Kajol's Father, Shomu Mukherjee Had Wanted To Name Her 'Mercedes', She Reveals The Hilarious Reason

We came across an interview of Kajol where she shared an interesting secret about her name. Read what her father, Shomu Mukherjee would have named her if not for her mother, Tanuja!


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Kajol's Father, Shomu Mukherjee Had Wanted To Name Her 'Mercedes', She Reveals The Hilarious Reason

Often regarded as the ‘unsung hero’ of our families, we bet it would cost us a lifetime to figure out the contribution of our dads in our families. He will drench in the rain but will provide you with an umbrella, he will stand in the burning sun but will provide you with all the shade that you need. Many moms have always cherished the fact that they see a complete change in lifestyle in a newbie father when he welcomes his first child. And why wouldn’t he? 9 months of some super-eager waiting happened there too! (Do Read: Ajay Devgn Was Once Linked To His 'Yeh Raaste Hai Pyar Ke' Co-Star, Preity Zinta Post Marrying Kajol)

Wonder why we are talking about dads in here? Kajol has time and again in interviews, spoken about what a naughty child she was and the contribution of her star parents in shaping her. And hence, we came across a throwback interview of Kajol (during the promotions of her last film, Helicopter Eela), where the actress had shared an interesting secret about her name. Hop on to next para to find out!


What would be my child’s name is every newbie parents’ area of concern and so was the case with Bollywood’s superstar, Kajol’s star parents, Shomu Mukherjee and Tanuja when she was born. In an interview, Kajol had shared that her father wanted to name the actress ‘Mercedes’! Yes, she had stated, “My daddy actually wanted to name me 'Mercedes'. He loved the name Mercedes. The owner of Mercedes, the car-manufacturing company, named his company after his daughter. So my father always thought if he can name his daughter Mercedes, why can't I!" She had further added, “My mom and dad had quite a fight on this. But my mom told him that it was not going to happen!” Reminiscing old days, Kajol had also shared that her father would sing this song for her often, “You look like an angel, you walk like an angel, you talk like an angel... but you're the devil in disguise."

Kajol and Shomu Mukherjee

Isn’t that hilarious? Coming back to Kajol’s love life, the actress is happily married to Ajay Devgn and is blessed with two kids- Nysa and Yug. But this wasn’t always the scenario. Do you know, Kajol’s father didn’t talk to her for a week when she had told him that she wanted to settle down with Ajay? Yes, this is what the Baazigar actress had once shared, “Nobody wanted us to get married besides his family and my family. My family also was iffy. My dad didn't talk to me for a week when I told him I wanted to get married. It was because I wanted to get married. He was just like why do you want to get married, you’re so young and your career is doing so well and I was like but I want to get married. Ajay and I were very different people, so lots of people had reservations as to what we would be like as a couple and we were not very social even then. Not a lot of people had met us together or knew what we were like together.” (Must Read: Ajay Devgn's Wife Kajol Once Wanted To Leave Home With Kids After A Rumoured Affair With His Co-Star)

Ajay Devgn and Kajol

Do you know, when Kajol had lost her father in 2008, her husband, Ajay Devgn had called up Shah Rukh Khan to be with her? SRK had recalled the incident and had shared in an interview, “When Kajol lost her dad, I was driving down to airport and Ajay called me and said 'Listen, you are the first guy I am calling because you are a friend. Come here and be with Kajol. Bring Karan (Johar) along'. It was not because we were the only ones he could take support from... It is because we all are friends.''

Kajol and her father
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Kajol, in another interview, had shared the kind of daughter she was and had revealed, "You have to ask my mum that. But I think I was a very good daughter. I never back-answered my mom. Mujhe bahut darr lagta tha apne maa se. Mujhme himmat hi nahi ki apne maa se zor se aawaz mein baat karne ki (I'm very scared of my mother. I don't have the courage to speak to my mother in a loud voice). I was 16 when I signed Bekhudi. I had to go to Canada for two months. Mickey (Contractor) was doing my make-up, Gautam (Rajadhyaksha) had written the film and Rahul (Rawail) uncle was directing it. We had a family friend named Neela aunty. She travelled with me to Canada, not my mother. It was a 40-day schedule and my mother came later. It takes a lot of courage to send your child out. When I sent Nysaa to Singapore to boarding school, I was worried. For a month, I felt there was a problem with the world, something is missing. I felt empty because she was not around. It's a big deal for a parent to send kids somewhere. That way, my mother was brave." (Also Read: This Is What Kajol Does When She Catches Husband, Ajay Devgn Staring At Beautiful Girls)

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Guys, is there any funny incident about your naming story? Run to your mom, ask her and share it with us!

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