12 Loving Things You Must Do To Let Him Know That You Trust Him


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12 Loving Things You Must Do To Let Him Know That You Trust Him

When you love someone truly, it is important for you to let them know that. Whether you have been with them for long or have met just recently, if you feel true love, and you see a possible future with this person, it is his right to know that too before it is too late. Guys also need that reconfirmation as they are sometimes really not able to catch the complex signs that women often give out to them and expect them to understand. It is actually the simple gestures and signals that they can comprehend when it comes to love and relationships.

So, if you want to give your guy the right message and want him to know that you trust him more than anything in the world, here are some things you need to do.

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#1. Call him often

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By this we don’t mean you call him every hour and bug him to the extent that he migrates to another country. Just make it a point to keep in constant touch. After a date that went well, call him and tell him what a wonderful time you had or just call in to say that you were thinking of him.

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#2. Make eye contact

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Whenever you are with him and no matter how serious or general the topic of discussion is, make sure you look into his eyes with all your interest. This will surely make him feel that you are into him. An eye contact is the most genuine way of making someone believe how interested you are in them.

#3. Use the power of touch

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When you are together, talking, watching a movie or just strolling in the market, place your palm on his hands or back, hold hands, lean on his shoulder or just gently slide your finger against his. Guys too understand that a girl will get this comfortable only if this is the real deal for her!

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#4. Don’t be too readily available at the same time

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Show him that you need him but at the same time, play hard to get too. If you are available for him whenever he needs you, he will gradually start taking you for granted. Let him understand your worth in his life too and that you are not very easy to please!

#5. Ask for and act upon his advice

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When in doubt or a dilemma, ask him for his suggestions. If you feel his suggestions are worth applying, do so and let him know that you did exactly as he said. This will make him understand that you value his presence and opinions.

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#6. Make his pad a little yours too

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Leave your hairbrush, a lip balm, a few clothes etc. at his place. Let him know that you treat his place as your own and now it is your territory too. This will not only make him happy, but he will also understand how it is to share his personal space with his girl.

#7. Always talk well of his family to him

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Even if you do not like a few of his friends or the way his mother spoke to you, don’t speak ill of them to him. They have been with him his entire life, and obviously mean a lot to him. Instead of talking bad about them, when he is in a good mood, explain to him what upset you and see his reaction. He will be more supportive towards you and understand you better if you communicate your feelings to him this way.

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#8. Be a one-man woman

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Yes dating is a lot of fun. You have no restrictions and you are not bound to be with just one guy. But if you think that you have finally found your true match then stop seeing other guys. If you want him to be a devoted partner, you ought to be a one man woman too!

#9. Discuss each other’s day and work

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If you genuinely like him then what he did throughout his day will also interest you. So ask him how his day at work was, tell him what you were up to and be more involved in each other’s life. Let him know that his life interests you too and that you want him to be a part of your too.

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#10. Accept his friends as your own

If you want this to be a serious long-term relationship, you need to mix up with his friends too. After all, every person values their friends and their opinions a lot, don’t you? Also, if you extend your warm and friendly hand towards them first, it will make them respect and like you even more and this gesture of yours will make your guy love you even more!

#11. There is no ego or harm in expressing your feelings to him before he does

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If you really like this guy, why wait for him to pop the question? What if you keep waiting and it becomes too late? Maybe he is very shy and is waiting for you to ask him as he doesn’t want to offend you if you don’t happen to have the same feelings as his. So break the old and regular dating rules and propose to him already!

#12. Be yourself

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Most importantly, be the person you are when with him. Don’t pretend to be someone else. He might end up liking the fake you that you present in front of him and that will just complicate things. Talk, walk, eat, sleep, dress and present yourself as you really are in front of him too. Let him fall in love with the real you. Make him realise that you have no pretends in front of him and that is how comfortable he makes you feel.

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Men also appreciate your care, attention, and reaffirmation to feel safe, secure, and wanted in a relationship. So, if you really want your guy to feel and know that you love him to the moon and back and are damn serious about the two of you and your relationship, these small gestures are what you need to adopt.

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