Married For 18 Yrs Now And Parents To A Boy, Mandira-Raj Prove That Opposites Do Attract


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Married For 18 Yrs Now And Parents To A Boy, Mandira-Raj Prove That Opposites Do Attract

We all know Mandira Bedi. She is an epitome of women empowerment and a full house of talent. But what most of us are unaware of is, that she is also amongst the lucky few who were fortunate enough to find true love. The love story of Mandira and her husband Raj Kaushal will tell you how two opposites became a perfect couple.

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The first meeting

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It was the year 1996 when the future soulmates, Mandira and Raj, met for the first time. Raj was working as Mukul Anand's Chief Assistant and was busy auditioning for a show called Philips 10. By that time, Mandira had already worked in the acclaimed serial, Shanti and the most watched movie of Bollywood, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. Though Raj had seen her work, the first time she noticed Mandira was when she showed up for the audition in a red and white striped t-shirt and khaki pants.

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Raj gushed:

"I was Mukul Anand's chief assistant, and was busy with auditions for a countdown show called Philips Top 10. Mandira was also called for an audition. That's when I saw her for the first time. She was wearing a red and white striped T-shirt and khaki pants. I had seen her in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, but I never really noticed her till then."

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The two started meeting frequently and by the end of 1996, Mandira and Raj were in a steady relationship. They both are complete opposites, but Raj says that within three meetings, he knew that he had found the love of his life. Recalling those days, Raj said:

"We would meet quite frequently at Mukul Anand's house. It took us three meetings before I knew that she was the one."

The attraction

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Other than the fact that both Mandira and Raj are gorgeous people, their friends often wondered what attracted these polar opposites to each other. To this question, the couple has a really sweet reply.

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Mandira ushered:

"He is a basic person, very honest. There is nothing fake about him like people who don masks to hide their true selves. With Raj, it's - what you see is what you get."

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And Raj said:

"Mandira is a cultured, intelligent and beautiful girl. Being from the same industry, she was well aware of how hectic life can be. She has always been supportive, even during our hard times."

It is the complementary nature of this couple which is the glue in their relationship.

The wedding

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Raj always had marriage on his mind. He admits that he quickly made up his mind about getting married to Mandira and did not waste a second to introduce her to his parents. Raj's parents were elated to meet their son's choice but all wasn't this smooth at the Bedi residence. Mandira's parents were apprehensive about their daughter marrying a film director.

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Raj told:

"Meeting her parents was a little awkward at first… Her father is a complete corporate person. But they warmed up to me soon. I guess they had no choice!"

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Mandira's parents, later on, agreed to the match and the couple tied the knot on February 14, 1999. For their big day, the couple dressed in all their glory. The bride wore a red and golden lehenga with an exquisite matha patti and the groom flaunted a golden sherwani. They made a quintessential Indian couple, no doubt.

Completing the family

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After 12 years of being married, Mandira and Raj were blessed with a baby boy. Due to Mandira's work commitment, they couldn't plan a baby sooner but when little Veer Kaushal came into their life, nothing else mattered.

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The couple is now planning to adopt a girl and has already filed for it. We do hope that they are blessed a little angel soon.

The controversies

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Mandira and Raj make a headstrong couple. They stand by each other through the thick and the thin. During 2003 Cricket World Cup, rumours of Mandira and Yuvraj having an affair started doing the rounds. On this, Raj raised his voice and shut the paparazzi with a strong statement. He asserted:

"Trust is the most important virtue in my marriage. Mandira and I are in a field where we are working with attractive people, thus there is a greater need for trust."

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This is one couple that is transparent and real. They might have started as two opposite personalities but now they share the same passion. They love to travel together and are happy in their own world. We hope that their world is always full of happiness.

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