Suniel Shetty And Mana Shetty’s Love Story: A Bike Ride, Cultural Barrier, And 9 Years Of Patience

Suniel Shetty and Mana Shetty are one of those few couples who have withstood the test of time. Let’s dig into Suniel and Mana’s classic love story and find out what makes it so special.


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Suniel Shetty And Mana Shetty’s Love Story: A Bike Ride, Cultural Barrier, And 9 Years Of Patience

Bollywood actor, Suniel Shetty is one of the most popular actors of his era and is often regarded by many as the first modern action hero of Indian cinema. Not just that, the actor has maintained himself with his strict fitness regime, and as a result, he can give any young actor a run for his money with his looks and tremendous acting skills.

Talking about his personal life, Suniel Shetty and Mana Shetty’s relationship is one of those rare love stories that have withstood the test of time. Let’s dig into Suniel and Mana’s classic love story and find out what makes it so special. 

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Suniel Shetty and Mana Shetty’s love story

suniel and mana shetty

When Suniel Shetty saw Mana for the first time at Pastry Palace on the Napean Sea Road, a place he frequented the evenings to meet his friends, the actor was stunned with her beauty. Completely smitten by her beauty, Suniel did what any other boy of his age would have done, he got friendly with Mana’s sister so he could get introduced to her.

suniel and mana shetty

After a few more meetings, Suniel Shetty had realised that she is the one and he should share his feelings with this pretty girl. Suniel, had then asked a common friend to organise a party and invite Mana as well. After the party, Suniel and Mana had gone for a bike ride, that’s when both of them had realised that they’re in love with each other. Suniel and Mana’s love for each other gradually deepened and brought them even closer.

suniel and mana shetty

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How Suniel Shetty and Mana Shetty overcome the cultural divide

suniel and mana shetty

Sunil Shetty and Mana were falling madly in love with each other, slowly and steadily. However, the two were aware of their cultural differences. While on one side, Mana was the daughter of a Gujrati Muslim (father) and Punjabi Hindu (mother) family. On the other side, Suniel was belonged to a typical Tulu-speaking family from Karnataka.  

After dating each other for some time, when Suniel Shetty and Mana went to their families to talk to them about their decision of getting married. Their respective families had denied their idea of marriage at the first place. After which, it took Sunil and Mana nine long years, to get a whole-hearted approval from their respective families.

Suniel Shetty and Mana Shetty’s wedding

suniel and mana shetty wedding

Suniel Shetty and Mana Shetty got married on December 25, 1991. For the unversed, Suniel is one of those Indian actors, who got married before making his debut in Bollywood. Reminiscing about the wonderful days of her wedding, Mana had shared:

“Our wedding was fun - it was a ten-day function!”

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Suniel Shetty and Mana Shetty got married on Christmas

After a courtship of nine years, we totally understand how much fun the wedding would have been. Oh! And did you know, what date they chose to tie the knot? The day of Christmas! 

suniel and mana shetty

Since then, every year, it’s a tradition, where Suniel picks a destination and celebrate their anniversary. Quite unbelievable and romantic, considering the rough and tough image he has in the industry.

Secret behind Suniel Shetty and Mana Shetty’s successful marriage

suniel and mana shetty

It’s hard for anyone to miss that special bond between Suniel Shetty and Mana Shetty. They have been together for about 30 years now, and still manage to keep the spark alive in their marital life. Talking about the same, Mana had said, 

“Doing things together is a great way to stay together in a marriage, literally and in spirit.”

Once in an interview, Mana had given a gem of an advice that she had learnt from her personal experience to all the couples who have been together for years. She had said,

“It is important to stay exciting to each other, in the way you look, in some amount of independence that you retain, without being an appendage to your spouse.”

suniel and mana shetty

Mana Shetty definately practices, what she preaches. Besides being a wife of a superstar, Mana Shetty is also an entrepreneur and a social worker. She has carved out an identity of her own. And, like a doting husband, Suniel Shetty always appreciates his wife’s creativity and business acumen. Suniel also encourages and supports her in everything she does and his wife, Mana believes that the fact both of them have a separate identity beyond their families is the thing that had brought them closer.

Secret Behind Suniel Shetty’s loyalty to Mana Shetty

suniel and mana shetty

When asked, how Suniel Shetty dealt with temptations in Bollywood, the actor had the most fitting reply. He had said, 

“You have to decide whether the temptation or momentary dalliance is worth all that you lose for the irresponsibility”

Unlike many other celebrities, Suniel was very comfortable with the media, being a married man when he joined Bollywood and never shied away from flaunting his wife and kids.

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Suniel Shetty and Mana Shetty’s family

suniel shetty family

Suniel Shetty and Mana Shetty become parents for the first time on November 5, 1992, when they had welcomed a baby girl and had lovingly named her Athiya Shetty. After a few years, on January 15, 1996, Suniel and Mana’s had become parents for the second time and had welcomed a baby boy, whom they have named Ahan Shetty.

Suniel Shetty is a complete family man, who cannot stay away from his family. The doting father never misses a chance to spend some quality time with his kids, Athiya and Ahan Shetty, who are grown-ups now, and are pursuing their dreams of becoming actors. Both Mana and Suniel share a wonderful bond with their children, and are more like friends to them.

Suniel Shetty and Mana Shetty’s romantic moments

suniel and mana shetty

In between managing her office, charity and home, Mana Shetty still manages and loves to go to the airport to pick up her husband, Suniel Shetty. They have kept that special feeling alive in their relationship even after all these years of their marriage. Suniel also makes her feel wanted which makes them fall in love even more, every second. A few years ago, while shooting for a reality show, India’s Asli Champion...Hai Dum!, the actor was missing his family. And Mana had taken no time in joining him on the set to spend some quality time with him.

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mana shetty

Even after 30 years of marriage, Mana Shetty and Suniel Shetty’s chemistry is so evident that even the members of the crew cannot help but say:

“Sir and Ma’am share an amazing chemistry and understanding and it’s great to see them so happy in love even after so many years of marriage.”

Check out their fun photo shoot from the sets. Don’t they look like teens in love.

suniel and mana shetty

Suniel Shetty and Mana Shetty had also given some wonderful relationship advices to everyone on national telvision and it was a indeed a precious one, as it was from a couple, who has spent more than 30 years of their life together. In a throwback interview with a media portal, Mana was found quoted as saying:

“I believe that proper communication is the key for any relationship to last. You and your partner need to share everything and be aware of each other all the time. Being a good listener is extremely important. Listening to your partner without being judgemental is important for any relationship to survive. Trust and mutual respect for your partner can make your relationship go a long way”

suniel and mana shetty

Suniel Shetty and Mana Shetty’s net worth

According to a report in celebritynetworth, Suniel Shetty net worth is quoted to be around 10 million USD. Suniel have his own production company, Popcorn Motion Pictures Ltd. Also, Suniel Shetty owns some successful hotelier and restaurants in different parts of the country.

Coming across love stories like theirs reinstates one’s belief in love. We wish Suniel Shetty and Mana Shetty many more years of happiness and togetherness.  

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