When Piyush Mishra Told His Wife That He Brought Girls Home In Her Absence, Said, 'Main Neech Tha'

'Gangs of Wasseypur' actor, Piyush Mishra had a troubled marital life with his wife, Priya Narayanan for many years but there was one moment that had changed it all. Find out!


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When Piyush Mishra Told His Wife That He Brought Girls Home In Her Absence, Said, 'Main Neech Tha'

One of the most iconic actors of all-time, an exceptionally versatile lyricist, a thought-provoking writer, and a cinematic genius, Piyush Mishra is a man of many talents. But it is his 'brutally honest' nature for which he is extremely popular among the young audience. Whether it's about talking about the existence of nepotism and groupism in the industry or talking about his own guilts and faults, Piyush ji is a man, who had transformed himself from being a corrupt and jealous individual to a humble person. The actor had made a name for himself in the industry with his ground-breaking performances in movies like Black Friday, Maqbool, Gulaal, Gangs of Wasseypur, The Shaukeens, Rockstar, Tamasha, Pink, JL50, and the list goes on. (Recommended Read: When Amrish Puri's Son, Rajeev Puri Had Revealed His Father's Words During His Last Days)

However, not a lot of people are aware of his personal life and the kind of shift he had made in his life with the help of his wife, Priya Narayanan, whom he had gotten married to, back in 1995. For the first time, the couple had met on the sets of their play and had instantly fallen in love with each other. But there's still a big unheard and unexplored part of Piyush ji's life that is one of the many reasons, why he is appreciated, adored and loved by millions of people out there. Scroll down to know it all!

It was in the year 2014, when in an interview with the Bombay Times, legendary actor and writer, Piyush Mishra had talked about his marital life with his wife, Priya Narayanan and how the initial years were simply nightmarish for his wife. The actor had honestly bared his heart out and had stated that he was a man with no morale and was dipped deep in alcohol. Piyush ji had also revealed that because he was severely alcoholic, he had started saying bad things to girls during parties and events. It was an extremely torrid phase of his life, but his wife, Priya had taken the grip of his life and in 2006, she had taken Piyush ji to an organisation. He had said, "The real problem was that I was a ganda, neech person who was morally corrupt. Priya observed everything with a lot of patience and took me to an organisation in 2006 for treatment. I was not caring about either my wife or my older son. I cried, thinking about how I had mistreated my mother and my wife."

Going further in his interview, Piyush Mishra had stated that his wife's decision to send him to Vipassana in Igatpuri in 2010 had helped him to the core of his soul. The actor had revealed that he had suffered pain initially, then had a self-guilt trip, but at the end of it, he had said sorry to all those people he had hurt one by one. When his wife's turn had come, it was the most difficult one for Piyush ji as he had done way too many bad things to his wife. He had revealed, "I told her how many girls I had brought into the house in her absence. It was very difficult for her, and it took time, but today, I feel so light. She was very tolerant, and she knows everything in and out now." (Don't Miss: When Groom Abhishek Bachchan Twinned And Posed On Ghodi With 'Sarbala', Agastya Nanda At His Baaraat)

Piyush Mishra had also heaped heavy praises on his wife, Priya Narayanan, and had accepted the fact proudly that she had always supported him and had never given up on him. After all these years, the actor had stated that now he had understood the importance of his family in his life. Piyush ji had also stated that he had kidnapped Priya from her home for their marriage. He had said, "Priya has been not just my emotional anchor, she was doing everything for me while I was torturing her. I had kidnapped her from her home in Chennai to get married, and she had left everything behind just to marry me. All through Delhi, I was doing nothing. It's only after coming to Mumbai that I understood what it means to earn." At the end of the interview, Piyush ji had stated that he is now a much-balanced person and his life's topmost priority is to keep his family happy. Because of him, they have suffered a lot, and now he wants to make them happy. (Also Read: Hema Malini Kisses Her Newborn Daughter, Esha Deol In This Unseen Black-And-White Picture)

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