8 Celebrity Couples, Who Postponed Their Wedding Due To The Deadly Second Wave Of COVID-19 In India

Keeping the second wave of COVID-19 in mind, many celebrities have decided to postpone their wedding. Here is the list of celebrities, who have postponed their wedding in India.


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8 Celebrity Couples, Who Postponed Their Wedding Due To The Deadly Second Wave Of COVID-19 In India

Remember March 2020, when all of a sudden, all our lives were at a standstill? Suddenly, we were all locked inside our houses so that we could save ourselves from the vicious Coronavirus. Yes, a virus has completely changed most of our lives. From March 2020 to 2021, we all are living under the fear of a virus, which we cannot see and yet can be fatal. With masks being the new normal and staying at home being the need of the hour, we have entered the gloomy times. The situation has become more gruesome as the second wave of the deadly virus has hit our country bad.

With the lack of hospital infrastructures, no proper supply of oxygen cylinders and people begging for medicines and beds, the nation has not seen a situation as frightening as this in years. The pandemic has literally stopped everyone’s life and the effect can also be seen on the wedding industry. While earlier, weddings in India were all about taam-jhaam, now the weddings have been restricted to either courts or home. And keeping the severity of the situation and the gloomy situation that our country is in right now, many celebrities have decided to postpone their wedding. Here is the list of celebrities, who have postponed their wedding due to COVID-19 or its deadly second wave in India!

#1. Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar’s wedding postponed

Rahul Vaidya Disha Parmar Wedding Postponed

Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar were rumoured to be dating for years, however, they had always maintained their ‘good friends’ stance. It was during his stay in the show, Bigg Boss 14 that Rahul had understood his feelings for Disha and had proposed to her on her birthday on national television. It was Disha's birthday on November 10, 2020, when Rahul Vaidya had asked her to marry him. Addressing Disha in the Bigg Boss house and wearing a t-shirt with ‘HBD Disha’ and 'Marry me' written over it with lipstick, Rahul had said:

“Today is a very a special day for me. There’s a girl in my life and that that girl’s name is Disha Parmar. God! I have never been so nervous. I don’t know why it took me so much time to ask you – Will you marry me?”

Later, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, while BB 14’s host, Salman Khan was teasing Rahul, saying that Disha has rejected his love, Rahul, who was earlier feeling dejected, was left baffled seeing Disha inside the house, wearing a ruffled red saree. Disha had accepted Rahul’s marriage proposal on national television and the two had kissed each other through a thin glass wall. Disha had hilariously also mentioned that she will only marry Rahul if he plans for a big wedding and a bigger ring, to which Rahul had happily agreed. 

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Soon after this, a lot was talked about Rahul and Disha’s wedding. From Rahul’s mother stating that the wedding will take place in June 2021 to Rahul’s sister talking about their wedding preparations going on in full swing, everyone was hoping to see Rahul and Disha get married in June 2021. However, the second wave of COVID-19 ruined their plans as now the couple is waiting for the situation to get better before finally deciding on a wedding date. In a media interaction, Rahul said:

“We are unable to do it because of the COVID-19 restrictions and that's why we don't get to take a decision. When things get better we will do the needful.”

#2. Vaishali Takkar and Dr Abhinandan Singh Hundal’s wedding postponed

Vaishali Takkar Fiance Dr Abhinandan Singh

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and Sasural Simar Ka fame, Vaishali Takkar had met the love of her life, Abhinandan Singh Hundal through an Indian matrimonial site. In an interview with SpotboyE, Vaishali had shared the details about her fiancé, Abhinandan and had said:

"The guy I am getting married to is Dr Abhinandan Singh Hundal and resides in Kenya. He is a Dental surgeon and also won the title of Mr Uganda, a few years back. And the interesting part is we met through a Indian matrimonial site."

Vaishali and Abhinandan had gotten engaged on April 28, 2021. On the day of their engagement, Vaishali Takkar and her fiance, Abhinandan Singh Hundal, had looked like a perfect match. While on one side, Abhinandan had looked handsome in his casual black shirt and trousers, on the other hand, Vaishali, had looked stunning in a red saree. After their engagement, Vaishali had shared a video and had penned a note that could be read as "What's yours will Ultimately find you even from another end of the world. #Rokafied To this Wonderful Man Dr Abhinandan Singh AKA My Mr Africa. #AbhiShali #rokaceremony." 

Vaishali Takkar Fiance Dr Abhinandan Singh

Vaishali and Abhinandan were supposed to tie the knot in June 2021, however, they had to postpone their wedding keeping in mind the adverse situation that our nation is in right now. In an interview with ETimes TV, Vaishali had talked about the decision of postponing their wedding and had said:

"I postponed the wedding because of the current situation. I did not feel like celebrating in such a scenario when people are dying, suffering everyday. I don't feel like starting a new life this year. I have cancelled the wedding this year and I am not getting married this year.”

When Vaishali Takkar was asked whether she will tie the knot next year with her fiance, Dr Abhinandan Singh Hundal, she had clearly stated that she'd think about it but only if the circumstances get better. She had stated:

"Next year if the situation gets better only then I will get married. If everything goes well, we will decide to get married by next year. The most affected country right now is India and I am not in a mood to celebrate, or get married and move out of India - my country when people around me very closed ones are suffering and dying. I did not feel right to take this step."

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#3. Munisha Khatwani and Sameer Thakur’s wedding postponed

Munisha Sameer

Munisha Khatwani is one of the most popular astrologers in the country. In 2020, Munisha had exchanged the rings with the love of her life, Sameer Thakur, whom she had met through an online dating app. The couple had decided to tie the marital knot on January 11, 2020, but it was postponed because Munisha's future sister-in-law was pregnant. After this, the couple had postponed their wedding twice, and was supposed to get married in June 2021.

Munisha Khatwani Sameer Thakur engagement pictures

Well, Munisha had to postpone her wedding for the fourth time due to the second wave of the pandemic. In an interview with ETimes TV, Munisha had stated that the second wave of COVID-19 had destroyed their plans of having a June wedding. Munisha had said:

"According to the original plan, Sameer and I had decided to exchange wedding vows on January 11, 2020. But it had to be postponed, as my sister-in-law was pregnant and my family members wouldn't have been able to make it. So, we got engaged on January 22 instead and finalised August 7, 2020, for the big day. That had to be pushed, too, because of the pandemic. We again zeroed in on a new date, which was in June this year. However, we are stuck due to the second wave."

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Munisha Khatwani had also shared if she and her fiance, Sameer Thakur plans to tie the knot next year, i.e., in 2022. The astrologer had stated that both their families had agreed to postpone their wedding to next year. Most of their family members and close friends are settled abroad thus, it'll be unsafe and impossible for them to travel in such tragic circumstances amid COVID-19. She had said:

 "Our families want us to settle down soon, as it has been more than a year since we got engaged. We will plan our wedding after things get better or early next year because most of our relatives are settled abroad."

#4. Sayantani Ghosh and Anugrah Tiwari’s wedding postponed

Sayantani Ghosh and Anugrah Tiwari

Sayantani Ghosh was introduced to her now-boyfriend, Anugrah Tiwari by a common friend, who had seen the potential of a possible romance between them and had acted as the Cupid between the two six years ago. While Sayantani is a popular name in the television industry, her beau, Anugrah is a known personality in the fitness industry. In an interview with Bombay Times, Sayantani had shared how the couple had to postpone their wedding. She had said:

“My parents live in Kolkata. It is important that we get married at a time when they can travel conveniently. Last year, we were keen to tie the knot, but the pandemic happened and we decided to postpone it. My brother was supposed to get married in November 2020 and we postponed that to June 2021. So, because of the pandemic, we are just not able to set a date and get married. I am hoping and praying that the situation improves, but looking at the way cases are rising, there are fewer chances of getting married in the near future.”

Sayantani had further shared that she cannot get married in a gloomy situation like this. She had said:

“No, I want a simple wedding, but I am not in a frame of mind to get married when the pandemic is around. I want people to be comfortable when they come to my wedding. I am not avoiding getting married because I want a grand wedding. The situation is such that you don't want to get married at a time when things are so gloomy around.”

#5. Ali Fazal and Richa Chadha’s wedding postponed

Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal

Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal had met each other for the first time on the sets of their film, Fukrey in 2012. They had instantly become friends, owing to their upfront nature. The two had started dating in the year 2015 and it was later, in 2017 that the couple had made their relationship public. The madly-in-love couple was all set to tie the knot in the month of April 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic had ruined their plans, and the couple had ended up postponing their wedding. 

Ali and Richa have decided to fix their wedding date to the time when everyone will be able to accept the new normal. In a conversation with the Mumbai Mirror, Ali Fazal had talked about his wedding plans getting postponed, and had given a tentative time for his wedding. He had said:

"Let's see when we are able to accept the new normal, then, we will decide on a date, maybe early next year."

Talking with ETimes about her marriage plans, Richa Chadha had said: 

"Yes, it is unlikely that we will get married this year, because the pandemic is far from over. We would not like to endanger anyone due to our celebration. It is only wise to wait for the vaccine." 

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#6. Sreejita De and Michael Blohm-Pape’s wedding postponed

Sreejita De Wedding Postponed

Uttaran fame, Sreejita De has been dating her boyfriend, Michael Blohm-paper for more than two years now. The couple wanted to get married as soon as possible, however, they had to shift their plans to early 2021. The couple is now waiting for the situation to normalise so that they can plan their wedding.

In a conversation with the Hindustan Times, Sreejita had revealed that the couple had plans to tie the knot in 2021 and had started preparing for it, but COVID-19 ruined their plans. She had said:

“I’ve met his family thrice in Germany; they’re quite nice and chilled out. Michael keeps coming home. My parents are fond of him. Both of our families are happy for us. In fact, we were contemplating getting married next year and everything was getting sorted and started this year, because his parents are in Germany and my entire family is here. But now, given the pandemic, we had to put everything on hold. We don’t want to get married without our relatives and friends around us. So, we’re just hoping things will get better soon.”

#7. Tina Philip and Nikhil Sharma’s wedding postponed

Tina Philip Wedding Postponed

Sarvaguna Sampanna actress, Tina Philip had met the love of her life, Nikhil Sharma on the sets of their show, Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee, where they had played the role of siblings. The couple had planned a grand wedding in April 2020, after an engagement in August 2019, however, they had to postpone it indefinitely due to the COVID-19 outbreak. In a conversation with the Hindustan Times, Tina had shared her grand wedding plans and how she had to postpone it as her parents live in the UK and can’t fly to India due to the pandemic. She had said:

“We were planning to have two weddings — a Christian wedding in Mumbai on April 4 and a Hindu wedding in Haridwar at a later date. My relatives from the UK, US and the Middle East were supposed to attend the wedding. However, we have postponed both the ceremonies now. I have heard of some couples getting married with just their parents in attendance, and postponing the celebrations to a later date. Unfortunately, we can’t even do that as my parents are in the UK and will not able to fly to India.”

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#8. Vipul Roy and Melis Atici’s wedding postponed

Vipul Roy Wedding Postponed

FIR fame, Vipul Roy had first met his ladylove, Melis Atici in December 2016, during a US tour. Soon, Vipul and Melis had fallen in love and had gotten into a live-in relationship. Melis being an owner of an IT company shuttles between the two countries. The two were supposed to get married in August 2020, however, the pandemic ruined their plans and their wedding has been postponed for an indefinite time.

In a conversation with the Hindustan Times, Vipul had shared his wedding plans and how the pandemic ruined it. He had stated:

“She was in India till February and we were discussing dates to lock for our wedding. We were planning to have our wedding at an international destination in the month of July - August with our close friends and family. Unfortunately, she had to go back to San Francisco, USA, for her work and now she is stuck there and I’m here. We were planning from past six months but everything has fallen apart now.”

COVID-19 has destroyed many people’s plans and lives. While some celebrities cannot marry under these testing times, some cannot marry due to the distance. We hope the situation gets better and the suffering of people end soon!

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