8 Different Types Of Bridal Makeup Looks That Are Popular, From Mineral Makeup To Dewy Makeup

The wedding day has all eyes set on the bride only, so the bride needs to look her very best. Here are some of the most popular makeup styles for brides to try on!


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8 Different Types Of Bridal Makeup Looks That Are Popular, From Mineral Makeup To Dewy Makeup

There are no questions about how important a wedding is for the bride and groom. It becomes the very stepping stone of a new future together. Apart from the joyous time they seek to spend during the festivities, the onlookers' curiosity about the look and appearance of the bride is always at its peak.

On the other hand, the bride too ensures that her look is nothing less than perfect, and she does stun everyone with her breathtaking beauty. And to make it happen, suitable makeup is essential for the bride. While there are many options for bridal makeup, look at some of these popular makeup styles for brides!

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#1. Matte makeup


Donning a mattifying look has become a commonly opted makeup choice for most people, especially brides. The key feature of a matte look is that it prevents the natural facial features from looking overburdened with makeup and instead highlights the natural beauty. In addition, it makes the skin feel lightweight and breathable and pulls off a smooth finish.

#2. HD makeup


An HD makeup look is the right choice for brides looking for a dramatic makeup look. This becomes helpful for the brides whose close-up captures are relayed on a big screen. It effortlessly hides all creases and lines formed due to carrying the makeup for a longer time. It does not feel cakey on the skin and makes it look almost real.

#3. Airbrush makeup


One of the most recent techniques, airbrush makeup, has brought a revolutionary change in the makeup world. Instead of traditional tools like brushes and sponges, this uses an electric-operated airbrush to build the look. Being sprayed on the skin as fine droplets, the makeup gets easily settled on the skin and pulls off a soft finish.

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#4. Minimal makeup


The recent trend for celeb brides, minimal makeup, is designed for brides who are not comfortable pulling off highly dramatic or loud makeup. Formulated over a natural and almost negligible base, this only aims for an even skin tone and slightly rectifies some of the facial imperfections. Highlighting the natural facial features, it results in a glowing bridal look.

#5. Dewy makeup


To keep up a natural face glow almost always during the wedding, the bride can try out a dewy makeup style. The ultimate pay-off of this style is to leave the bride looking almost fresh as a daisy, regardless of the time they spent wearing the makeup. Using minimal products, dewy makeup appears to be nearly the natural skin tone with a constant freshness to look for.

#6. Shimmery makeup


To all the experimental brides who wish to stun the onlookers with something different, shimmery makeup becomes an excellent idea to select. This makeup is directed to giving off a shimmery pay-off to special facial features, like eyelids and cheekbones. It adds a particular highlight to the face and makes the bride stand out distinctly from the rest.

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#7. Powder makeup


A helpful hack for the brides facing an oily skin issue, the powder makeup brings a new dimension to a stress-free makeover. Its powdery finish makes sure not to clog the skin pores. It also does not leave an undesirable white cast on the face. It primarily uses powder and water-based products instead of oil-based products, so the brides do not face the issue of a washed-out look.

#8. Mineral makeup


Stepping into a chemical and paraben-free styling, mineral makeup is based on the idea of using skin-friendly and dermatologically proven makeup products. With the raising awareness towards good skin health, most brides choose to opt for makeup that does not harm their skin in the long run. Brides with sensitive skin can be rest assured that mineral makeup will not cause any skin damage

Among these various makeup techniques, let us know which one of these suits you the best.

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