the talk of the town. Poonam wanted to marry Raj but he wasn't sure about leaving his family for her. Poonam didn't want to play 'the other woman' in Raj's life and parted ways with him.

Tying the knot

Poonam Dhillon Love Life

The year 1988 brought many changes in Poonam's life. She broke up with Raj and a few months later, she lost her father. In the same year, she met her future husband and got married. She was at a friend's farmhouse for Holi celebration but was sitting in a corner as she was mourning the loss of her father. It was then that Ashok Thakeria noticed her. The producer was mesmerised by her beauty. He wanted to cheer up Poonam and poured a bucket of water on her. Poonam was taken aback but liked his gesture.

Poonam Dhillon Love Life

Ashok started sending flowers to her. Soon they got close and it was in the same year that they got hitched. Poonam's well-wishers were apprehensive about her decision as they thought that it was Poonam's rebound period. According to them, she took the decision of getting married in haste.

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The rocky road

Poonam Dhillon Love Life

Poonam took a break from work after getting married to Ashok Thakeria. The couple was blessed with a son and then with a daughter. Two years after getting hitched, Ashok got busy with her work and Poonam found herself missing the entertainment world. She started working on the silver screen but that wasn't enough for her.

Poonam Dhillon Love Life

In 1994, Ashok had an extramarital affair and that's when the marriage actually started to crumble. Poonam didn't try to hide her husband's doing and had an extramarital affair herself to give her husband a dose of his own medicine. In 1997, Poonam filed for a divorce and got the custody of her kids.

The show must go on

Poonam Dhillon Love Life

After a facing a rough patch in her life, Poonam picked herself again because the show must go on. She started her own business and took care of her children. She participated in Bigg Boss and did films as well. By 2010, she was back in form and hasn't looked back since then.

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Poonam Dhillon might have seen the ugly side of life but with her courage and determination, she was able to stand the test of the time. She is an epitome of strength and we hope that she sees nothing but the sunshine in her life.

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