Priyanka Chopra's Mom, Madhu Has An Important Advice For 'Beti' And 'Damaad' Nick Jonas


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Priyanka Chopra's Mom, Madhu Has An Important Advice For 'Beti' And 'Damaad' Nick Jonas

It is generally believed that a daughter tries to shadow and copy her mother from the very time her senses come into being. Because, a mother is the first woman that every girl comes across in her life. A girl always tries to copy her mother and embellish her teachings and the way she carries herself, and her teachings become embedded in a girl’s entire life. (Do Read: Live Update: Guests Arrive At Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas's 'Roka' Ceremony)

Priyanka Chopra’s mother, Madhu Chopra has always come across as a straight-forward, calm, always-smiling strong woman. The way she has knit the whole family after hubby, Anil Chopra’s death is commendable. When Priyanka visited her mommy’s house last week, she posted an emotional tweet for her mom, where she wrote, “Emotional night today at my mom's house. Full of memories... reminders of every victory and heart break. She's kept everything. It's like a museum of our family's life. Love you Ma. Thank you for preserving us."

Priyanka and Madhu

Quite like Priyanka, her mommy darling too ensured that her star daughter’s privacy is fully maintained when it came to revealing details about Priyanka’s relationship status. A few days back when Nick had visited India to meet PeeCee’s mom Madhu Chopra, who had gone out on a dinner date. When media had asked Madhu how she liked their then potential son-in-law, Nick Jonas, Madhu had shared in an interview with DNA, “We just went out for dinner where Nick was present. But it was a large group. There were 10-odd people, so I didn’t get the time to know him that well.” She further added, “I’ve met him for the first time, so it’s too early to form an opinion”. (Also Read: Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas First Look From 'Roka' Ceremony, Strike Romantic Pose Together)

Priyanka Nick Madhu

But looks like Madhu later on got to know Nick better and her opinion was quite positive! In an interview with, Madhu Chopra shared about the quintessential requirement in a perfect marriage. She referred to her own wedding to late Ashok Chopra and stated that ‘a marriage should be built brick by brick and every day should be like Valentines Day’.

In the interview, she further said that ‘the husband should be qualified enough to take care of his wife in health and happiness.’ Speaking of her own marriage, she added that ‘they don't argue or fight but sit and listen to each other's point of view. This is the perfect wedding lesson for the newly- engaged couple.’ And concluded by saying that ‘these lessons have been instilled in Priyanka since a very young age.’ (Don't Miss! Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas And Their Families Bond Over Pre-Engagement Dinner, They Look So Happy)

Priyanka and Madhu

Well, looks like Priyanka will be a perfect Jonas bahu, given all the beautiful sanskaar that she got from her mommy. Can you still believe it that Priyanka and Nick are getting married? Let us know in the comments section below!

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