15 Essential Makeup Products That Should Be A Part Of Every Bride's Vanity


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15 Essential Makeup Products That Should Be A Part Of Every Bride's Vanity

A new bride and her makeup kit are best friends. And how can’t they be? After all, it’s the subtle or heavy makeup look (depending on every girl’s individual taste) that brings out the best in her, when she wears all her new clothes from her wedding trousseau, after marriage, in her new home. But, with cosmetics being so expensive nowadays, how does one decide what to buy and what to leave?

With a shelf life that is too short, how to decide which product will actually be useful, and which will just be a showpiece in the dresser. Well, we decided to get you out of this dilemma and help you chose products for your wedding makeup kit.

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#1. Primer

Essential Makeup Products

However long stay your makeup brand might claim to be, long working hours, exposure to sun or pollution and a light application can make it fade away easily. Thus, invest in a good primer that will help your makeup stay much longer and you don’t need to unnecessarily spend more on long stay products.

#2. BB/CC cream

Essential Makeup Products

A foundation base can look heavy on your face for an everyday makeup look. Instead, try using a Beauty Benefit or CC Cream on your face after an application of your everyday moisturiser. It will give you a makeup ready face as it has a tint of base in it, along with a minimal SPF.

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#3. Basic eye shadow palletes

Essential Makeup Products

A smokey eye kit, a kit with pink shades and one with bronze and earthy shades; that’s all you need for most of your eye makeup looks, either for the day or your night outs. Don’t waste money on 20- 25 shade palletes, as most of the colours in them are never used, and you pay double the amount to buy them. 3-shade palletes are the best!

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#4. A foundation cum concealer cum powder

Essential Makeup Products

Available either in powder or mousse form; they are the one-stop solution for putting on base, especially for girls who don’t know how to apply makeup. All you need is to apply it on your entire face and neck and dab away!

#5. Lip liners

Essential Makeup Products

Lip liners help your lip colour from going out of the lip line along with ensuring that your lip colour stays on for longer. A shade in pink/mauve, red, peach and brown are your essentials.

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#6. Only these shades of lip colour

Essential Makeup Products

Can your makeup look complete without a lip colour? Hell no! Whatever be your skin tone, mauve, reds and browns go well on any skin. Also, if you combine 2 or more shades, you go on to invent a new shade that is just custom made for you. For a fair skin tone, invest in a good baby pink, red and peach colour. Browns, mauves and peach go well with dusky tones.

#7. A gel eyeliner pencil

Essential Makeup Products

New brides are busy brides. And busy equals less time for makeup. Thus, for a sleek finish eyeliner look, instead of buying liquid eyeliner, get a gel eyeliner pen. Applying liner will become as easy as drawing it with a gel pen.

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#8. Kohl

Essential Makeup Products

Kohl brings out the best in your eyes. It makes the eyes well defined and attractive. It is one makeup essential that is enough to get dressed for an outing. And for your wedding kit, buy shades such as black, charcoal grey, royal blue and green. You can alternately use them or mix shades together.

#9. Bronzer

Essential Makeup Products

It is easy to use and gives your face, neck and back that added sparkle. You just need a powder brush to apply it on your cheeks, neck and back. You can also dust some on your forehead and chin.

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#10. Mascara

Essential Makeup Products

A high-definition thick mascara completes every eye makeup look, be it a light pink shimmer eye shadow for the morning or black smokey eye for the night. And if you want to go for a nude no-makeup look, you can just apply your kohl, some lip gloss and some mascara and you are ready to go.

#11. Lip balm

Essential Makeup Products

Not only to moisturise your skin, but to hydrate your lips before putting on lip stick. It will help eliminate cracking of the colour and make your lips look fuller.

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#12. A tissue and blending pads

Essential Makeup Products

After you apply your lipstick, take a tissue and dab your lips on it. Then apply another application of the colour. This will help the lipstick stay on longer. Also, while applying foundation, blending it in with a makeup pad/sponge instead of your fingers or a brush will give you a better finish.

#13. Blush on in two shades

Essential Makeup Products

A pink and an earthy peach are the two colours you need with any look. You can mix the two to form a darker tone depending upon the colour theme of the rest of your look. Again, don’t waste money on buying elaborate palletes thinking you might need to use all of them with all your different outfits.

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#14. Red Nail Paint

Essential Makeup Products

Can red nail ever go wrong? Applying two thick coats of red nail pant followed by a transparent top coat is all you need with most of your wedding and post-wedding outfits. You can also delay your manicures and get out of the hassle of changing your nail colour every time you change your outfit with this magical hot shade.

#15. Makeup remover

Essential Makeup Products

And after your day is over, don’t forget to remove all that makeup with a good hydrating and moisturising makeup remover or cleanser. Sleeping with your makeup on can age your skin faster, give you acne and spoil your skin. So however tired you might be, always take off your makeup, before going to bed.

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Just because you think you will be using a lot of makeup, don’t overspend on buying the entire MAC store. Buy just the bare minimums and you can always get what you want as you need it. You can also get good imported makeup products if your honeymoon destination is out of India. Thus, shop smart and look fab!

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