Isha Koppikar And Timmy Narang's Love Tale Tells Us That Matches Are Surely Made In Heaven


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Isha Koppikar And Timmy Narang's Love Tale Tells Us That Matches Are Surely Made In Heaven

Sometimes, we know that the other person standing next to us is the one we will walk down the aisle with, but sometimes, it takes us a little while to realise that. While some take the decision on the spot, but some take time to calculate if that is the person they have been looking for all this while. 

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Whether you feel the rush instantly or after years, love is a beautiful feeling. The love story of Isha Koppikar and Timmy Narang is full of surprises and sparks and is all about what we just talked about. Here, take a look at the interesting and destined love tale of this stunning looking couple.

Workout buddies

Isha Koppikar love story

Isha met Timmy by chance. It was during one of their workout sessions when Isha and Timmy came across each other for the first time. They hit off instantly and exchanged numbers. Though the couple did not meet a lot in person, they enjoyed interacting with each other over their phones.

Isha Koppikar love story

Isha gushed:

"Our phone conversations were a major aspect of our relationship because I got to know him in and out that way. Our meetings were also very restricted, for that matter we met just once a year."

Isha Koppikar love story

Isha and Timmy would have gone like this for years hadn't Preity Zinta interfered. Preity told Isha that she knows a great person who would be perfect for her. To everyone's surprise, this man was none other than Timmy himself. This is when Isha and Timmy realised that they could be more than just friends.

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From friends to lovers

Isha Koppikar love story

It can be a little tough to make the transition from friends to lovers when you have known someone as a friend for a very long time. For Isha and Timmy, it was a little awkward and a lot of fun. On their first date, Isha thought that Timmy wasn't coming so she asked her girl gang out. When Timmy called, she had no other option but to take her 20 friends along with her on the date.

Isha Koppikar love story

She recalls:

"I never got a call from him so I made plans with my friends. And when he finally called, my date landed up being a gathering of 20 of my friends! In a situation like this, anyone would have lost his cool, but Timmy was more than happy to spend the evening with my friends. He blended completely with everyone!"

Isha Koppikar love story

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If this wasn't enough to impress the Khallas girl, Timmy had many more surprises planned for her. One such surprise took place in the US on Valentine's day. Isha was pursuing a hospitality course in the USA and was staying there alone. It was then that Timmy gave her an emotional surprise.

Isha Koppikar love story

Isha said:

"It was on Valentine's Day when I was pursuing my hospitality course in the US. I had been living away from home and of course, Timmy who I was missing terribly. I also remember we never got time to talk to each other due to our respective schedules. But I was in for a pleasant surprise when I found him standing right outside my door in the US with a bouquet of flowers and gifts. I had tears rolling down my eyes and my happiness knew no bounds when I saw him outside my door."

Dating to getting hitched

Isha Koppikar love story

Isha and Jimmy started dating in June 2008 and on November 29, 2009, they were married. Isha got the most beautiful proposal ever and a rather unconventional one. Elated Isha said:

"Timmy got down on his knees and asked me to marry him. Coming from a guy who lives in a Mr Bean, Mickey Mouse world, it was romantic. For him, champagne, candles and flowers is not a romantic setting, Disneyland is!"

Isha Koppikar wedding

Instead of a big fat Indian wedding, Isha and Timmy chose to have a simple and beautiful wedding in Mumbai. Isha dressed in a pink lehenga by Neeta Lula and Timmy decided to don a sharp black sherwani. The couple later hosted a reception for their friends from the industry.

Journey so far

Isha Koppikar love story

Isha and Timmy believe in giving each other space to grow as individuals. They know that their work is going to take them to places but geography never affects their chemistry. They are happy how life has turned out after getting married. Isha told:

"In this industry, you need someone to comfort you after a hard day’s work. Now someone is always there by my side."

Isha Koppikar love story

The couple was blessed with a little angel in July 2014 whom they named Rianna. They love to love and pamper her.

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Isha and Timmy were two people who were destined to be together. They understood what the universe was telling them and acted upon it. Now they are a happy family, and we are sure that their love is growing with each passing day.

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