Both His Wives Were His Creative Collaborators: Amol Palekar's Love Life


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Both His Wives Were His Creative Collaborators: Amol Palekar's Love Life

Rajnigandha, Choti Si Baat, Gol Mal, Garam Naram; all these brilliant and successful movies have one thing in common- Amol Palekar. This man ruled the big screen for decades. Amol Palekar is the man who glamorised the role of a common man. He made the life of a commoner look interesting. 

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In his personal life, he has had his fair shares of ups and downs but he was fortunate enough to be loved twice by two headstrong ladies. Here is the love life of Indian cinema's beloved star, Amol Palekar.

The First Love

Amol Palekar Chitra Palekar

Amol Palekar worked in a bank and was a painter too before he tried his hand at the theatre. Around the mid-1960s, he met Chitra. She met Amol as his sister's friend. Initially, they greeted each other as friends but things got intense when Amol started accompanying Chitra to the theatre. Chitra was determined into having a full-fledged profession in theatre and spent a lot of time there while Amol would wait for her. Soon, the two got romantically involved.

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Amol Palekar Chitra Palekar

It was during one of Chitra's rehearsals that Satyadev Dubey noticed Amol. Amol soon reached the top of the ladder and it was Chitra who had faith in his skill. Amol gushed:

"I was a struggling artist and didn't have much to offer her, but Chitra had faith in my skills. Love bloomed."

Three Decades of Togetherness

Amol Palekar Chitra Palekar

By the year 1968, Amol had established himself as a successful theatre personality and it was the same year when he and Chitra decided to settle down. After this, the two collaborated on many movies. They welcomed their daughter, Shalmalee Palekar, in the 1980s who now lives in Australia with her female partner.

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Amol Palekar Chitra Palekar

Everything in the Palekar house seemed normal until the cracks started to appear. After 30 years of staying together, Chitra and Amol decided to part ways. It was shocking as it is seen that couples who stay together for this long, set examples of successful marriages. However, the same wasn't the case with Amol and Chitra. Chitra kept her husband's last name and collaborated on many projects with him later. 

Second Chances

Amol Palekar Sandhya Gokhale

After ending a marriage that lasted for more than three decades, Amol met screenplay writer Sandhya Gokhale. She had extensively written for his films. The two got closer after Amol's divorce. Sandhya is a lawyer by profession and practised in the USA for about 10 years and then shifted to India following her keen interest in writing and the performing arts.

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Amol Palekar Sandhya Gokhale

The two soon espoused and were blessed with a baby girl, Samiha Palekar who wants to be a sports lawyer. Amol said

"Having her as my spouse and partner in my creative process is highly enriching. She has this unique combination of being extremely rational and objective while being extremely creative."

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Amol Palekar Sandhya Gokhale

Both of Amol's daughters are settled in their respective lives and he shares a good relationship with the both of them. He is cordial with Chitra as well. Right now, he is enjoying the life of a painter with his second wife, Sandhya.

Amol is a lucky man as love knocked on his door twice. Away from the hustle and bustle of the entertainment industry, Amol is enjoying his peaceful love nest with his wife, Sandhya. We hope that they grow fonder of each other every passing day.

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