Here Is The New Update On Farhan Akhtar And Adhuna Bhabani Divorce


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Here Is The New Update On Farhan Akhtar And Adhuna Bhabani Divorce

2016 was jinxed as many of our favourite celebrity couples parted ways and left us shocked! One such couple who shocked everyone with the news of their separation was Farhan Akhtar and Adhuna Bhabani.

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Farhan and Adhuna’s separation news came as a shock to everyone as they were happily married for 16 years, before they decided to part ways. The two never opened up about why they are parting ways. In fact, they are very cordial with each other, for the sake of their two daughters.

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Here is the latest update on Farhan and Adhuna’s separation. The estranged couple had their first hearing in the family court and their respective lawyers were expecting a tiff between the two. But, much to their surprise, both Adhuna and Farhan were very dignified inside the court. No swords were pulled out!

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An eye witness present during their meeting shared:

"It was the most dignified couple at the negotiating table. Even the most graceful celebrities have vented out some discordant notes when they sit down for the negotiation. Farhan-Adhuna case is perhaps the first exception."

Well, it is wonderful to see that this estranged couple is behaving sanely and parting ways on an amicable note. The eye witness further added:

"You will not believe but Farhan and Adhuna have not told even their respective lawyers till date about why they are parting ways. Every divorce lawyer gets to know from his/her client all about his/her issues that he/she has with her partner, but these two had nothing to complain to the world. Of course they must have had serious issues to have taken this drastic step but they just said 'It's over, we are incompatible with each other, bas' and maintain just that, even now. This all shows their class."

We agree, this shows their class, they are two mature people and we are glad they are behaving like that. In April, Farhan and Adhuna will complete 6 months of separation. According to the law, this would grant them legal separation easily.

Now, here goes the details of who is getting what from their assets. As per the source, the jointly owned bungalow goes to Adhuna. Even the custody of their daughters will remain with Adhuna, but Farhan can meet them anytime anywhere. Farhan will give one-time alimony to Adhuna and will also invest in the security of their daughters’ future.  

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Although their separation has shocked everyone, we are glad they have decided to act mature and end their 16 years of marriage on a cordial note! Stay tuned for all the updates on Farhan and Adhuna’s separation. © 2018, Red Hot Web Gems (I) Pvt Ltd, All Rights Reserved.