Are 'Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan' Fame Niti Taylor And Parth Samthaan More Than 'Good Friends'?


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Are 'Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan' Fame Niti Taylor And Parth Samthaan More Than 'Good Friends'?

Although some of you do love daily soaps, but certain series by, about and for youth is gaining tremendous popularity these days. More so, because the realistic problems and situations showcased in the show, is something that we all can resonate with. For today’s ‘Thursday Thoughts’, how about some gossip from one MTV’s cult youth show, Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan? (Do Read: Reportedly, Shah Rukh Khan Will Perform At Akash Ambani And Shloka Mehta's Engagement Party)

To all those, who just experienced an adrenaline rush the moment we said, Kaisi Yeh Yaariaa, surely goes gaga over the sizzling chemistry of their favourite youth jodi, Manik and Nandini, a.k.a, Niti Taylor and Parth Samthaan. Also, did their reel-life togetherness make you wish for their real-life togetherness as well? So guys, you will not be disappointed to read this article then!

Niti and Parth

You all know that MTV is back with the third season of Kaisi Yeh Yaariaa and you can’t be happier! More so, because you will get to see your Manik and Nandini together again. By the way we do have some news about what might be brewing in their personal life as well. Pssst! The two might be engaging in some real life ‘lovey-dovey’ as well. How do we know? Their social media activities tell us so. (Checkout! Amidst Break Up Rumours, Shivangi Joshi And Mohsin Khan Made An Appearance Together At Gold Awards)

Recently, Niti uploaded a picture of herself in a white bridal wear, where she looked stunning with a maang-teeka and a close-up of her face. What was even more fascinating was the caption of the picture, which said, “I just want to be the girl you talk about, the only one you couldn’t live without.. to be the one who makes your heart beat crazy and for you to say to your boys “she’s my babynee”- P.S You know who you R #guys#keep#guessing#iloveit#staybeautiful.” You all know who calls her ‘babynee’, right? Yes? Aha!

Niti Taylor

A few days back, Parth took to Instagram and posted some close-up dashing pictures of himself and captioned the picture as, “We try to hide our feelings ,
But we forgot that our eyes speak as well ! #random_click #traveldiaries.” Gotcha! Any potential dating scene for them guys?

Parth Samthaan

The ‘reel-life’ couple had apparently fallen apart and their fans were the ones who missed them the most. But, thankfully they have realised not to let personal woes hamper work and decided to be back like never before. In an interview with The Indian Express, Parth had shared, “Before we started, we discussed whatever issues we had and decided that we will start afresh, so that work doesn’t get hampered. We are young people and all we want is to bring positivity around us. You can be cold, negative and bothered about people and situations but you can’t carry the baggage for years. There has to come a point, where you need to let it go. It will only make you a better person.” (Also Read: Ex-Couple Narayani Shastri And Gaurav Chopra Dance On A Romantic Number, Video Inside!)

Niti and Parth

Even Niti had some thoughts to share about her ‘once again’ camaraderie between her and her co-star. At an interview, she shared, “See, we both are really young and such things do happen when you work together. But unlike what was rumoured to be there was never a big issue between us. After a break, when we got back together, we chose to focus on work than what happened in past.”

This is a sign of some serious maturity. However, Niti and Parth, we would very much like to see the both of you together as a real-life couple. Is that happening sometime soon? Don’t keep us waiting!

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