Roadies Xtreme's, DJ Nikhil Chinapa And Wife DJ Pearl Blessed With Their First Child


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Roadies Xtreme's, DJ Nikhil Chinapa And Wife DJ Pearl Blessed With Their First Child

Nikhil Chinapa, who is currently one of the gang leaders of Roadies Xtreme, is on cloud nine. He is now a proud father of a baby girl. Yes! His DJ wife, Pearl gave birth to a baby girl on February 24, 2018. 

Wifey took to her Instagram to announce the arrival of her little munchkin. She shared the following picture and beautifully captioned it, “Our princess is here! Daddy got away easy with just one whack during labour! Baby and Mama are having a giggle watching him recover @nikhilchinapa.” Nikhil reposted this and announced the news of his baby in his typical witty style, “She’s fully Coorg + fully Sardarni.” Check out the picture:

Nikhil Chinapa Blessed With Baby Girl

VJ and DJ, Nikhil married DJ Pearl in 2006 after dating her for 6 years. And now, after 12 years of togetherness, Nikhil and Pearl are beaming with joy with a new member in their family. (Also Read: 10 Famous VJs And The People Who Stole Their Hearts)

The arrival of Nikhil’s baby girl has quite been anticipated for long, for two reasons- first it’s been 12 years into their marital life and second, they recently had a cool baby shower. Their good friend, Maria Goretti, shared the pics of their baby shower and in turn, also shared the news of Nikhil’s baby. She posted, “You know @nikhilchinapa and I love you guys. Yup that’s all. #momtobe #dadtobe.” During the baby shower, Nikhil and Pearl were seen wearing ‘Dad To Be’ and ‘Mom To Be’ sashes respectively.

Nikhil Chinapa Blessed With Baby Girl

Recently, Pearl took to her Instagram and shared two pictures related to her pregnancy. The first pic is a book about labour, and she captioned it, “The most beautiful book given to me by my supermom sister @bhav.boesen Just reached the part about labour though. I think I need (a glass of wine emoticon) #womenareheroes #superheroes #andthatsthat.” Then after this, she shared a picture of her with Nikhil and sweetly captioned it, “Having a baby with this beautiful man. Someday we’ll go back to this beach with our little bundle and dance the evening away as we did back then.”

Nikhil Chinapa Blessed With Baby Girl

Wow! Isn’t this amazing? Quite obviously, Nikhil and Pearl, now that their baby girl has arrived, are brimming with happiness. Talking to a media portal once about his relationship with Pearl, Nikhil revealed, “She’s super understanding of my constant travelling and the nature of my job, but isn’t afraid to voice concerns when I take things for granted. We talk about everything – and I mean everything. We don’t just restrict things to small talk and "work". In fact, we avoid discussing work at home.” (You May Like: Newly-Wedded Gaurav Chopra Talks About Reception Plans, Says Even His Exes Are Invited)

Nikhil Chinapa Blessed With Baby Girl

As per a report in Mid-Day, Pearl can be added here, “It's not very different from being a couple in any profession. You understand each other well but are also pulled in different directions, but that's healthy. We're each other's sounding boards and support, and also each other's best, most honest critics. We love sharing music and plans with each other. Most importantly, we understand this industry's challenges and support each other during tough times. It's quite another feeling to be able to share a moment at a club or a festival with your partner, without having to say a word. He just knows.”

Clearly, Nikhil and Pearl make a power and sweet couple, and now we can’t wait to know their baby’s name.

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