Madhu Chopra And Nick Jonas's Mom Denise Dance Together To '3 Peg' At Priyanka's 'Roka', Check Video


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Madhu Chopra And Nick Jonas's Mom Denise Dance Together To '3 Peg' At Priyanka's 'Roka', Check Video

Two people, madly in love, take their own sweet time to realise that they want to spend the rest of the life together. When they do, it’s time for them to make their families meet. And when their families meet, what if two samdhans bond way so much that you sometimes doubt if they knew each other from before? It would be the best feeling of the world, right? (Do Read: Priyanka Chopra's Father-In-Law Shares Unseen Pictures From His 'Bahu' And Nick Jonas' Engagement)

In the aforementioned paragraph, we were indirectly talking about the newly-engaged couple, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas! Putting an end to all dating speculations, Priyanka and Nick got engaged in a traditional and intimate roka ceremony on August 18, 2018. The inside pictures of the puja ceremony and the pictures shared by shutterbugs, family, relatives and the couple themselves are still surfacing all over the internet!

Kevin Jonas Shares Pics From Priyanka and Nick Engagement Ceremony

But wait. It is far more interesting to note that probably more than the couple themselves, it was their families who had bonded like how! While we will get into all the nitty-gritties in the next few paragraphs, we have something extremely special for you which will blow off all blues! Nick’s mommy, Denise Jonas shared an unseen inside video from Nick and Priyanka’s roka ceremony, where both the samdhans are seen shaking a leg to Punjabi song, 3 Peg. In the video, you will see a superbly-elated Madhu Chopra teaching her samdhaan some steps, where she says, “jado nache munde di maa!” Denise captioned the video as, “Thank you @madhumalati for being patient with my lack of dance skills! I miss you. #engagementparty”. Papa Jonas also had an adorable reply to the video where he wrote, “You dance and look like an angel”. Check it out:



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Didn’t the video make your day? It surely did for us! There’s no two-ways about it that Denise and Priyanka’s mommy bonded really well. Even at Priyanka’s star-studded engagement bash, the two amazing mother-in-law’s were clicked wearing beautiful sarees and looking even more beautiful with each other! Take a look at the beautiful samdhans: (Also Read: Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas Star-Studded Engagement Party, Pics And Videos Inside)

Madhu Chopra And Denise Jonas At The Engagement Party

Priyanka’s momma, Madhu Chopra was all praises for Nick and the Jonas family after their official announcement. Sharing the insides of the puja, her to-be son-in-law and her family’s reaction to it, Madhu laughed off by saying, “Nick enjoyed the prayers during the puja”. And further added, “It was a new thing for him and he took it seriously. He followed what our panditji said, and chanted the Sanskrit mantras accurately. Both he and his parents did it beautifully. They are nice people.”

Madhu Chopra and Papa Jonas

Like most mothers who have lost their husbands, Madhu ji shared that she got all ‘emotional’ and missed her husband, Ashok Chopra, who had always wanted to see Priyanka getting married. Speaking of what kind of a wedding she wants (traditional Indian wedding or Christian), mommy Chopra shared, “My daughter knew I wanted a roka before the marriage, so she never said ‘no’. I haven’t forced any of my thoughts on her, but I definitely want a traditional Indian wedding. That’s my only wish. I started the roka with a puja, which is important for me. I’m a modern mother but at heart, I’m quite conservative”.

Priyanka chopra and nick Jonas exchanged diamond bracelets also on their engagement

In an interview with, Madhu Chopra shared about the quintessential requirement in a perfect marriage. She referred to her own wedding to late Ashok Chopra and stated that ‘a marriage should be built brick by brick and every day should be like Valentines Day’. She further said that ‘the husband should be qualified enough to take care of his wife in health and happiness.’ Speaking of her own marriage, she added that ‘they don't argue or fight but sit and listen to each other's point of view. This is the perfect wedding lesson for the newly- engaged couple.’ And concluded by saying that ‘these lessons have been instilled in Priyanka since a very young age.’

Priyanka and Nick

Wow, Madhu Chopra is surely one fun-loving sasu maa! Now that we have seen Madhu ji dancing at Priyanka’s roka, we totally want to see at what song will she shake a leg at Priyanka and Nick’s wedding! Stay tuned.

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