Sachin Tendulkar Saw His Wife Anjali For The First Time At The Airport And Fell In Love With Her


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Sachin Tendulkar Saw His Wife Anjali For The First Time At The Airport And Fell In Love With Her

Sachin Tendulkar has always been rather shy in discussing his personal life in media. This might be the reason why a lot of us are unaware of his romantic love story with wife, Anjali.

From love at first sight to supporting each other through thick and thin, their relationship is quite interesting and inspiring. So, what if they did not reveal it to you, let us do it on their behalf. Here is Anjali and Sachin Tendulkar's love story.

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Love at first sight

sachin tendulkar anjali tendulkar

For Sachin and Anjali, it was love at first sight. The two of them first met at the Mumbai International Airport. Sachin was returning from his first international cricket tour in 1990 while Anjali was at the airport to receive her mother. They both took an instant liking to each other on the first time they met. Later, the two met at a common friend’s place and got to know each other better.

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Love Story Sachin Tendulkar Anjali Tendulkar

Talking about what brought Sachin close to her, Anjali Tendulkar said in one of her interviews:

“I think what he liked about me was that I knew nothing about cricket when I first met him. I didn't even know who Sachin was.”

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They start dating

When Sachin Tendulkar and Anjali first met, Anjali was practising medicine while Sachin had just begun his cricketing career. Anjali being a dedicated student was much involved in studies and was very less interested in cricket. Her knowledge about sports, and particularly cricket, was faint. Later when they started dating, Anjali made all efforts to brush up her knowledge about the sport.

Love Story Sachin Tendulkar Anjali Tendulkar

Their adventurous courtship days

Being as famous as he was right from the beginning of his career, Sachin Tendulkar could get very few instances to go out on uninterrupted dates with Anjali. While giving an interview to a local magazine, Anjali recalls an incident where the two of them had gone to see the movie Roja along with a few common friends. They were afraid that if people recognised the ace cricketer, they would not be able to enjoy their day. So to avoid all the attention, Sachin went to watch the movie in disguise, wearing a false beard and specs. They entered the movie theatre a little late, but during the interval of the film, his specs fell, and the cricketer got surrounded by his fans. Due to all this, they had to leave the movie halfway.

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Love Story Sachin Tendulkar Anjali Tendulkar

Also, at the launch of Sachin's autobiography, Playing It My Way, Anjali shared a few interesting secrets of their courtship days. And, here they are:

  • She told that she used to write letters to Sachin just to save on international telephone bills. And, that is the way the two communicated.
  • She also mentioned that she used to walk across 46 acres in darkness and brave goons to call Sachin in New Zealand.
  • When the two planned to get engaged, Sachin was in New Zealand. So, he asked Anjali to break the news to his family.
  • Anjali also revealed that she went to Sachin's house for the first time disguised as a journalist.

Their eternal bond

Anjali, daughter of the well-known industrialist, Ashok Mehta, got married to Sachin Tendulkar on May 24, 1995, after a five-year-long period of dating each other. They have been happily married to each other for the last 22 years. Anjali Tendulkar is six years older than Sachin Tendulkar (Also read 8 Bollywood Celebs Who Are Younger Than Their Wives). But, the couple maintains that this age gap has never been a matter of concern in their relationship and instead, has made them more committed and understanding towards each other.

Love Story Sachin Tendulkar Anjali Tendulkar

Explaining how strong is their bond, Anjali Tendulkar said in one of her interviews:

“I've not known any other person in my life except Sachin. I understand him so well. So whether I am his girlfriend or his wife, it's the same thing, just an extension of that bond."

Also, talking about what she means to him, Sachin Tendulkar said in an interview:

"Anjali actually taught me to thank for what the God has given me and for what the God has not given me.”

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Anjali's love for Sachin and their family

This super-cute couple welcomed their baby girl on October 12, 1997, and named her, Sara Tendulkar, and on September 24, 1999, they became proud parents to a baby boy, Arjun Tendulkar. Anjali Tendulkar left her career of being a successful paediatrician to live a happy married life with her husband. She maintains that it would have been difficult for her to maintain both at a time. She also says that she has no regrets whatsoever about leaving her profession as taking care of her husband and children gives her the greatest joy.

She even said this in one of her interviews:

“I could not be married to Sachin and also have a full-time career. It wasn't possible because he depends on me for almost everything. It was my decision. With Sachin not around and me with two kids at home, it wouldn't have been possible. I took a decision and I have never, ever regretted it."

What's more? Whenever Sachin Tendulkar used to be on the field, everything else in the world ceased to exist for Anjali. And, whenever Sachin was playing for India, his superstar wife used to drop everything that she was doing and never left her spot in front of the television until the "Master Blaster" was out.

She even mentioned it in an interview as she said:

"I don't eat. I don't answer phones. I don't drink. I don't even move. I don't reply to any sms until he's out."

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Sachin's confessions

Sachin has always recognised the sacrifices that Anjali has made for him and his career. He has always acknowledged her as his biggest support system. And, that is why he has always confided in her no matter how good or bad things went.

In his autobiography, Playing It My Way, Sachin even confessed that it was Anjali who helped him deal with and get through the debacles that he faced as the captain of the Indian cricket team. Sachin wrote,

"I confided in Anjali that I feared there was nothing more that I could do to stem the tide of defeats.”

He further added:

"Anjali, as usual, managed to put things in perspective and assured me that things would surely get better in the months to come.”

Love Story Sachin Tendulkar Anjali Tendulkar

Sachin: A Billion Dreams

The good news for all Sachin fans is that his biography is slated to be released on May 26, 2017, named Sachin: A Billion Dreams. The movie is written and directed by James Erskine. It is produced by Ravi Bhagchandka and Carnival Motion Pictures under 200 NotOut Productions. The movie will unveil superstar's personal life and a few aspects which no one has ever heard about.

Moreover, Sachin's childhood part will be enacted by his son, Arjun Tendulkar. Sachin himself and wifey Anjali could also be seen in the film.

Love Story Sachin Tendulkar Anjali Tendulkar

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Love is in the air & will always be

There is no denying the fact that Sachin has to travel a lot all-round the year, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t give time to his lovely wifey. No doubt, there is a very little time he gets to spend with his family, but our Master Blaster makes sure that he balances his personal and professional lives well. He makes it a point to make that time quality time. He celebrates all the festivals with them, take them out on holidays, enjoy family dinners with them, and so on.

In fact, recently on Gudi Padwa, Sachin was standing beside the love of his life to enjoy the festival. He even shared a video and a picture on his official Instagram account, wishing his fans in the caption along with them. Here, take a look:

Love Story Sachin Tendulkar Anjali Tendulkar



A post shared by Sachin Tendulkar (@sachintendulkar) on


And even if he is unavailable on some special occasion, his sweet wife Anjali is very understanding. In fact, the lady once told in an interview:

“He hasn’t spent Diwali at home since we got married. But it really doesn’t matter that it’s Diwali… any time he spends at home is great!”

Aww….this is really very sweet and we must learn such level of understanding from this cutesy couple.

The love story of Sachin and Anjali Tendulkar is surely inspiring to a lot of young couples. They set an example of a strong and committed marriage. Being the lovable and down to earth person Sachin is, our cricket crazy nation of India wishes the couple- the best, always!


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