Shahid Kapoor's Wife Mira Rajput Thinks He Is 'Little Obsessive' And Needs To 'Calm Down A Bit'


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Shahid Kapoor's Wife Mira Rajput Thinks He Is 'Little Obsessive' And Needs To 'Calm Down A Bit'

Bollywood actor, Shahid Kapoor never shies away from talking about his past experiences and entering into an arranged union. The power couple of the tinsel town - Shahid and Mira, have always made headlines with their adorable social media PDA and romantic dinner dates. (Recommend Read: Kartik Aaryan Finally Agrees For A Coffee Date With Sara Ali Khan, After She Gives Him A Right Swipe)

However, we all know Shahid’s wife Mira is not from the world of glam and glitz but she has climbed her way into the hearts of millions of Shahid’s fans through her frank attitude and unavoidable charm. For instance, on the chat show, Famously Filmfare, Shahid was asked if he is more protective about his children because of the childhood he had and seeing his own parents get divorced. To this, the actor instantly shared what Mira thinks about it. He said, “My wife tells me that I am a little obsessive and protective and that I need to calm down a little bit.”

Shahid further added, “I tell her that she is too casual. Having said that, we try and find the middle ground which I think is good for the kids because you need to have both types of parents. If both are too obsessive or both are too careless I don't think that works, so you need to find that balance.” (Also  Read: Janhvi Kapoor-Khushi Kapoor To Make First Appearance Together On Neha's Show BFFs With Vogue?)

In the same interview, Shahid recalled the first time when he met his wife, Mira. He stated, “It was a lovely evening and light was falling on her face. She just turned towards me and smiled and said something. I was like she is so young but I like her, I thought if something is wrong with me”. Take a look here:

While not many understand the fact that marriage is a constant effort to make it a happily ever after, looks like Shahid and Mira knew what they had signed up for. After 4 years of marriage, the couple is still very much-in-love. For instance, yesterday when Mira shared a picture on her official Instagram account, Shahid instantly replied on her picture with a comment that reads, “Look At the beauty. Lucky to have you in my life.” Check out the picture below:

Mira Rajput

Shahid Kapoor flirts with wife mira

Shahid broke many hearts when he tied the knot with Delhi-based beauty, Mira on July 17, 2015. He once revealed that before marriage, he only met her 3-4 times before they finally agreed to get married. He said, “Mira and I never dated. We just met three to four times and decided to get married. I was about to start shooting for Udta Punjab when I met first met Mira. I remember I went to her house for the first time and I was in the Tommy zone.” (You May Also Like: Avinash Sachdev Talks About Ex-Wife Shalmalee Desai, Says He Doesn't Even Have Her Number)

Shahid further added, “It was adventurous of Mira to agree to marry a guy who looked like Tommy. I also remember telling her — 'I am going to colour my hair.' You should have seen her face. She is this 20-something girl coming out of LSR College and she was like 'What?' And when I told her I am playing a character called Tommy, she said, 'That is not the name of a guy, it is the name of a dog.”

In an earlier interview, Mira revealed, “Shahid is an extremely loving and supportive husband. It comes naturally to him. The smallest things he does make me smile and feel so loved, like when I wake him up in the middle of the night with a foot cramp and he soothes it.” For those who don’t know, Shahid is a doting father and in an interview with Rajeev Masand and Anupama Chopra, he revealed the movies his daughter likes to watch and the kinds of films he would want her to watch. He said, “Only cartoons nursery rhymes and all yaar. Something for her some really great animation film or sound of music or something maybe like you know West Side Story or which is exciting for her as a child to watch because you know you like those kinds of things at that age so I rediscover that with her you know rather than giving us something I like really not my idea of watching a movie with my daughter or whatever she likes and learning to enjoy with her you know.” (Don't Miss: Anushka Sharma Enjoys A Beautiful Day At Austrailian Open 2019 With Her 'Sunny Boy' Virat Kohli)

Well, we cannot wait to see more of this episode! What about you?

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