Before Becoming An Actor, Madhavan Was A Teacher, Sarita His Student. She Once Asked Him For A Date


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Before Becoming An Actor, Madhavan Was A Teacher, Sarita His Student. She Once Asked Him For A Date

The goody-goody R. Madhavan had us all drooling over his dimpled smile the moment he hit the big screen. Girls fell in love with him when he made his Bollywood debut with Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein. Whether as a desi boy in Ramji Londonwaley or as a rugged coach in Sala Khadoos, Maddy can easily win any heart with his charm. And it is the same charm that made Sarita Birje fall in love with him. This is the sweet love story of how a girl fell for her mentor.

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The love school

R Madhavan And Sarita Birje

Image Courtesy: Instagram

R. Madhavan wanted to serve the country by joining the army, but his parents insisted him to study management. So, after earning his degree in electronics, Madhavan started conducting communication and public speaking classes all over India.

R Madhavan And Sarita Birje

It was during one of these classes that he met Sarita. She was an aspiring air hostess, and in 1991, she attended his personality development classes in Maharashtra. She eventually cleared her interview and to thank Madhavan; she took him out for dinner. Talking about the same, Madhavan said:

“I was teaching a personality development class in Kolhapur when I met Sarita. She was aspiring for a job in an airliner and attended my classes. When she finally bagged the cat, she thought it was in part, due to my classes and took me to a ‘thank you’ dinner. That’s how it started.”

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R Madhavan And Sarita Birje

About their first date, Madhavan gushed:

"Sarita was my student and she asked me out on a date one day. I was a dark man and thought it was an opportunity. Didn't know if I would ever get married so I grabbed on to the opportunity and married her."

They enjoyed each other's company, and soon their love story began.

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Wedding bells

R Madhavan with wife Sarita

Image Courtesy: Instagram

After eight years of courtship, Madhavan and Sarita got hitched forever in 1999. It was a traditional Tamil wedding, which took place with their friends and family in the gathering. These lovebirds tied the knot before Madhavan made his name in the entertainment industry.

R Madhavan

The couple welcomed their son, Vedanta in 2005. You can see this happy family out for vacations most of the times.

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Life after marriage

R Madhavan And Sarita Birje

The ultimate romantic boy, Madhavan made it big in the film industry after his marriage to Sarita. His first Tamil movie, where he played the lead role, is Alaipayuthey. The movie came out in 2000, and he scored a Filmfare Award for the best male debut. He made his Bollywood debut with the much-appreciated film, Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein, opposite Dia Mirza in 2001. The movie gained a lot of appreciation and established Maddy as the new chocolate boy. Since then, there has been no looking back for him.

He always used to take Sarita on his outdoor shoot and the reason is amusing. Talking about the same, Madhavan once said:

“I realised that there were many temptations — being in outdoor shoots in the company of beautiful women. I took Sarita everywhere I went. This way, she was around when I got introduced to actresses. I was never lonely during my outstation schedules. When Sarita sees me in a romantic scene, she knows the sentiments behind it are not real.”

R Madhavan and his wife, Sarita

Madhavan was never afraid of the impact that his marriage could have on his female fan following. Sarita has assisted in designing his clothes for various movies. You will always see them walking on the red carpet holding hands.

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The balance

R Madhavan And Sarita Birje

To maintain a balance in their married lives, the couple thinks that it is important, to be honest, and transparent with each other. So, how do Madhavan and Sarita bring honesty and transparency in their lives? Madhavan thinks that cultivating transparency helps a spouse trust you better. He shares:

“I often leave my phone behind when I go out, or hand it to Sarita if I am busy. She has the opportunity to go through the texts or calls, emphasising that I have nothing to hide. This builds her trust in me.” 

They love playing golf together and go for holidays, but they also give each other the necessary space. Talking about how a man and a woman can maintain balance in their married life, Madhavan said:

“Hand over your money to your wife, as she can definitely look after it better than you. When you have an argument, don’t try to prove a point just because you are the man of the house. Look at the final outcome, and you’ll see that women always manage to wrestle a victory,”

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R Madhavan And Sarita Birje

Not many people know this, but it is Sarita who manages all the finances of Madhavan. He earns and lets his wife make a decision about the investments. Madhavan shared this in one of his interviews, saying:

“We expect and allow each other to make mistakes. I am in charge of making the money, and she takes care of investment, keeping the home and planning our holidays. I defer to her in financial matters. I don’t ask her why or what went wrong that lead to any loss.”

The two not only trust each other but also give each other enough space to grow as an individual. Talking about giving space to each other, Madhavan said:

“After so many years of marriage, too many questions only cause irritation. I never ask Sarita where she is going, with whom or when she’ll be back. She needs to let her hair down and she knows I want to be at home and nest. We don’t insist on going out with each other and neither has to explain who they are with.”

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R Madhavan And Sarita Birje

They also make sure that Madhavan's celebrity status doesn't come in their way of enjoying the normal things. Madhavan asserted:

"If we attend a wedding, she (Sarita) insists that we stand in line like others to wish the couple."

They are trying to incorporate good habits in their son. The couple ensures that their son learns from his own mistakes, plays with children who are not celeb kids, be grounded and speaks politely to everyone. Madhavan and Sarita also make sure that their son never takes advantage of being a celebrity kid and take things for granted.

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